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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Israel claims responsibility for the Amsterdam-Detroit false flag operation : Israel will use 'dirty bombs' double detonation in the next 9/11

'Stay-behind the scene terrorist-style operation': 911 brainmaster war criminal Netanyahu.

'URGENT: OPERATION NOVEMBER 1950' : Israel to use 'double detonation dirty bombs'

According to one of my source, 'something big' is on its way in the coming weeks, Israel will use 'double detonation dirty bombs' (first explosion will be a normal detonation, second explosion will follow in seconds with white flash). Netherlands, Germany and France intelligence services are using Eastern European Zionist Jewish mafia, backed by NATO clandestine terrorist networks in this huge operation, targeting Europe, according to a Muslim top intelligence senior source, to expand the war in the Middle East. False Flag operation 'Amsterdam-Detroit' was designed to 'divert attention to the US', 'psychological preparation of the Western public', while israelis are striking Europe, not using any airport.

Yemen is the 'new Kuweit Arab affair', this time the Jewish Al Saud family are pushing Saudi Arabia to crusade for Israel interests openly. A blockade against Iran signify that oil would only be allowed using Red Sea and Eastern Africa Corn routes, Somalia is 'under israeli control', Jewish Communist Yemen president is pushing the israeli agenda, allowing his country to serve as a US-israeli military operations base, in the next step of the 'war to gain control of Middle East oil, gas resources and the distribution routes'.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are fighting 'Iran in Yemen', to take full control of the Red Sea vital oil access routes, from the North with the help of Egypt and the South with Somalia and Yemen, with the help of the massive sefarads zionist jewish community in Yemen. Israel, France and the US are known to have fake 'muslims' training camps in Yemen. These camps are managed by Arab Zionist Jews in Yemen since 2002, like they were in 'North Africa' by 'Moroccan or Algerian Jews'.

These sefarads are portraying themselves as 'Mujaheedin' or 'Muslims fighters' while they are israeli mercenaries. Real Mujaheedins are hunted by Yemen government helped by the Obama administration, which started the war against the 'Houtis' in the North of the country. 'Houtis' were traditional allies of israelis and americans, when Obama failed to push the 'Houtis' against the 'Sunnis' 'Al-Qaeda' Mujaheedin of the Centre and South of the country, Obama administration launched 'Afghani-Pakistani-style' attacks against the 'Houtis shias rebels' without even asking yemeni government, seeking to 'destabilise the country' in an 'Iraqi manner' and 'seize control' of 'his strategic place' between Middle East, Africa and South-Est Asia.

My source is informing me that all the European and Middle Eastern governments are aware of the 'Netanyahu's plans' for the early new year 2010. France, Germany, Netherlands are very involved in this huge operation, while Great Britain is on 'stand-by'. A few weeks before general elections, israeli owned newspaper, warned that Israel could 'strike London', using 'Mumbay-style' attacks, if Brown could not stop prosecutions against israeli war criminals in the UK.

My source is confirming me that China, Russia, and other major countries were all informed of Tel Aviv plans in 'full details' because of the high probability of 'the ignition of a general conflict' and 'the consequences that would change the face of the world'.

Wa Allah swt 'alam

Abu Suleyman

Obama Seeks to Assure U.S.; Qaeda Group Stakes Claim

The president spoke after the branch of Al Qaeda in Yemen and Saudi Arabia claimed responsibility for the attempted attack and said it was in retaliation for recent American-backed attacks on its members in Yemen, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks militant Islamist Web sites.

Webmaster's Commentary:

SITE Intelligence Group is run by a "former" member of the Israeli Defense Forces, Rita Katz, and has a long track record of putting out propaganda favorable to Israel's agenda.


Ring, Ring, Its Time To Kill. Mossad Activates 'Sleeper' Agents To Kill People In Yemen And Arabia

December 4, 2002Mossad wakens 'sleeper' agents in Yemen, Saudi Arabia
DOUGLAS DAVIS Dec. 1, 2002

LONDON The Mossad has activated "sleeper" agents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered Mossad head Meir Dagan to track down the planners and perpetrators of last Friday's twin attacks in Mombasa.

Quoting one source, the London Sunday Times reported that Sharon summoned Dagan to a meeting following the attacks and told him: "War has been declared on the State of Israel by the global Islamic terror syndicate. Change your priorities and get them, one by one."

Codenamed "Warriors," the highly trained sleeper agents are said to volunteer to live undercover in Arab countries, remaining dormant unless war breaks out. In such circumstances, their mission is to undermine Arab plans for strikes against Israel.

The last time the Mossad received such orders was in 1972 when then-prime minister Golda Meir ordered the assassination of Palestinians who were involved in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. All but one were eliminated in an operation that ranged over several continents and six years.

According to the newspaper, Sharon's order "promises to have momentous consequences for the conduct of the war on terror." It also said the order had met with a mixed reception among Mossad agents.

"If Bin Laden was involved in the Kenya attack, this man is a walking corpse," one agent was quoted as saying. "The price tag on Jewish blood is very high."

Others, however, described the decision to activate the "Warriors" as "overkill." One source was quoted as saying: "Muslim terrorism is not a critical threat to the state of Israel. We should keep these people for an all-out war."


Monday, December 28, 2009

'Fighting to break the Gaza siege' : Galloway is asking why 300 millions arabs can abandon their families and brothers, sisters in Gaza


The aid convoy is destined for Gaza, which is under an Israeli blockade

George Galloway, a UK politician who is leading the convoy, tells Al Jazeera why the group must be allowed to proceed:

It was Christmas Day but there was no room at the Inn for the weary travellers.
Turned away by the Arab Republic of Egypt, the 500 members of the Viva Palestina Convoy to Gaza spent Christmas in a car park in Aqaba.

The last time so many Turks, Arabs and British were together in this town they were fighting the first World War against each other.

Now, they are fighting to break through the siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

There will be time enough afterwards to review everyone's role in the sorry Christmas story but for now I am appealing to anyone and everyone to help us reach Gaza.

Our medicines are in a race against the time of their expiry date and are spoiling in the desert sun, whilst people in Gaza die for the want of them.

The government of Turkey and the respected Premier [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan are trying their best, as is the former prime minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as well as the wife of the current prime minister in Kuala Lumpur.

I have written to Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan asking her to contact Madame Susan Mubarak who as well as being first lady of Egypt is the head of the Egyptian Red Crescent, to see if it is testosterone that's the problem.

The facts are these: more than 200 trucks and 500 people from 17 different countries gave up their Christmas holidays to try to help one and a half million Arabs and Muslims in Gaza.
We are four hours away, across the Red Sea from approaching Rafah.

An Arab government will not allow us. The question is: What are 300 million Arabs going to do about this continued slow, quiet massacre of their brothers behind the wire?


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amsterdam-Detroit : Another israeli false flag, israel is threatening to launch Mumbay style attack in London, in building and center owned by mossad

ICTS provides security at Amsterdam airport.

People are already asking how Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab was able to get onto an airplane in Amsterdam bound for Detroit with a bomb strapped to his leg when the Amsterdam airport uses the full-body "see your naked butt" scanners.


Man, they cannot even keep their stories straight.
First, he was allowed on board the plane despite being in the terror database.
Then the story changed to, "Well, he was mentioned in some US Intelligence reports but not on the terror list." And now it is back to his being on the terror list after all.

So how did he get on the plane?

And who was the "sharply dressed" man who talked the security gate into letting him on board the plane without a passport? And more to the point, what position did this "sharply dressed" man hold that the airport gate personnel acceded to his wishes?

Israel et Mubarak ont fait creuser des tunnels pour envahir la bande de Gaza, les coordonnees GPS de ces tunnels ont ete transmises a qui de droit

Haniyeh: Gaza a annoncé sa victoire par sa lutte et sa résistance

Gaza – CPI

"La bande de Gaza a annoncé sa victoire par sa lutte et sa résistance au moment où l'occupation a échouée à réaliser ses buts annoncés de la guerre" a affirmé Ismaïl Haniyeh, le premier ministre palestinien en déclarant que la résistance palestinienne est restée dans ses postes et a obligé les forces sionistes de se retirer de Gaza sans aucune condition alors qu'elle ne renonce pas son droit à la lutte, à l'armement et à protéger son peuple.

Dans ses déclarations au journal jordanien, al-Ghad, à l'occasion de la première commémoration de la guerre sioniste contre la bande de Gaza, Haniyeh a dit que les agressions sionistes contre Gaza étaient dures et sanglantes et ont ciblé toute chose.

Il a appelé le mouvement du Fatah à l'unité nationale, en demandant d'installer des bases stables pour la réconciliation et l'entente, à adopter un programme national et réformer l'OLP sur des bases administratives et politiques avec la participation de tous les côtés palestiniens.

Haniyeh a indiqué que les soldats et les colons sionistes envahissent la Cisjordanie en échange d'une existence palestinienne officielle non active et faible de défendre le peuple palestinien, en déclarant que cette situation est liée au niveau de coordination sécuritaire de l'autorité d'Oslo avec l'occupation.

Il a poursuivi que la bande de Gaza s'est exposée durant les 22 jours aux agressions de l'armée sioniste qui a utilisé toutes les armes aériennes, marines et terrestres, mais elle est resté patiente et a défié les forces occupantes et leurs agents.

"Gaza a pu par ses sangs et blessures à encourager le monde entier de condamner les crimes sionistes et demander de briser le sévère blocus sioniste imposé injustement contre plus d'un million et demi ainsi d'ouvrir les passages"a-t-il déclaré.

Haniyeh a affirmé que la guerre sioniste contre Gaza n'était pas une promenade, et que toute nouvelle guerre sioniste contre Gaza sera un nouveau échec pour l'occupation.

Il est à noter que les forces sionistes ont entamé, le 27 décembre 2008, une sauvage guerre contre la bande de Gaza, en tuant durant 22 jour plus de 1400 martyrs et blessant plus de 5 mille palestiniens dont une majorité d'enfants et femmes".

Friday, December 25, 2009

British-israelis inside the government and so called 'anti-terror and security services' behind false flag operations, loyal to whom ?

Whistleblowers say top Zionist institutions in unprecedented crisis

By Redress Information & Analysis,

26 December 2009

Britain’s leading Jewish institutions are facing their worst crisis in living memory as their loyalty to the United Kingdom and support for basic universal principles of human rights and common decency come under growing scrutiny.

In recent weeks Redress Information & Analysis has has been approached by a number of existing and former employees and volunteers of prominent Jewish bodies, all pointing to an acute internal crisis within their institutions.

Breaking ranks
The first to make contact with us were two whistleblowers from the Board of Deputies of British Jews. They explained to us the nature and scope of the crisis gripping Britain’s top Jewish institutions and offered to put us in contact with people in the Office of the Chief Rabbi and the Jewish Chronicle newspaper. We took up the offer.

Naturally, we were curious as to why our interlocutors chose or were willing to talk to Redress Information & Analysis rather than voice their concerns to a national media outlet such as the Guardian, the Independent or the BBC. All said that they were worried that their names would be leaked back to their institutions or published in the press and that, as a result, they would be sacked or ostracized by their Jewish relatives and friends. Some feared the possibility of “moles” in the national media, or people in these media who have “special relations” with the Jewish institutions, doing the leaking.

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to corroborate the identity of our contacts and can confirm that they are all genuine – that they are who they said they are and that they work, or have worked, for the institutions they said they worked for.

Our contacts agreed for us to publish their concerns and to quote them but strictly on condition of anonymity. Consequently, we have undertaken not to publish their names, gender or the dates on which we made contact with them, although, to emphasize once again, their identity and the Jewish institutions for which they currently work or have recently worked have been verified beyond any doubt.

Our Jewish contacts expressed common concerns, focusing on questions about their identity and loyalty to Britain – the country of their birth – and on the attitude of their institutions towards the State of Israel, especially in the wake of the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip in 2008-09, in which Israel killed 1,400 Palestinians, injured more than 5,000 and wreaked carnage and destruction on the 1.5 million inhabitants of the Strip.

Board of Deputies of British Jews – under “unbearable pressure”
Our contacts at the Board of Deputies of British Jews described the crisis ripping through Britain’s Jewish institutions in stark terms. One said:

Our support for Israel, especially its attack on Gaza in 2008-09, is creating ruptures in the wider Jewish community in Britain and placing institutions such as ours under unbearable pressure. The fact that the Board of Deputies’ support for Israel is couched in relatively anodyne terms and in a superficially impartial context no longer works. The wider Jewish community, and the general public at large, are beginning to see through this.

For the first time in my memory, we are being pressed by British Jews to answer questions that have always been in the backs of our minds but which we can no longer brush aside. Are we British or are we Israelis? If we are British, then is it not incumbent upon us to question, as the wider British public is questioning, the policies and behaviour of the State of Israel without harbouring any feelings of disloyalty – because our loyalty is to the UK and not to Israel?

Our second contact at the Board of Deputies of British Jews added:

Israel purports to speak on behalf of us as Jews. Many in our community are telling us that we therefore have a special responsibility – more so than Britons of other faiths or those of no faith – to condemn Israel’s violations of human rights and common decency when dealing with the Palestinians. Many others are saying that we should say explicitly and unequivocally – both as individuals and through our community institutions – that our loyalty is to Britain first, second, third and fourth ad infinitum, that we have no special loyalty or allegiance to Israel and that, for us, Israel is just another country, like France, Italy or Spain.

They say that we should distance ourselves from Israel and be the first to condemn its policies and actions towards the Palestinian people. A small but growing minority – a minority that is growing exponentially, I hasten to add – tell us that we should go further and take the lead in calling for the boycott of Israel until it implements all United Nations resolutions, including Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967, and until it begins to behave as a civilized and responsible member of the international community.

But I would say that the question of our allegiance is the one that is the most serious and damaging in the long term. It does not help in this regard when some of our Jewish ministers, such as the foreign secretary, David Miliband, and the Foreign Office minister, Ivan Lewis, are either openly pro-Israel or are seen to be supporters of Israel. This casts doubt on the loyalty of all of us to Britain, our country.

Office of the Chief Rabbi – “living in a time warp”
According to our contact at the Office of the Chief Rabbi, the problems facing Jewish institutions in Britain have been compounded by the failure of these institutions to adapt in the light of international developments and a sea-change in British public opinion. The contact said that this failure applied to the Office of the Chief Rabbi as much as to any other Jewish organization in the UK. In the contact’s own words:

The Office of the Chief Rabbi, the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Chronicle and many other Jewish organizations up and down the country – at universities, for instance – are living in a time warp, as if today were 1948 or the eve of the 1967 war.

The world has changed, and the information the community has available to it shows that we Jews are not in peril – on the contrary, Jews in the UK and throughout Europe are prospering like never before. Anti-Semitism – by which I mean racist, anti-Jewish feeling – has all but vanished. In fact, it is the Muslims, not the Jews, who are bearing the brunt of racism in Europe. Islamophobia, spurred on by neo-Nazi parties and neo-conservatives, is what we Jews, as members of a wider multi-cultural community, should be fighting against.

In fact, I would say that thanks to an abundance of reliable information now available on the internet, even those who live in a time warp are living a fiction in a time warp built on myths. Israel was never in danger from its impotent but bombastic neighbours: we saw this in 1956, when it invaded Egypt together with Britain and France, and we saw it again in 1967, which we now know was being planned for by Israeli leaders ever since the 1956 fiasco.

Yet, our community leaders, including – I am sorry to say – the Office of the Chief Rabbi, would never publicly acknowledge this. I have no idea what they think or believe in private, in their own conscience, between themselves and God, but I cannot imagine any intelligent, well-educated and open-minded person not recognizing matters as they are. And if they are conscious of reality but act differently, what does that make them? I think I’ll leave you to answer that question.

It pains me to say this but our self-appointed leaders, including the Chief Rabbi, have built our community institutions on foundations that are more appropriate to 1930s Germany than the Europe of the 21st century. You cannot have healthy institutions based on a make-believe world of fear and distrust of everyone and everything that is not Jewish. If we Jews are to have Jewish institutions per se, then these institutions should have as their primary objectives community cohesion, including full integration into our wider society, British society. We cannot – and should not want to – live in a ghetto. Our focus should be on our own country, the UK, not on promoting, speaking on behalf of, answering or apologizing for Israel.

As far as Israel is concerned, our approach should be no different than that of any other British organization, be it Amnesty International, a trade union or a professional association. In other words, we should condemn it when it is in the wrong and we should praise it when it does the right thing. In other words, our approach should be based entirely on merit. Unfortunately, I see no signs of this happening any time soon.

The Jewish Chronicle – “engaging in subterfuge”
Our whistleblower at the Jewish Chronicle gave a damning assessment of the internal crisis engulfing the UK’s Jewish institutions, as reflected in the Chronicle, Britain’s top Zionist newspaper and Israeli mouthpiece.

According to the whistleblower, the newspaper is “in denial” and “sticking its head in the sand” in response to the changes in UK public opinion, especially following Israel’s onslaught on Gaza. Echoing some of the views expressed by our source at the Office of the Chief Rabbi, our contact at the Jewish Chronicle said that, instead of acknowledging the changing reality around it and adapting accordingly, the paper’s management has “gone in the opposite direction and is “engaging in subterfuge”. However, our contact says, this “isn’t washing and it won’t wash”.

According to our whistleblower, the Jewish Chronicle is making a conscious effort to brand itself as a moderate newspaper that is focused on the affairs of Britain’s 280,000 Jews and in tune with mainstream British public opinion. However, our whistleblower says, in reality it is “embracing the neo-conservative agenda on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, lock, stock and barrel”, and its primary concern is “to be on-message with Israeli foreign policy, whatever Israeli government is in power – Likud, Kadima, Labour or some abominable ultra-far-right party”.

Our whistleblower was especially scathing about the Jewish Chronicle’s editor, Stephen Pollard, describing him as “uncharismatic, myopic and an inarticulate and clumsy spokesman” who has “bought a one-way ticket to a parallel universe”. The whistleblower said that Mr Pollard “is so detached from reality and so out of touch with British public opinion that the notion that anyone with just an average intelligence might see right through what he’s doing could not even cross his mind”.

According to our whistleblower, the idea of breaking with tradition and recruiting Martin Bright in September 2009 as the Jewish Chronicle’s first-ever non-Jewish chief political editor was Mr Pollard’s “master-plan for creating an image of the Jewish Chronicle as a mainstream newspaper and to boost its circulation, which currently stands at just over 30,400 for the UK and the Republic of Ireland – slightly more than your average local newspaper rag”.

Shortly after his appointment Mr Bright told the Independent: "The idea is to broaden the scope of their [the Jewish Chronicle’s] political coverage. It would be fair to say that they want to move the political coverage away from the more parochial approach they have had in the past and rather than saying 'What will interest our Jewish readers?' they are saying that what interests readers will be what interests anyone in politics."

But, our whistleblower says, Mr Pollard “picked the wrong goy” [gentile] because “not only is Martin Bright a media has-been, but he’s also a card carrying neo-conservative with strident views against Muslims and a strong affinity to Israel and, therefore, would carry little credibility with the wider newspaper-reading public”.

Martin Bright’s career has followed a trajectory that has taken him from the national to the fringe media. After a steady rise between 1993 and 2005, which saw him move from a minor BBC magazine to the Guardian (national, circulation: 430,000), the Observer (national, circulation: 500,000) and the New Statesman (national, circulation: 30,000), where he was appointed political editor, in 2009 Mr Bright left the magazine under a cloud, amid speculation that his strong support for Israel, especially after the slaughter in Gaza, was too much for it to stomach. His career prospects then took a dive when, in September 2009, he joined the Jewish Chronicle (fringe, circulation: 30,400) as chief political editor.

A self-proclaimed leftist, Mr Bright subscribes to a broadly neo-conservative agenda on Islam and the "war on terror", and believes that opposition to Israeli policies and actions “on the left was only explicable as anti-Semitism”. He is the author of a pamphlet for the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange in which he attacked UK government dialogue with Muslims, a pamphlet that was warmly praised by the leading US neo-conservative Richard Perle. His friends include Observer columnist Nick Cohen who infamously declared after meeting Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz for drinks at the Mayfair nightclub Annabel's: "I was in the presence of a politician committed to extending human freedom." Since his appointment at the Jewish Chronicle, Mr Bright has begun writing for the website of the right-wing Spectator.

Our contact at the Jewish Chronicle said:

As a strategy for extending the scope of the Jewish Chronicle’s appeal, the choice of Martin Bright as our chief political editor just underlines how out of touch with the real world Stephen Pollard is. It isn’t just a question of Martin’s neo-conservative and Israel baggage – and the circumstances under which he left the News Statesman – but what about the rest of the Jewish Chronicle’s coverage?

Take a look at some of our commentators and columnists. The average British reader would take one glance and say “What a rogues gallery!” You have Tzipi Livni, that broken record Melanie Phillips and, worse of all, Geoffrey Aldeman. For God’ sake, Geoffrey Alderman is one of our regular columnist, believe it or not! For a newspaper that’s struggling to keep its readers, the choice of Geoffrey Alderman is a damn strange one, but that’s Stephen Pollard for you.

Alderman believes that Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are legal, even though they are universally acknowledged as illegal under international law.

Moreover, in an article published in the Jewish Chronicle, he said that Islam was founded "in part, on an explicit anti-Jewish discourse".

Most controversially, in early 2009 Alderman argued that according to Jewish religious law, it was "entirely legitimate to kill" every Palestinian in Gaza who voted for Hamas.

For our whistleblower at the Jewish Chronicle, the fact that Mr Alderman was still a regular columnist for the newspaper after making these comments was not just “bad, bad public relations”, but was “scandalous and outrageous, morally and politically”. The whistleblower said:

Geoffrey Alderman spits out stuff that not even the British National Party, Combat-18 and the Ku Klux Klan would dare say these days.

Just imagine what would have happened if a British Muslim columnist said that it was fine to kill Israelis who voted for a government that slaughters Palestinian civilians. The whole country, from Westminster to the media, from the tabloids to the so-called “quality papers” to the BBC and ITN, would be up in arms with condemnations day and night, day after day for weeks on end. Politicians and others would be calling for prosecutions, Stephen Pollard would be rushing from one TV studio to another bellowing “anti-Semitism”.

But here we go, Alderman in effect condoning the murder of innocent civilians and he still writes for the Jewish Chronicle. What a way to appeal to the broader public! What morality!

All of our whistleblowers, some of whom are not quoted here but who nevertheless gave us an invaluable insight into the Jewish institutions to which they are affiliated, said that their experience in their institutions had been life-changing, in that it had altered their views of Britain’s Jewish “leaders”, Israel and the Palestinian cause in a most profound way.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dans la bande de Gaza, les gens n’arrivent pas à joindre les deux bouts

Gaza – CPI

Après la guerre agressive israélienne menée contre Gaza, la bande de Gaza vit son premier hiver. Plusieurs mois plus tard, les habitants continuent à vivre le cauchemar de cette guerre et les conséquences qu’elle a laissées, dans tous les domaines de la vie. Beaucoup ont perdu des êtres chers. Et beaucoup ont perdu leurs maisons et leurs biens. Les compensations promises tardent à arriver. La deuxième grande fête arrive dans quelques jours, l’Aïd Al-Kabir, sans que les habitants de la bande de Gaza ne puissent en profiter. Puis les familles ont besoin d'acheter des équipements et des vêtements pour leurs enfants, afin de faire face au froid, surtout que la plupart voient leurs écoles détruites.

Les commerçants, à l’instar des années passées, se préparent à une saison active, en espérant compenser les pertes subies durant les mois passés, suite à la guerre sauvage israélienne. Ils ont pu introduire beaucoup de produits via les tunnels reliant la bande de Gaza à l’Egypte.

En effet, ces tunnels continuent à marcher et les produits en affluent, bien que les officiels égyptiens les contrôlent hermétiquement, bien que les Israéliens les détruisent de temps à autre.

Toutefois, malgré toutes ces préparations, le marché reste calme. Les produits affluent, mais les gens non.

Déceptions !

Tous les vendeurs se voient déçus, ceux qui vendent de bons produits ou ceux qui en vendent de moins bons.

Le commerçant Kamal Al-Yazeji, en dépit de tout le mal qu’il s’est donné pour importer des produits de meilleures qualités, n’arrive à les écouler. Qu’Allah (le Tout Puissant) punisse ceux qui sont derrière nos malheurs ! dit-il.

La crise est très grave ; elle touche tout le monde. Beaucoup de gens ne s’approche du marché central, croyant que les prix ne sont plus abordables, dit Mohammed Al-Haddad, gérant d’un magasin de vêtements d’enfants. Ils vont chercher des produits bon marché dans les marchés populaires, faibles ressources et chômage obligent.

Dieu merci, je suis fonctionnaire, dit Om Hodifa, mère de huit enfants ; j’avais cru pouvoir acheter ce dont mes enfants ont besoin, mais non, rien à faire. Les prix sont exorbitants, de façon inimaginable. Les commerçants égyptiens imposent leurs prix, sachant que leurs semblables palestiniens n’ont pas d’autre choix que de passer par eux.

Om Ammar est mère de cinq enfants. Sa situation est encore plus difficile. Son mari est sans emploi depuis trois ans. Ses enfants réclament de nouveaux vêtements pour la grande fête. Mais il est impossible pour elle de payer 18 dollars pour l’achat d’un simple pull, dit elle.

Cependant, comment pourrais-je convaincre une petite enfant que je ne peux le lui acheter ? se demande-t-elle.

La fête arrive et la bande de Gaza survit toujours sous ce blocus inhumain. Quand le Monde, les Musulmans, les Arabes s’en rendront enfin compte ?

Georgian North Korean arms transport plane part of CIA sting operation

WMR's Asian intelligence sources strongly suspect that an Ilyushin-76 cargo plane seized in Bangkok on December 12 transporting 40 tons of North Korean weapons was a CIA sting operation designed to obtain, using a "front" airline and regular arms smuggling route, the latest North Korean weaponry available for purchase on the black market.

The IL-76 plane was registered in the Republic of Georgia, a close military ally of the United States and Israel. The IL-76, tail number 4L-AWA, has a history that is emblematic of planes used for smuggling weapons. Earlier this year, the plane was sold by East Wing, a "private" airline in Kazakhstan, East Wing, which was formerly known as GST Aero and was accused of involvement in arms smuggling -- particularly to Eritrea, Somalia, and India -- and banned by the European Union and Bahrain -- sold the plane in October to Beibarys, another Kazakh airline. The plane was then sold to Air West Georgia and was re-registered in the Republic of Georgia. The flight number of the IL-76 while flying through Bangkok was AWG 732. The plane has also been associated with Asia Wings JSC of Kazakhstan, which also flies to Hanoi.

The firm that chartered the company to fly the weapons from Pyongyang, North Korea is a New Zealand company called SP Trading Ltd. of Auckland. SP Trading also does business in Ukraine. SP Trading is part of a larger firm called GT Group, a firm incorporated in Vanuatu.

GT Group's website states the firm "is dedicated to providing an extensive range of offshore company services for privacy, legal tax avoidance, asset protection, financial independence and freedom." In addition to New Zealand and Vanuatu, the company has offices in Samoa (Samoa International Company, Inc.) and the Cook Islands (Cook Islands International Company, Inc.). The Vanuatu subsidiary, Vanuatu International Business Company, registers yachts and boats under the Vanuatu flag.

"GT" appears to stand for Geoffrey Taylor who also is the main shareholder of Vicam of 369 Queen Street in Auckland, the same address that houses the offices of SP Trading and GT Group. Taylor has brokered the sale of Azerbaijani oil to New Zealand via two firms, Sumato Energy Group, Ltd. and Vicam (Auckland), Ltd. Taylor has also been involved with two other firms, Petromobil Ltd. and Sunseeker Energy (Australasia), Ltd., solar power equipment company that has operations in New Zealand, Australia, Norfolk Island, and Lord Howe Island.

Of the IL-76's five-man crew arrested by Thai authorities at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport, four were carrying Kazakhstan passports: Alexandr Zrybnev, Viktor Abdullayev, Vitaliy Shumkov, and Ilyas Issakov. The fifth, pilot Mikhail Petukhou, was in possession of a passport from Belarus.

When Thai authorities seized the weapons, reportedly after a "tip" from U.S intelligence sources, the plane was discovered to have a false cargo declaration stating the plane was carrying oil drilling equipment, a rather strange export from North Korea, a non-oil producing or exploration nation. Instead, the plane was found to be transporting rocket-propelled grenades and launchers, missile tubes, surface-to-air missile launchers, military spare parts and other weapons. Thai authorities stated that the U.S. intelligence sources that tipped them off stated that the final destination for the cargo was "sensitive information." Thai authorities claimed the military cargo would be "destroyed" but the crates and boxes were trucked to a secure warehouse at a Thai air force base in Nakhon Sawan province outside of Bangkok.

The IL-76 landed at Hostomel Airport, near Kiev on October 13, reportedly without any cargo, and flew to Baku, Azerbaijan on December, 8 and onward to the United Arab Emirates (reportedly Sharjah), landing in Bangkok on the morning of December 12 for refueling. The plane took off for Pyongyang and after picking up the weapons landed back in on Mueang, Bangkok at 4 pm on December 12. The plane's onward destinations from Bangkok were reportedly Colombo, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. WMR's Asian intelligence sources believe that the CIA knew the plane was planning to pick up weapons in North Korea and may have even chartered the aircraft and arranged a deal to purchase the North Korean weapons through shadowy front companies to both embarrass the North Koreans and discover what was being sold on the global weapons black market.

After the plane was seized in Bangkok, dubious sources reported that the plane was en route to Pakistan, Afghanistan, or an unnamed "Middle Eastern" country, such as Iran, to deliver its weapons.

The IL-76's most recent owner, Air West Georgia, has close links with the same ownership, to Sun Air, a privately-owned airline headquartered in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, which runs service to Nyala, the largest city in war-torn Darfur.

The "arms-napping" operation against North Korea came just days after the US Special Envoy to North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, announced, after a three-day trip to Pyongyang, an agreement to restart six-party talks with North Korea. The covert operation to seize the North Korean weapons put the planned talks at risk.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Imam Al-Mahdi & the Return of the Caliphate

Did 2009 mark the beginning of the end of Israel?

Canadian Arab News
December 10, 2009

One particular event cast a sickening pall over the entire year, and in doing so reminded us that our world became ever more violent and perverse in 2009. Although this event itself ended in January, its fallout continued and will be felt for years to come. I am referring, of course, to “Operation Cast Lead,” Israel’s attempted liquidation of the Gaza ghetto. The event is significant not only because it was premeditated slaughter, but also because it did incalculable damage did to Israel’s propaganda industry.

This second conclusion might seem strange since the strategy of fabricating Arab aggression to justify disproportionate “retribution” on civilians—or just killing them for the sake of killing them—is standard Israeli policy, one that even predates the establishment of the zionist entity.

The most infamous example occurred in the village of Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948, when zionist forces gratuitously slaughtered 254 Palestinian to terrorize other Palestinians into fleeing their homes. The Haganah later drove sound trucks through Arab areas warning: “unless you leave your homes, the fate of Deir Yassin will be your fate.”

There have literally been scores of massacres and pogroms against Palestinians, Lebanese and other Arabs, and throughout it all the hasbara industry has weathered the outrage. In large part this has been due to the absence of the world wide web and the loyal dishonesty of North America’s zionist media filters.

In Lebanon, for example, the demonized image of paramilitary Hizbullah resistance fighters was invoked repeatedly to excuse a multitude of “defensive” crimes, including the two Qana massacres (1996, 2006). It is during the latter massacre that Israel actually proclaimed genocide as self-defence.

The policy is known as the “Dahiya Doctrine,” so named because Dahiya was a suburb of Beirut that was obliterated in the summer 2006. At the time, Dan Halutz, Israel’s chief of staff said the bombardment of Lebanon was designed to “turn back the clock 20 years.”
From this one application of gratuitous destruction, we come to this statement by Gadi Eisenkot, head of Israel’s northern command:

“What happened in the Dahiya quarter of Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which Israel is fired on. We will apply disproportionate force on it and cause great damage and destruction there. From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages; they are military bases. This is not a recommendation. This is a plan.” (my emphasis)

We can see how this embrace of mass murder as national policy applies equally to Cast Lead because Yoav Galant, Israel’s commanding officer in the south, virtually echoed Halutz: “[Our aim is to] send Gaza decades into the past.”

In Gaza, there was no Hizbullah. There was no resistance force. There was no force to attack. Not even the rusty boilerplate “Hamas started it” could be sustained, especially since the attack took six months of planning, and Minister of Genocide Ehud Barak even admitted that Hamas rockets had nothing to with the decision to attack.

The reason has everything to do with the Palestinian government’s willingness to extend its ceasefire for another six months, despite Israel’s crippling, illegal blockade of humanitarian aid. This peace offensive could not be allowed to gain traction, so Israel committed a crime against humanity.

What can one say in the face of such perversity? When white phosphorous bombs are deliberately dropped on a school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency? How much outrage can one hurl at the bombing of hospitals or the sniping of children?

So “disproportionate” was Israel’s assault that 1,800 Israelis and Palestinians, including 500 Sderot residents, signed petition calling for end to Cast Lead. Boycott movements are gaining strength. Venezuela expelled the Israeli ambassador and Qatar broke off diplomatic relations. No amount of self-defence double-talk can excuse what Israel did,as if it ever could.

Because we live in such perverse times, Cast Lead also figured in more than one of my columns, and here are three of my favourites from the past year.

Jan. 24: “Exposing Israel’s war crimes is child’s play

Israeli genocide does not equal self-defence
This cartoon came from my satire of Bernie Farber, one of the Israel Lobby’s most odious Canadian hasbarats. Instead of merely showing him to be a zionist clown that defends genocide, I turned him into a real clown, “Bozo Bernie Fubar,” and had him try to convince children to sympathize with Israel’s need for genocide. The children’s reaction, as well as the great cartoons by Carlos Latuff, skewered Farber and Israel’s claims of self-defence far better than a regular column could have.

Oct. 25: “Bombastic, bullying and preposterous —
Netanyahu epitomizes the toxic hasbarat

Netanyahu the hasbarat
The second column (right) dealt directly with the growing enfeeblement of hasbara, Israeli propaganda. It focused on Benjamin Netanyahu’s bizarre Holocaust®–infused screed, in which he thundered at the UN for having the temerity to suggest that Israel committed war crimes during Cast Lead. Not only did Netanyahu make himself look ridiculous, not hard to do, but he actually contradicted fundamental Israeli propaganda.

The point was, and is, that hasbarats are forced to go to increasingly brazen, self-destructive lengths to flog discredited notions of Israeli legitimacy. The result is that they are more of an embarrassment to Israel than an asset, and as such the end of Israel cannot be far off.

This was the second time I used “hasbarat” in a column to describe a dedicated liar for Israel. I’m pleased that this linguistic invention has been widely embraced and is found all over the Internet.

May 11: “Address by UN Secretary–General Ban Ki-Moon on the 60th Anniversary of Israel’s Admission

Ban Ki-Moon calls for Israrel’s expulsion
Third, my spoof of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was the unquestioned highlight of the year. Though the speech was fictitious, the research it contained on the illegitimacy of Israel’s entry into the UN was historically accurate.

The idea that Ban could belatedly call for Israel’s expulsion, especially after Cast Lead, sent the Lobby and its minions into hysterics. They harangued the UN to denounce the “speech” (it didn’t), reported it to the U.S. Senate, and the Jewish media were pestered into investigating it.

You know something is seriously wrong with Israel’s propaganda when one modest satire can cause such panic. Well, life is only going to get worse for Israel. Since these columns were written, events have turned decidedly against Israel, and bode ill for the future of hasbara:

• The European Union put forth a resolution to recognize the 1967 borders, including a divided Jerusalem.Though zionist pressure has (so far) cowed the EU into watering down its decision, Sweden, which holds the presidency is adamant that the 1967 borders be respected.
• A recent Pew Research Center survey on America’s Place in the World found that two thirds of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations believe that the U.S. has gone overboard in favouring Israel. The CFR’s negative views of Israel are twice that of the general public.
• American Jews are becoming less enamoured of Israel, thanks to Israeli websites. It seems that news sources like Ha’aretz are having an unfortunate, salubrious effect on Jewish minds. As increasing numbers of U.S. Jews read direct accounts of Israel’s atrocities, they build up a healthy resistance to hasbara. In response, hasbarats are appealing to English-speakers in Israel to pick up the hasbara reins to convince people that life in Israel is good!

The perversity is palpable. Clearly, we are back in 1933. Just as zionists at that time helped the Nazis sabotage negative reports of anti-Jewish persecution, zionists are now sabotaging Jewish media reporting on anti-Arab persecution, like Cast Lead.

Let’s see the hasbarats tackle that one!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Hidden Bombing of WTC 6

"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq."- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Bar-Ilan University, April 2008

By Christopher Bollyn,

.An amazingly callous Netanyahu told the New York Times on 9-11 that the terror attacks were "very good" for U.S.-Israeli relations. His comments at Bar-Ilan University, a religious Zionist school, were made in Hebrew and directed at an audience that is well aware of Israel's involvement in 9-11.

These comments were certainly not meant to be translated for worldwide reading (the original article was published in the Hebrew language newspaper Maariv) and should be seen as a sort of public confession in which the leader of the Likud, Israel's right-wing entremist movement, tried to rationalize the Israeli false-flag terror atrocity on the United States. Joe Lockhart, spokesman for President Bill Clinton, described Netanyahu as "one of the most obnoxious individuals you're going to come into - just a liar and a cheat. He could open his mouth and you could have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth." It's high time for an international arrest warrant to be put out for Netanyahu and Ehud Barak to be tried for terrorism and war crimes.


The split-second precision of the bombing of WTC 6 reveals the sophisticated military planning of the criminal mastermind behind 9-11. The blatant cover-up of this explosion, witnessed by hundreds of gagged members of New York's fire and police departments, is ample evidence of the complicity of the controlled media to hide the truth of what happened on 9-11, along with the mayors of New York City and the U.S. government. I contacted the archives of CNN during the summer of 2002 to inquire about the precise time of their video footage of a huge dust cloud coming from a mysterious blast that appeared to have occurred at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) at about 9:03 a.m. -- the same minute that the second plane struck the South Tower on 9-11. The raw video material has precise time markings, which they provided.

The mysterious explosion at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) occurred at 9:04 a.m. on 9-11, at exactly the same time as the second plane crashed into the South Tower.

As I reported in 2002, CNN confirmed that the mysterious blast had occurred at precisely the same moment that the second plane struck the South Tower:

I contacted CNN to determine exactly when the footage was filmed. CNN's Public Affairs Department confirmed that the explosion shown in the footage occurred immediately after the second plane had crashed into the South Tower. When asked if the footage was taken at 9:04 a.m., the CNN archivist who could not give his last name, said, "That's correct." When asked if CNN could offer any explanation about what might have caused the blast that clearly reached 550 feet, soaring higher than the 47-story WTC 7 in the foreground, the archivist said, "We can't figure it out."

When I revisited this subject in June 2009, I examined some photos by the late Bill Biggert that showed that WTC 6 had been badly damaged before the collapse of either tower. I also discussed the discovery by Kurt Sonnenfeld, a FEMA photographer, now living in exile in Argentina, that the underground vault of the building had been cleaned out before 9-11. This story is extremely important because it reveals that there was a criminal mastermind behind 9-11 who was able to time the explosion in WTC 6 to coincide exactly with the crash of the airplane into the South Tower.The Zionist-controlled media in the United States and Britain have ignored the evidence of the huge explosion that destroyed WTC 6 as the plane crash distracted cameras and onlookers. This was the plan. It is like a circus where the attention of the audience is controlled by the use of spotlights that illuminate one act while the rest of the arena is in darkness. In this respect, the bombing of WTC 6 is like the huge debris field that is about one mile from the small crater where we are told the plane crashed in Shanksville. The public's attention is focused on the twenty-foot crater while the real evidence is kept hidden from the prying eyes of the press.

The following photographs and analysis by Jack White, professional photographer, reveal that WTC 6 was bombed at 9:04 on 9-11 and that the controlled media is complicit in the criminal cover-up of the truth. These photos can be seen in full size on Jack White's website or here:http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79903

A photo of New York firemen fighting the fire of the bombed WTC 6 - before either tower fell
An analysis showing the two different events - one hour apart

The Biggert photo shows the pre-damaged WTC 6 as the South Tower is pulverized with super-thermite.

A photo of the WTC 6 blast

An analysis of the moment that the plane struck and WTC 6 was exploded

Sources and Recommended Reading:

Bollyn, Christopher, "The Mystery of WTC 6," June 23, 2009http://www.bollyn.com/what-happened-to-wtc-6

Bollyn, Christopher, "An Inconvenient Witness: Sonnenfeld on WTC 6," June 24, 2009http://www.bollyn.com/kurt-sonnenfeld-on-wtc-6

Christopher Bollyn exposed as a 911 frump!, DavidIcke.com, September 2009http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79903

Jack White's 911 Photo Studieshttp://www.911studies.com/index.html

Ha'aretz (Israel), "Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel," April 16, 2008http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/975574.html

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

UK, USA 'saved' their banks with drug money !

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

Drugs and crime chief says $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions

Drugs money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis, the United Nations' drugs and crime tsar has told the Observer.

Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said he has seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were "the only liquid investment capital" available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year. He said that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result.

This will raise questions about crime's influence on the economic system at times of crisis. It will also prompt further examination of the banking sector as world leaders, including Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, call for new International Monetary Fund regulations. Speaking from his office in Vienna, Costa said evidence that illegal money was being absorbed into the financial system was first drawn to his attention by intelligence agencies and prosecutors around 18 months ago. "In many instances, the money from drugs was the only liquid investment capital. In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system's main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor," he said.

Some of the evidence put before his office indicated that gang money was used to save some banks from collapse when lending seized up, he said.

"Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade and other illegal activities... There were signs that some banks were rescued that way." Costa declined to identify countries or banks that may have received any drugs money, saying that would be inappropriate because his office is supposed to address the problem, not apportion blame. But he said the money is now a part of the official system and had been effectively laundered.

"That was the moment [last year] when the system was basically paralysed because of the unwillingness of banks to lend money to one another. The progressive liquidisation to the system and the progressive improvement by some banks of their share values [has meant that] the problem [of illegal money] has become much less serious than it was," he said.

The IMF estimated that large US and European banks lost more than $1tn on toxic assets and from bad loans from January 2007 to September 2009 and more than 200 mortgage lenders went bankrupt. Many major institutions either failed, were acquired under duress, or were subject to government takeover.

Gangs are now believed to make most of their profits from the drugs trade and are estimated to be worth £352bn, the UN says. They have traditionally kept proceeds in cash or moved it offshore to hide it from the authorities. It is understood that evidence that drug money has flowed into banks came from officials in Britain, Switzerland, Italy and the US.

British bankers would want to see any evidence that Costa has to back his claims. A British Bankers' Association spokesman said: "We have not been party to any regulatory dialogue that would support a theory of this kind. There was clearly a lack of liquidity in the system and to a large degree this was filled by the intervention of central banks."


Monday, December 14, 2009

L’Islam est-il responsable de la débâcle du monde arabe ?

Le monde arabe , combien de divisions ?

Depuis la chute de l’empire soviétique, il est apparu que la guerre froide, n’ayant plus raison d’être, des idéologues américains ont cherché et trouvé « un Satan de rechange », donnant notamment lieu, après l’invasion de l’Irak et l’incantation de Bush père, à l’avènement d’un nouvel ordre mondial, ainsi qu’ à des floraisons d’étude . Cela va de la « fin de l’histoire » de Francis Fukuyama, à Samuel Huntington avec « le Clash des Civilisations » qui désigne le péril vert et le péril jaune comme adversaire de la civilisation judéo-chrétienne.

L’Islam, le tiers exclus de la révélation abrahamique est désigné en partie comme le bouc émissaire des maux actuels de « l’Occident ». Il n’est donc pas étonnant de soupeser le poids de l’adversaire en le dimensionnant. C’est ce qu’a fait "The Pew Forum on religion & public life, qui a publié ce mois-ci une étude détaillée sur les musulmans du monde intitulée « Mapping the Global Muslim Population. A report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Muslim Population".

Première leçon de cette étude, si l’on compte 1,57 milliard de musulmans (23% de la population mondiale), l’Asie représente la plus grande proportion d’entre eux, soit plus de 60 % du total. Les quatre pays les plus peuplés de musulmans sont, dans l’ordre l’Indonésie (202 millions), Pakistan (174 millions), l’Inde (160 millions) et le Bangladesh (145 millions). Le pays arabe le plus peuplé de musulmans n’arrive qu’en cinquième position, c’est l’Egypte (78 millions).
L’Afrique du Nord et le Proche-Orient ne comptent que 315 millions de musulmans (à peine plus de 20% du total), suivis de l’Afrique sub-saharienne (240 millions). 80 % des musulmans habitent des pays où ils représentent une large majorité.(1)

Dans le même ordre de la connaissance de l’Autre, un ouvrage important écrit par John L. Esposito, un des meilleurs spécialistes américains de l’islam, et Dalia Mogahed, une analyste travaillant pour l’institut de sondage Gallup. Who speaks for Islam ? What a billion muslims really think (« Qui parle au nom de l’islam ? Cet ouvrage est intéressant à plus d’un titre. Pour la première fois, à notre connaissance, une image de la situation des musulmans dans le monde est donnée . Alain Gresh qui le présente écrit « Cet ouvrage s’appuie sur une très large enquête d’opinion, à travers plus de 35 pays et représentant, selon les auteurs, plus de 90% des 1,3 milliard de musulmans. L’idée est de faire parler les musulmans eux-mêmes et pas les responsables ou les experts. Les auteurs résument ainsi les principaux résultats de leur enquête »

« Les musulmans n’ont pas une vision monolithique de l’Occident. Ils jugent les différents pays en fonction de leur politique, pas de leur culture ou de leur religion ; Leur principal rêve est de trouver du travail, pas de s’engager dans le djihad ; Ceux qui approuvent des actes de terrorisme sont une minorité et cette minorité n’est pas plus religieuse que le reste des musulmans ; Ce que les musulmans admirent le plus dans l’Occident, c’est sa technologie et la démocratie ; Ce que les musulmans condamnent le plus en Occident c’est la « décadence morale » et la rupture avec les valeurs traditionnelles (dans des proportions similaires à celles des... Américains) ; Les femmes musulmanes veulent à la fois des droits égaux et le maintien de la religion dans la société ; La majorité ne veut pas que les dirigeants religieux aient un rôle direct dans l’élaboration des Constitutions, mais est favorable à ce que la loi religieuse soit une source de la législation. Pour la majorité des musulmans ( plus de 90% dans certains pays), la religion est un aspect essentiel de leur vie.

« Beaucoup considèrent la religion comme un aspect primordial de leur identité. L’islam n’est pas, pour ses fidèles, ce qu’il apparaît aux observateurs étrangers, une simple carapace de règles contraignantes et de punition. Pour beaucoup de musulmans, c’est une boussole mentale et spirituelle qui donne un sens à la vie, les guide et leur donne de l’espoir. Une proportion importante des personnes disent que leur vie a un but important (90% pour les Egyptiens, 91% pour les Saoudiens). »(2)

« Les auteurs montrent les changements de la situation des femmes depuis quelques décennies, avec leur intégration massive dans l’éducation (notamment au niveau de l’université). Elles veulent toutes plus de droits et notamment l’égalité juridique avec les hommes, le droit de vote en dehors de toute pression familiale, la possibilité de travailler à n’importe quel poste en fonction de leur qualification (c’est notamment le cas de 76% des Saoudiennes). Désirent-elles pour autant être « libérées par l’Occident » ? Pourtant, quand on leur demande si adopter les valeurs occidentales ferait avancer leur cause, seules 12% des femmes indonésiennes, 20% des Iraniennes et 18% des Turques sont d’accord.

Elles pensent que l’attachement à leurs valeurs spirituelles et morales est un élément important dans les progrès que leur situation doit connaître. « Travailler pour le progrès des femmes en s’appuyant sur la charia plutôt qu’en l’éliminant est un thème qui renaît dans les sociétés musulmanes contemporaines. » Les femmes musulmanes veulent à la fois le respect de leur religion et leurs droits ; Alors qu’elles admirent certains aspects de l’Occident, elles n’adoptent pas toutes les valeurs de l’Occident ; La majorité des femmes musulmanes considèrent avec suspicion les défenseurs occidentaux des droits des femmes »(2)

De l’analyse rapide des deux études précédentes, on peut en déduire que l’essentiel de l’Islam est asiatique. Les pays asiatiques semblent se développer dans l’ensemble selon les règles de la démocratie et connaissent des taux de croissance à deux chiffres (Malaisie. Indonésie). De plus l’alternance est consacrée ( Turquie, Malaisie, Inde ,Pakistan). Il est donc faux d’attribuer les problèmes des sociétés arabes à l’Islam, qui est de ce fait innocent des avanies que subissent les Musulmans arabes en son nom.

Pourquoi alors, le monde arabe est le dernier élève partout comme le martèle chaque année les rapports du PNUD ? Pourquoi l’alternance se fait-elle toujours par l’émeute ? Dans les années 60, le monde arabe était relativement mieux placé au niveau des indicateurs de développement économiques et sociaux que l’Amérique Latine. En quarante ans, la régression est patente, à la mesure du désarroi des sociétés et des individus privés de repères et de règles de jeu, soumis à un autoritarisme permanent, asservis dans un climat de répression, [on a calculé qu’en moyenne un potentat arabe restait au pouvoir une vingtaine d’années, le record du Guinness est détenu sans conteste par Kadaddi].
Le désespoir gagne des couches de plus en plus importantes. « Résultat des courses », les pays prennent un retard qui n’est pas linéaire mais exponentiel.

« On aurait pensé écrit Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui que sur le plan économique, les « ajustements structurels » (y compris les privatisations et la réduction des subventions étatiques), les accords de libre-échange, l’appel aux investissements et les incitations à entreprendre allaient enfin faire émerger de nouvelles classes moyennes. (…) Vingt ans plus tard, le bilan de ces espérances dans les différents domaines (politique, économique, idéologique et relations internationales) est affligeant.(…) L’islamisme, sous ses différentes formes, est arrivé à apparaître comme le meilleur porte-parole des mécontentements et des exigences de changement, même parmi des groupes traditionnellement de gauche et laïques, comme les étudiants. Si les voix laïques et islamistes font partie d’un même grand chœur exigeant la démocratisation, les uns chantent la mélodie d’un ordre social fondé sur le droit et sur les principes politiques modernes universellement admis, les autres psalmodient les principes d’un ordre politique fondé sur un ensemble de préceptes coraniques.
Bref, les « réformes » infligées à notre région depuis quinze ou vingt ans – sous la pression de l’Occident – n’ont pas conduit sur ce chemin qui mènerait inexorablement de la libéralisation économique à la démocratie, en passant par la modernisation et la sécularisation. (…) L’Etat fait feu de tout bois, il crée ses propres médias, son propre simulacre d’une société civile. Il s’agit d’une mise en scène, d’une rationalisation limitée de l’ordre politique. L’Etat autoritaire n’a pas été transformé par la démocratisation, il s’est affublé de ses accessoires. On pourrait, par dérision, le nommer « autoritarisme 2.0 ». (…) Les facteurs géopolitiques pèsent sur ces évolutions. (…) A partir de 2001, l’administration de M. George W. Bush a opté pour une nouvelle lecture du pacte avec la région : la priorité des Etats-Unis ne serait plus la stabilité, mais l’instauration de la démocratie, au besoin par la force.

Cet abandon d’un vieux principe a effrayé nombre de régimes, mais l’opinion arabe l’a vite senti : cette ferveur démocratique n’était que le camouflage d’un programme d’interventions dans le seul intérêt des Etats-Unis et d’Israël. Les régimes locaux ont vite appris à déchiffrer les déclarations contradictoires venues d’Occident et retrouvèrent leur confiance. Une façade démocratique allait leur suffire, à condition d’apporter leur pierre à la « guerre contre le terrorisme » et de ne pas s’opposer trop vigoureusement à l’hégémonie des Etats-Unis ni aux intérêts d’Israël ». (3)

Burhan Ghalioun explique le malaise des masses arabes à la fois par des causes exogènes (les interférences multiples) et endogènes ( la chape du pouvoir) Dans le monde moderne écrit-il en perpétuel changement, voué à la globalisation, l’instabilité à la confusion , à la pauvreté, à la présence de menaces multiples les peuples cherchent dans leur patrimoine davantage des repères qui marquent un sens de l’enracinement dans l’histoire des références, et un recours que des valeurs de piété .

Avec l’avènement de la modernité, la pensée politique arabe se trouve tiraillée entre deux angoisses : d’une part, la peur que les sociétés musulmanes soient exclues du processus de modernisation, et d’autre part, la crainte qu’elles soient obligées de renoncer à leur religion et donc à leur identité.

Ainsi, le débat politique s’est structuré en deux tendances principales : l’une, d’inspiration religieuse, que l’on peut appeler la tendance musulmane ou islamiste, et l’autre, à caractère séculier, que l’on peut qualifier de moderniste ou laïciste.

A l’heure actuelle, alors que des désordres émergent plusieurs questions resurgissent : Quel rôle joue la religion dans la communauté nationale moderne ? Quelle place doit avoir l’État et quel rapport doit-il entretenir avec la religion ?... Le véritable mal dont souffre les sociétés musulmanes ce n’est pas l’Islam mais la gestion politique ».

« L’absence de catéchisme dans l’Islam fait dépendre l’enseignement religieux du pouvoir politique. Or les politiques culturelles ne sont nulle part innocentes. Elles reflètent des stratégies de pouvoir et répondent aux conditions de la reproduction des systèmes de domination sociale. (…) La formation d’une pensée déstructurée qui est aujourd’hui la règle est le fruit d’une stratégies éducationnelle et au delà , politique. Elle fait partie de cette même entreprise qui voue le reste de la population à la marginalisation et à la clochardisation.

Ces politiques ne sont pas séparables de l’ensemble des mécanismes socio-politiques du système en place qui sanctionne , l’honnêteté, l’esprit d’initiative et la créativité. Il favorise le clientélisme, l’hypocrisie et la soumission aux chefs . Bref il faut hercher la clé de la conscience déstructurée, désorientée désaxée, désemparée et déstabilisée qui tend trop à définir la conscience musulmane d’aujourd’hui dans l’assujettissement de tout savoir de toute culture, de toute religion, de oute littérature de tout enseignement à la stratégie du pouvoir »(4)

Burhan Ghalioun ajoute l’instrumentalisation de tous ces Etats arabes dont le « tout sécuritaire » est l’unique raison d’être font subir à la religion d’une part (réduite au seul aspect de la Shari’a) et au laïcisme proposé comme une nouvelle religion étatique d’autre part. « Pendant de longues décennies, l’islam était considéré incompatible avec les valeurs de la démocratie.

Quel est l’impact réel de l’islam dans l’évolution politique des pays musulmans, en particulier les pays arabes du Moyen Orient ? (…) il est aussi faux de dire que l’islam est incompatible avec la démocratie que de soutenir le contraire. (..) Les Musulmans sont, comme dans toutes les sociétés, divisés entre libéraux et radicaux, cléricaux et laïcistes, républicains et monarchistes. (…) Quelle serait la Solution ?« Les facteurs qui favorisent une issue démocratique sont à mon avis, poursuit Borhan Ghalioun quatre : La faillite des systèmes autoritaires sur tous les plans : national, économique, politique et culturel.

L’émergence de la pensée critique, de nouveaux espaces de sociabilité, de nouvelles forces politiques et civiles. L’éveil de l’opinion publique sous l’effet de la mondialisation des média et de la popularisation à travers Internet des moyens d’information, avec pour conséquence la naissance de nouvelles aspirations et de fortes motivations pour la changement. (…) L’incertitude quant à la possibilité d’obtenir un soutien international cohérent et à long terme est avérée. En effet, il n’est pas certain que les puissances euro-américaines qui bénéficient d’une position privilégiée dans la région croient vraiment D’où la volonté d’exercer une sorte de contrôle continu sur l’évolution politique de systèmes et d’essayer d’imposer aux sociétés de la région des équipes ayant de bons rapports avec les puissances occidentales. (….) » (5)
Comment en définitive dépasser l’impasse majeur depuis l’échec du réformisme : l’angoisse de l’exclusion de l’histoire moderne et celle d’un abandon de valeurs et référents religieux et culturels. Cette fameuse double errance dont souffre en particulier les peuples du Maghreb ballottés entre une métropole « moyen-orientale » qui a montré ses limites, et qui instrumentalise la religion d’une façon rétrograde et une mondialisation libérale qui fissure les identités grâce à la puissance de ses « industries du plaisir ».

Les programmes de la télévision algérienne illustrent parfaitement cette errance, en diffusant à la fois une émission religieuse « Foursane el Kor’an » et l’équivalent arabe de la « Star Academy », un programme libanais, qui n’est qu’une pâle imitation d’émissions de variétés outre atlantique. Il est évident que la « solution » ne peut pas être exogène, et en aucun cas dans des interférences extérieures qui ne font que maintenir en l’état les masses arabes.

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