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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ISI high command is working closely with Mossad and MI6, and Xe (known as Blackwater) to dismantle Pakistan and send 'their' nukes to 'Israel'

Islamic Resistance of Afghanistan Response To Alleged ISI-Ties

Response of the Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate in
Reaction to the Maligning Report of the British Study Team

A Study Team of the London School of Economics has claimed in a report that the intelligence agency of Pakistan has been supporting the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan militarily and logistically. It has claimed that Pakistani intelligence officials practically participate in meetings of the alleged Quetta Council and impose their discretions on members of the Leadership Council.
While considering this report of the London School of Economic as a merely baseless propaganda launched to promote British and American interests, the Islamic Emirate, meanwhile, declares its stand as follows:
1. The military power of the Evil Coalition including American, British and NATO forces have failed to prevent the victorious operations of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Now they want to utilize their academic and research institutes in the work of the occupation of Afghanistan and for oppression of the Afghan Muslim people. The baseless report of the London School of Economics is a case in point. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes, the said report by the so-called research institute is a dictated drama of the political rulers of the West. It is not an investigative report based on facts and reasons, ethically carried out by academic research institute.
2. The current Jihad and resistance against the invaders are being led by the leadership of the Islamic Emirate based inside Afghanistan ­ obviously with the help and support of the Afghan Mujahid people. The enemy itself admits, the Islamic Emirate has control over 70% of the Afghan soil. The Islamic Emirate does not need to have such councils outside the country in order to continue the current popular resistance.
3. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always emphasized that the present resistance is completely an home-grown Afghan Islamic resistance against the aggression of the invaders. It is not possible to lead such resistance simply by foreign support instead of the native support of the Afghan masses. Had a foreign support rather than indigenous support , ever played a role in such cases, then the surrogate administration of Karzai has military, espionage, economic and political support of 49 countries, why it has failed to prevent the growing national resistance of the Afghan Mujahid nation despite the support of the foreign invaders that the Administration enjoys?
4. Rulers of the government of Pakistan claim that they are the frontline pioneers of the American ignited war. They have not spared to do whatever was in their capacity to do. Hence, it is not rationale to say that they are supporting the jihad and resistance against the Americans in Afghanistan. Had Pakistan supported the Mujahideen, then manifestations and impact of their support would have categorically become visible.
5. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan openly invites all academic and research institutes, military and intelligence entities of the world including the London School of Economics to come to Afghanistan and behold the ranks of the Islamic Emirate with their own eyes that whether the Afghan gallant people or any foreigner make up the Mujahideen and leaders of the Jihad. Then again, they should check the ranks of the Karzai stooge administration to see whether their leaders are the gallant Afghans or the open enemies of our country and the invaders. After that, they should put, their academic and investigative report conducted on the basis of the ground realities, at the disposal of the public of the world. Had they done so, these academic institutes would have abided by their recognized norms and principles; would have saved their caliber and reputations, and produced useful academic report. At least, it would not have been a fabricated drama, ironically ordered by the arrogant powers.
6. To end, the Islamic Emirate calls on all independent countries of the world, particularly, the neighboring countries to extend their support to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to put an end to the occupation of the arrogants so that our oppressed and suffering countrymen can get rid of the occupation of the tyrants and form an independent system.
Leadership Council
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
Remarks of M. Yousaf Ahmadi about Reports of Execution of a 7-years Old Boy in Sangin District
A few days ago, a person, Daoud Ahmadi, who was speaking on behalf of the stooge government administration in Helmand province, told media that Taliban had executed a 7-years old boy in Sangin district on charges of spying. He was quoting unknown sources for his claim. But still some media outlets published his unsubstantiated assertions without first verifying them--even some media outfits have been harping on the subject incessantly since then.
After the publishing of the report in printed and electronic media, the Islamic Emirate Leadership contacted provincial leaders of Jihad, asking them for further and detailed information of the event. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate officials contacted local people to know about this grisly rumor and after full investigation by the Islamic Emirate, it became clear that no event of execution had taken place in Sangin and other adjoining districts. The area, Sarvan Kala, where the event has allegedly been happened according to the enemy claims, is actually a valley located between Sangin and Kajaki districts. It is completely under the control of the Mujahidideen of the Islamic Emirate. A judiciary and other administrative structure of the Islamic Emirate is now in place there, running daily affairs according to the Sharia laws. to find solution for problems of the local residents. However, the local courts are not allowed as per the rule to carry out execution without obtaining prior permission of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate or provincial chief judge.
Saravan Kala enjoys complete peace and security since its coming in the hands of the Mujahideen. No attack by the enemy has taken place in the area which would have necessitated to point to a possibility of spying by some one in the area. Nothing such has happened. This proves in itself the enemy claims are a bunch of lies. In fact, the enemy is facing regular defeats on the battle field. So it has focused on making up empty stories for psychological impact. These cock and bull stories are creation of their deceptive imaginations.
Journalists are eyes of the society. But why they do not bother to investigate and verify reports before publishing them and why they have been raking up the issues constantly for days. There is no private or government reporter in Saravan Kala. The local people have neither seen nor heard about the event, then how the media justify their publishing this fatuous and baseless report.
Recently, it has come to notice that the enemy is resorting to maligning campaign about areas under the control of the Mujahideen. So we urge all journalists to be more cautious and investigative about reports, particularly about malicious reports, before publishing them. They should not take the government's painting of events or claims for granted. If they do, their conscience and ethics of the profession will condemn them and will lose credibility in the eyes of the local Afghan people.
Q. M. Y. Ahmadi
Spokesman of the
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
13 NATO invaders killed or wounded in Uruzgan
URUZGAN, June 15 - As many as thirteen NATO terrorists were killed or injured on Tuesday (June 15) when their ground cowardly soldiers encountered a planted landmine blast in Tarin Kot city, the capital of Uruzgan. According to the report, the enemy were on operation when the incident occurred and the area was, soon after the bombing, cordoned off to evacuate the dead and wounded from the site.
3 Polish invaders killed, 2 wounded as their tank blown up in Ghazn
GHAZNI, June 15 - A Mujahideen homemade bomb blast killed 3 Polish terrorists besides wounding two yesterday (June 14) when it ripped through their tank in Andar district of Ghazni.
Enemy's Ganj post overrun in Ghazni city

GHAZNI, June 15 - Tuesday, around 2:00 am local time, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Ghazni city, the capital of the province of the same name captured and overran a post of the puppet ANA known as Ganj, killing 6 puppets and seizing a sizable amount ammo and arms from the possession of the enemy.

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