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Monday, August 18, 2008

No power-sharing with Zionist agent Morgan Tsvangirai

‘Sir’ Morgan Tsvangirai

Having pulled out of the Zimbabwean Presidential run-off elections upon the orders of his European Zionist masters, the Zimbabwean Opposition leader Morgan Tsangirai should not be allowed to share political power.

As portrayed by the BBC and other Zionist-controlled European media, the recent elections in Zimbabwe were not free and fair, but those in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan were ‘free and fair’. They argued that their ‘ally’ Robert Mugabe, made « Sir » by the British Queen for allowing the racists to keep their spoils, was intimidating the opposition and perpetrating violence against them. After Mugabe started to reclaim what was stolen from the Zimbabwean people, the British Queen revoked his title, to which Mugabe could not care less.

Morgan Tsvangarai, leader of The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), narrowly won the Presidential elections held on 29th March 2008, with the MDC receiving 47.9% of the votes, compared with 43.2% for Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party, 8.3% for Simba Maconi and 0.6% for Langton Towungana. Because the results were inconclusive, a run-off could not be avoided. But the MDC already declared Morgan Tsvangirai ‘President’ of Zimbabwe, while the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced a run-off to be held within three weeks. Morgan Tsvangirai, who must have sensed he would not win the run-off elections, alleged vote rigging and a campaign of violent intimidation by Mugabe’s ruling party, while Zanu-PF stated that the campaign of violence was instigated by Morgan Tsvangirai himself, helped by outside « racist interference ». Tsvangirai’s European masters advised him to pull out of the run-off elections, which he did. He made out his life was in danger and took ‘refuge’ in the Dutch Embassy which he regards as a European apartheid ally. The strategy was to sabotage the elections in the belief that they would have to be cancelled and provoke a revolution in the country to the advantage of Tsvangirai. To his dismay, the elections went ahead without him and Mugabe prevailed.

Miraculously, Tsvangirai is not in fear of his life any more, and he is still roaming freely in Zimbabwe. Nicholas Sarkozy of France refused to recognise the government of Mugabe, but only a ‘government’ led by Tsvangirai. Perhaps readers would work out how Sarkozy arrived at this conclusion. This sums up how racist Europeans have always behaved in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. They always interfere in countries’ internal affairs through several means. After his retaining of the Presidency, Robert Mugabe rightly stated that the elections were a « victory against racism ».

Now, Europeans (not the people of Zimbabwe) want Tsvangirai to form part of the government, but on what ground? He pulled out of the elections. Mugabe should never bow to any such pressure. Tsvangirai should wait for the next elections, because Mugabe will not last for ever.

Tsvangirai’s passport confiscated
The confiscation or Tsvangarai’s passport by the Zimbabwean authorities to prevent him from attending the regional SADC summit in South Africa is a direct result of Tsvangirai’s decision to withdraw from the presidential elections at the behest of his masters. [Nelson Banya, The Independent 14th August 2008]. Speaking at the 14-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit opened in Johannesburg, pro-Apartheid Israel British Foreign Secretary David Miliband tried to pressurise the member states to put pressure on Mugabe to accept drop-out Tsvangirai in a ‘democratic’ power-sharing deal. Although in European corrupt and fascist democracies, anything is possible, pro-Apartheid war-mongering and slaving racists have no lessons to give Africans on democracy and human rights.

M Rafic Soormally
17th August 2008

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