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Monday, May 18, 2009

Official Reports Confirm That Israelis Are Behind The Release Of The Swine Flu Virus in Mexico : Was Obama the target ?

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 10, 2009: “As much as I dislike coping with the incredible glut of conspiracy theories I have to review on a daily basis, I saw a report early this morning that I felt I had to pass on to the public, such as it is. I cannot just scan it in because it is classified with a very limited COSMIC readership but I can, and have, copied out salient parts of it and, after suitable rewriting, I am sending it out.

There is now an on-going mini-epidemic of a form of swine flu sweeping the world but I can see almost nothing about how, or where, it really started.

Of course, it started in Mexico, probably Mexico City, and was deliberately sat on by the Mexican government because it coincided with the American spring break and the Mexicans did not want to warn off the enormous army of American teenagers who pour into that benighted country every year, flush with nice money.

By delaying official notice of the disease, they allowed it to spread all over the world but that is not the issue. After all, what can you expect from a country whose national bird is the fly?

It seems that an Israeli pharmaceutical company, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, one of the world’s largest with 28,000 employees located in 50 countries, bought out one Ivax Corporation that had labs in Mexico City. Teva has been working on finding vaccines and medicines for a host of different human ailments and took over the work of Ivax which also produced medicines and vaccines for human consumption but also did extensive experimental work in the veterinarian field.

It seems that sometime in late March of this year, one of the human test subjects for Teva developed a form of swine/bird flu that was not responsive to medical treatment but company officials in charge of the program (the development of a vaccine for several different forms of swine/bird flu) were unaware of this and allowed the test subject to leave their facilities and go into the public. When the test subject died, it took two weeks for the company to find out about this and as the infection was now spreading, instead of speaking out, they quickly burn reams of test documents and destroyed the records of their test subject.

The CDC has learned that the type of swine/bird flu involved here “has the potential of causing a pandemic” that could “easily have the same global effect as the 1918 influenza” epidemic that killed 30-50 millions of people world wide and did terrible damage to the global economy.

It is obvious that this was a deplorable accident but by trying to cover it up, the potential damage could be beyond our belief. Neither the Mexican authorities or the pharmaceutical company will admit to any of this and, like the missing billions of Bernie Madoff, no one in authority in the United States, Mexico or Israel will address it, hoping that the flu now creeping across the planet will not prove to be pandemic or deadly.

What can be done about this tragedy of errors? Nothing at all. However, unlike a major earthquake, this is not an act of God but an act of man.”

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