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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Benazir Bhutto’s pact with terror backfires

Short of a revolution, the Pakistani people should look for another leader to counter European-American involvement in the affairs of Pakistan since the United States is at the core of terrorism in Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf seized power on 12 October 1999 under the excuse of fighting corruption and not terrorism as defined by West Europeans. Since when was alleged corruption a justification for military takeover? But this excuse was readily accepted by Musharraf’s paymasters who supported him but ‘requested’ him to hold elections which was promised for November 1999. Eight years down the line, still no elections as terrorist and tyrant Musharraf has become a key ally to the European West’s fabricated ‘War on Terror’. The US promised Pakistan to implement the United Nations Resolutions for self-determination for Kashmiris, but this promise was never honoured. Similarly, he promised Arabs for a Palestinian State, but nothing has happened. In reality, in the interests of West Europeans, Musharraf has become the extended arm of European Terrorism in Pakistan, terror aimed at its own people who want to resist such terror. In this context, the West means the White Europeans of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

As Musharraf’s popularity wanes, reminiscent of the European-backed tyrant Reza Pahlavi of Iran, Europeans are betting on Benazir Bhutto, a Pakistani fugitive who they harboured for eight years, with whom they brokered a power-sharing deal with tyrant Musharraf in Dubai. Under this deal, Musharraf would give her immunity against corruption charges against her and, in turn, she would back terrorist Musharraf for President for another five years. Armed with this immunity from prosecution, Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan on 18th October 2007 and was greeted with alleged ‘suicide’ assassination attempts. At the same time, the Pakistani Supreme Court « suspended the implementation of the amnesty granted to Bhutto under a presidential order » and was expected to rule on « Musharraf's eligibility » to run for President while still in uniform. Ms Bhutto quickly returned to Dubai on 1st November 2007 (for family reasons!) only to learn about the State of Emergency declared by Musharraf on Saturday 3rd November 2007 ahead of an imminent court ruling declaring unlawful Musharraf’s simultaneous holding of the offices of President and Head of the Army. Musharraf suspended the constitution for the second time, dismissed the Supreme Court Judges who refused to swear allegiance to him and who delcared the state of emergency unlawful, banned political parties, arrested their activists, all under the excuses of fighting ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’. The supporting Western Europeans argue that their options are limited other than requesting the return to democracy as they do not view a tyrannical military dictator as a terrorist or an extremist. To their minds, Musharraf must be an angel from the celestial kingdom of Israel. One wonders what democracy they are talking about – certainly not the democracy Pakistanis want.

The carpet was clearly pulled from under Bhutto’s feet as her pact with terrorist Musharraf backfires. Upon her re-return to Pakistan, she decided to join the opposition parties in protest, including those she promised Musharraf not to speak to, to stage a rally against Musharraf when all political rallies have been banned. In a reply to a British reporter, she says she is prepared to risk her life to bring ‘democracy’ to Pakistan and demands the restoration of the constitution and a commitment to a date for elections. Benazir Bhutto now strikes down the very dictatorship with which she made an unholy deal earlier, but she makes sure she does not describe Musharraf as a terrorist and an extremist for fear of upsetting her Western allies. On November 8th 2007, after a 20-minute telephone conversation with George Bush, Musharraf ‘agreed’ to call elections on 15th February 2008 (one month later than expected) in order to diffuse the situation. Then, in order to prevent Ms Bhutto from leading a planned protest against him in Rawalpindi on 9th November 2007, Musharraf ordered her house arrest in her home in Islamabad only to order her ‘release’ later in the day, again after speaking to his European-American masters.

Benazir Bhutto still does not recognise that the Musharraf’s terror strings are pulled by the United States which green-lighted the hanging of her Father, Ali Bhutto. She must accept that, just like there are Christian political parties in Western Europe, there are also Islamic political parties in Pakistan and elsewhere which she needs to ally to in order to bring down the dictator. She must strike down West European inventions such as ‘islamist’ or ‘extremist’ to describe her own people if she really cares about them. She must protect Pakistan from all external influences and remove all foreign terrorist bases from therein. It is questionable whether pro-western Benazir Bhutto is up to the job. Short of a revolution, the Pakistani people should look for another leader to counter European-American involvement in the affairs of Pakistan since the US is at the core of terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistanis need a pro-Pakistan leader.

M Rafic Soormally
9 November 2007

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