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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Israeli psy-ops typically serve multiple purposes. Wikileaks is no exception.

By Jeff Gates,

What is Tel Aviv to do now that it’s known Israelis and pro-Israelis ‘fixed’ the intelligence that induced the U.S. to war in Iraq?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Con me consistently for six decades and the relationship is over, as is Israel’s credibility as a legitimate nation state.
Tel Aviv knows this. But what can the Zionist state do about it?


Media Circus: police could have arrested the man sooner; they took part in his suspected terrorist act.

By Tim King,

19-year old Mohamed Osman Mohamud

(PORTLAND, Ore.) – An alleged plot to detonate a bomb at the Pioneer Square Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Portland Friday was foiled by FBI agents and Portland Police officers. A close examination of the facts raises concerns that the story is simply conditioning to prepare Americans for more military conflict in the Middle east.

One Million Muslims March to the Capitol next 4th July 2011

By One Million Muslims organization,

One Million Muslims.org is the organizer and presenter of the upcoming One Million Muslim March. The planned event is not to be an actual march, but rather a gathering of Muslims from across the US, at the Anacostia Park in Washington DC, July 4, 2011.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Video: Selon les provocateurs professionels de la mafia israelienne de France, le pays serait au bord de la guerre civile...

Mais qui fait tout son possible pour declencher de nouvelles guerres en France et en Europe et puis vient accuser par inversion accusatoire ou projection mentale de ses propres vices sur les autres ? 'L'effet Dieudonné' ou comment les israeliens d'Europe accusent les autres de propager leurs haines et leurs guerres...   Le Dieudonné en a pris pour son grade a juste vouloir decrire la réalité !

Avant l'avenement du sionisme politico-religieux, un 'antisemite' etait quelqu'un qui n'aimait pas les 'Juifs' (les arabes sont semites egalement mais le khazar converti au talmudisme en France et a Tel Aviv ne l'a pas encore bien assimilé), selon de dictionnaire. Aujourd'hui un 'antisemite', c'est une personne que les sionistes n'aiment pas, selon les medias aux ordres du sionisme... Que le monde a changé

C'est le site satirique Bakchich.info qui avait sorti l'affaire du Karachigate. Ce genre de scandale aurait fait tomber le gouvernement de n'importe quel etat de droit, mais pas en France ! Attention a la version pakistanaise et a ses rencontres secretes tenues au Maroc et en Turquie avec les differents clans politiques de la droite et de la gauche

Karachi, le bal des faux-culs


Edito / vendredi 26 novembre par Jacques-Marie Bourget,
Il existe apparemment une présomption d’innocence plus sacrée que d’autres, celle d’hommes et de femmes politiques soupçonnés d’avoir touché des pots-de-vin dans l’imbroglio pakistanais.

Israel's american Khazars are pushing the USA into a new war against North Korea and China, to finish the destruction of the USA as a superpower, to allow the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea, then attack Pakistan, Iran, blaming 'illegal transfers of nuclear weaponry systems, technologies' between these three countries.

Zionist Khazars in the Obama administration (Kissinger and Brezinsky, Bernanke) and the US congress want to slow down the chinese expansion and projection outside her borders, to warn the chinese elite that Israel will lead the world financial system (not the chinese as Soros tried to explain) and leave to China the manufacture of goods by human slaves paid nothing, factories created by  mostly american and european khazars in the 1980s all over China. Finally, to destroy US/European middle classes by  war debts, massive cuts due to engineered financial crisis, puting them on the same wages as emergent countries (India, China, Brazil, Russia), like Germany, the UK or Ireland are doing, putting the minimum wage to 1 euro per hour. Leaving people without financial  resources to pay their mortgages, which are already 10 to 30 times over evaluated.  This is called the structural and deliberate empovershiment of the western populations to  make them serve as new slaves of this NWO.  THIS IS AT THE HEART OF THE GLOBALIZATION SYSTEM. This war between China and the USA will leave the zionist khazars ruling the West, through Goldman Sucks, Lehmann Brothers, the Rothschield Federal Reserve and banks, and the total corrupt financial system, to emerge as the rulers of the so called New World Order super structure (IMF, UN based in Jerusalem, etc...) and Israel the center of this new imperialism. Now the plan is so clear to the rest of the humanity, particularly Muslims,  have  the strong feeling that Israel will pay the heavy price in her next new war to get at the top of the pyramid before the end of this decade... Israel won't hesitate to launch her new world war to take the full commands, by any means necessary !

 Abu Suleyman

North Korea: Who Sank the Cheonan?
The sinking of the US submarine was not reported

People behind Wikileaks show their true colors, claim that Sheykh Ussama Ibn Awad Ibn Laden still alive.


“By way of deception, thou shalt do war” 

“Recent admissions that the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, routinely receives masses of classified information makes them suspect #1 for being the source of Wikileaks”

By Gordon Duff,

Wikileaks is like a TV show that never gets off the ground.  We started with a “shoot ‘em up” in Iraq, the helicopter slaughter soon forgotten and move on to, well, what?  We got a deluge of material from Afghanistan, carefully gleaned to point fingers at Pakistan.  When it came down to backing any of it up, it went nowhere.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Part II  “Know thyself”  Sun Tzu and Hassan Nasrallah

Sun Tzu and Hassan Nasrallah
Sun Tzu and Hassan Nasrallah

Franklin Lamb’s Saturday Mideast Report –- Al Manar

According to the Lebanese military, at 11 am and again at 1 p.m.  on 1l/24/10, a total of six Israeli warplanes crossed into Lebanese airspace, and violated for the 8256th time UNSC resolution 1701 that ended Israel’s 5th war against Lebanon, on August 14, 2006. Nearly, daily, and sometimes several times daily, warplanes and/or reconnaissance aircraft invade the skies over Lebanon to frighten, attempt to intimidate, and pressure the Lebanese population. They also to try to keep tabs on Lebanon’s resistance, led by Hezbollah.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Divided Belgium uses war on Islaam to divert attention of the world from a coming inter-ethnic civil war between Flemish and Wallons

Did Belgian police jail Muslims on instructions from bloody Russian Czars KGB terrorists? ( Khazar Medvedev is a Birobidjan jew 'converted' to orthodox christianism, similar story for Sarkozy... )

Publication time: 26 November 2010, 12:11
According to a Moroccan newspaper, Le Soir, 9 European citizens of Moroccan origin, 6 Belgians and 3 Dutch, were arrested during a night raid by Belgium police on Tuesday.

Police Christianists accuse them of "suspicion" that they have allegedly "recruited" some "candidates jihadists" for the Caucasus Emirate, collected money for the Jihad in the Caucasus, and allegedly "wanted" to blow up something in Belgium, but the police didn't still invent what it should be.

Afghanistan : Mujahideen Of Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan Military Operations update 27th November 2010 : NATO commandment does not have a clue of who they are fighting. MI6, RAW, mossad and the pentagone did not identified the 'fake taliban leader'!

The following commentary is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

The Americans can no longer conceal their defeat in the Kandahar Operations 

The White House has determined July 2011 as the deadline to begin withdrawing their defeated invader forces from Afghanistan. It is therefore necessary for them to justify this withdrawal in front of their civilians and the world at large by achieving some meaningful or tangible gain in Afghanistan.

Friday, November 26, 2010

More evidence that zionist jewish communities in the US, Great Britain, France, Germany and Israel manufactured 9/11

Update  22 November 2010: Who Destroyed the 9/11 Evidence?

By Christopher Bollyn, 

During the past two months I have been involved in research about the Rothschild/Mossad network behind the criminal destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center.  I have found that the network that arranged for the destruction of the steel - critical evidence from the crime scene - was actually organized by Israel's Mossad and their Zionist agents, the real culprits behind the false-flag terrorism that changed the world.  This article will be the final and conclusive chapter of my book, Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Afghanistan, Iraq, the lost wars of the defeated US-israel empire

U.S. Wounded - The Hidden Toll of Obama's Surge


By Chris Bollyn,
November 25, 2010


More than seventy-one percent of all U.S. wounded (9,256) from the 9-year-old war in Afghanistan have occurred in the 22 months since President Barack Obama became Commander in Chief on January 20, 2009.  Some 6,566 Americans have been wounded since Obama began his ill-advised surge in February 2009.  Is this the change Americans wanted when they voted for Barack Obama?

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Cole Reece provides care to U.S. Army Sgt. Jonathan Duralde of Bravo Troop 1-71 CAV after he was injured by an IED blast June 25, 2010 near Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Nearly 600  americans have been wounded in Afghanistan every month since June 2010.

Il y a 11 ans était lâchement assassiné Abdelkader Hachani

Abdelkader Hachani, victime de 'l’intégrisme éradicateur '?
Ce texte est une version actualisée d’un article écrit peu après l’assassinat de Abdelkader Hachani et que les journaux Le Monde et Libération n’ont pas accepté de publier.

Sadek Sellam et Fatiha Talahite, décembre 1999

Le meurtre politique fait partie des lois non écrites de l’éradication. Abdelkader Hachani en a été victime après avoir eu à subir toutes les rigueurs des lois d’exception en vigueur en Algérie depuis 1992.

From the destruction of the USA/EU and the US dollars, Israel will rise as the regional superpower, having control on the westernized 'international' financial system and control over the drugs, oil, gas, and other natural resources, at the crossroad of the Middle East, Central, Eurasia, Asia, Africa. Failing to do so will see a massive backlash from the western populations, abandoned and betrayed by the ruling dual citizens (EU/US-Israeli) elite, stealing their money to keep alive Israel through the corrupt banking system. These 'civilized western governments' are now waging a total war against North american and european populations to keep the illusion of the 'Greater Israel', like in Ireland and the UK.

Pentagon, Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’

 Vigilant Guard 2010 Riot Control, Detention Drills

The majority of Americans believe that recent government intervention into financial markets, the economy and corporate insolvency has reversed the economic downturn which was described by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as being “on the brink” in 2008. The stimulus, bailouts and unrelenting quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve have thus far been perceived as having averted the further erosion of the U.S. real estate and equities markets. And though the Federal Reserve and economic analysts have recently readjusted their economic growth forecasts downward for the next six months, Americans no longer have to worry about, as Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said on the house floor in October of 2008, the sky falling, multi-thousand point drops in stock markets and martial law in America.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pakistan and Yemen on top Israel agenda : Pakistan’s Nuclear Factor

Nuclear factor kept Pakistan’s adversaries restrained

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

After 9/11 terror attacks on twin towers, when the US leadership decided to avenge the attacks by invading Afghanistan and also planned to rope in Pakistan, it rejected India’s offer of providing air bases and full military support. It also ignored India’s advice to tackle Afghanistan and Pakistan in a single swoop. In India’s reckoning, roots of terrorism could not be eliminated without taking on both the countries. The US leaders assessed that Pakistan being geographically contiguous to Afghanistan and also having more knowledge than any other country about the target country as well as Taliban would be most suitable. The US however assured India that it had future plans to deal with Pakistan separately at an opportune time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crisis of Fiat Currencies: US Dollar Surpluses Converted into Gold

China, Russia, Iran are Dumping the Dollar

by Bob Chapman,

Global Research, November 22, 2010

International Forecaster - 2010-11-21,

Something is going on that your government does not want you to know about. Very few journalists have written about it and little or nothing has appeared in the mainstream media. The story could be one of major stories of our time.

Western powers have tried to destroy gold as a backing for currencies for many years. Presently the major media won’t touch the story and that is understandable.

Une attaque terroriste de type false flag en Allemagne pourrait servir à neutraliser les critiques du gouvernement

Une attaque terroriste sous faux pavillon en Allemagne pourrait être utilisée comme prétexte pour des procéder à des arrestations de masse des critiques du gouvernement

Par Jane Burgermeister,
Traduction Info Guerilla, http://infoguerilla.fr/

Lundi, 22 novembre 2010 à 22:00

À la suite de manifestations sans précédent en Allemagne, à Stuttgart et à Gorleben, contre l’autoritarisme rampant, le gouvernement tente d’exploiter une prétendue menace contre le Reichstag de Berlin par des terroristes islamistes, dans le but de mettre la vie économique, politique, et sociale du pays, totalement sous contrôle.

Video : A must watch : Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

Anthony Lawson for Salem-News.com

This video redresses the balance, and makes it clear that Australia’s PM is either ignorant, beyond belief, or putting the interests of nuclear, Apartheid Israel ahead of Australia’s own.
(BANGKOK) - Recently, political pressure has been brought to bear against a trades unionist Kevin Bracken, for attempting to express his views about the events of 9/11, on Australia’s publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Racist german government is using fake 'terrorist alerts' blamed on Muslims to impose a dictatorship over the country ahead of austerity measures. German police caught red handed behind one of the terror alert.

German police “agent provocateur” behind alleged Islamic terrorist threat

A German police officer is at the centre of a recent alleged Islamic terrorist threat, according to the lawyer defending the alleged terrorist.


Lawyer Christian Kessler told the Saarländischen Rundfunk that 18-year old Kevin S from the Cameroon was persuaded to make the videos containing bomb threats by an undercover police officer acting as an agent provocateur.

Video: Max Keiser : Kill the real terrorists, the banksters with a silver bullet

International Soccer Star: Reclaim Your Power By Pulling Your Money Out of Your Bank on December 7th


Most Americans haven't heard of him, but Eric Cantona is a huge international soccer star known throughout Europe and much of the world.

Cantona is calling for Europeans to pull their money out of banks on December 7th:
I don't think we can be entirely happy seeing such misery around us. Unless you live in a pod. But then there is a chance... there is something to do. Nowadays what does it mean to be on the streets? To demonstrate? You swindle yourself. Anyway, that's not the way any more.We don't pick up weapons to kill people to start the revolution. The revolution is really easy to do these days. What's the system? The system is built on the power of the banks. So it must be destroyed through the banks.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Video: Guerre civile en France : Les reseaux clandestins de l'OTAN, une partie de la DST et le mossad israelien ont declenché les emeutes de 2005 pour faire passer Sarkozy en 2007

La France a-t-elle été attaquée par des puissances étrangères au cours des émeutes de 2005 ?

Un journaliste allemand et spécialiste des services de sécurité/intelligence, Udo Ulfkotte, relève dans son livre "Der Krieg im Dunkeln" (la guerre de l'ombre) que le mossad a joué un role lors des émeutes de 2005 en France, pour aider Sarkozy a faire du 'Le Pen sans Le Pen' et prendre le controle du pays en 2007. Rappelons au passage qu'a plusieurs reprises Le Pen avait affirmé qu'il avait besoin 'd'emeutes generalisées en France' pour passer en 2007, ce que Sarkozy et les reseaux israeliens n'ont pas eu trop de mal a réaliser.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Terrorisme d'Etat : Comment la mafia israelienne et la mafia gaulliste n'ont pas hésité a faire assassiner des innocents lors des attentats de 1995, massacres de civils en Algerie pour garder le controle des petro-narco-dollars et celui de Karachi pour regler leurs comptes.

Quelles sont les liens qui unissent le coup d'état en Algerie en 1991/2, les GIAs, l'assassinat de gendarmes francais a Alger, le detournement d'un avion d'Air France a Alger, les attentats de 1995 a Paris, les massacres de civils en Algerie, l'affaire des HLM de Paris, l'affaire Shueller-Marechal, l'affaire Carrignon, la decapitation des moines de Tibherine, le crash du concorde en 2000, l'attentat de Karachi, l'assassinat de Rafick Hariri, l'affaire Clearstream: La guerre entre l'extreme droite juive sioniste de France (ou plus politiquement correct la droite financiere)  de  Balladur, Pasqua, Gueant, Sarkozy, Leotard et la mafia gaulliste (droite historique) de Chirac, Juppé, Debré, Villepin et consorts. 

Nous aussi voulons savoir pourquoi la France a exterminé entre 250 000 et 550 000 algeriens et nous aussi voulons justice et nous savons que l'extreme droite israelienne n'hesitera pas a mettre le pays en etat de guerre totale pour sauver sa peau, mais les criminels de guerre finiront tous au bout d'une corde, c'est une certitude ! 

Abu Suleyman 


Magali DROUET 
Sandrine LECLERC

« Ce livre est le récit des événements que nous vivons depuis maintenant plus de huit ans, lorsque nos pères ont perdu la vie dans l'attentat de Karachi, en 2002.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New POWER OF TRUTH Radio Network picks up steam!

By Kevin Barrett,
Truth Jihad.com

A brand-new network devoted to promoting the best of alternative radio is on the air! Check out Power of Truth Radio, where you can find my shows streaming twice a day, along with several other shows that together represent much of the best that alternative radio has to offer.

The Baghdad Cathedral Massacre: Zionist Fingerprints All Over

by Jonathan Azaziah,

Prior to the fascist, destructive, genocidal US-UK-Israeli occupation of Iraq, Sunni and Shia, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds lived together in a harmonious atmosphere of brotherhood and unity that paralleled that of occupied Palestine before the Zionist occupation in 1948. It is egregious. Disgusting. Despicable. Ignorant. Absurd. And erroneous on every factual basis to assert that the aforementioned ethnic and religious groups are now massacring each other, when in reality, they are being massacred by the murderous occupation armies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

List of 200 Israeli War Criminals

List of 200 war criminals zionist jews. 'This looks like an american agency job' and 'definitively not an israeli soldier job' according to Muslim experts in intelligence. 

The following information was received anonymously; presumably from a member of the Israeli Military. It was presented as follows:

Underlining the following people is an act of retribution and affront. They are the direct perpetrators, agents for the state of Israel that in Dec.- Jan. 2008- 2009 attacked scores of people in the besieged Gaza. The people listed here held positions of command at the time of the attack therefore not only did they perform on behalf of a murderous state mechanism but actively encouraged other people to do the same. They bear a distinctive personal responsibility. They range from low-level field commanders to the highest echelons of the Israeli army. All took an active and direct role in the offensive.

In underlining them we are purposefully directing attention to individuals rather than the static structures through which they operate. We are aligning people with actions. It is to these persons and others, Like them, to which we must object and bring our plaints to bear upon.

This information was pirated. We encourage people to seek out other such similar information, it is readily available in the public sphere and inside public officials' locked cabinets. This is a form of resistance that can be effectively sustained for a long while.

This project for one, has only just begun, do your bit so that this virtual list may come to bear upon the physical.

Disseminate widely.

From Captain Eric May: An Apology to Abu Salem Sofyan & Islamic Intelligence

Note : Following apologies from Captain Eric May, I have removed the article :  http://islamic-intelligence.blogspot.com/2010/11/zionists-attack-on-islamic-intelligence.html  (Zionist attack on Islamic-intelligence) to avoid further manipulations by zionists and I have to apologise as well to Eric May if I was rude with him. In the past my credibility was attacked by french, canadian , american and british intelligence agencies (DST, MI5, GRC-CSIS, FBI) and some of their puppets from the 'extreme right' wing, infiltrated in the so called 9/11  truther movement. What these guys did not like is that real Muslims websites were providing evidence that israelis and their fifth columns in the West were behind terrorism (9/11, Madrid, Bali, 7/7 etc...). They told it to me openly and they tried to lecture me many times. We started with genuine and authentical evidences coming from Algeria were we saw the algerian and french zionist jews organised the slaughter, the massacre of an entire people because they did vote for an 'islamic party'. Same as what we are seeing in Palestine and Ghaza. From the zionist networks in Algeria we were able to identify their semi-clandestine networks in most of the Muslim countries and Europe mainly (Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, France). 

Please do accept my sincere apologies if any of my word hurted you. A great thanks to Kevin Barrett for the Truth Jihad blog (http://truthjihad.blogspot.com/), for his help and support in resolving this misunderstand. Below I have put the latest news published on the website of Eric. Enjoy the reading, I am sure we'll have time in the future to discuss further the next israelis terrorist networks targets... insha Allah

Hayakum Allah 

Abu Suleyman

Dear Abu Salem sofyan,

Moments after receiving your email (below) I received this from a member of Ghost Troop, Dr. Kevin Barrett, whose counsel is invaluable:

Captain May: slamic Intelligence is Abu Suleyman, a friend of mine who, like me, isn't afraid or ashamed of being Muslim. He's legit. It's natural that Muslims, the main victims of the Zionist war on truth, would support your work. In fact, what's surprising is that there aren't a lot more. Arabesque is another story.Kevin
I should have checked better before questioning your integrity. I am sorry to have missed the mark so badly. I beg your pardon, and offer your letter of complaint to my readers without editing or answering. Perhaps at a better time we can have an exchange about your ideas.

Your contrite Captain May

Monday, November 15, 2010

France-Israel-Algerie: L'éradication des réseaux terroristes de la France-Israel se deroule comme annoncée sur le blog début octobre 2010

Tewfik passera-t-il a la posterité sans passer par la case justice. Les gouvernements francais depuis Rocard echapperont-ils aux tribunaux internationaux pour crimes de guerre et genocides?

Allah swt a dit :{Or c’est à Allah qu’appartient la puissance et la considération ainsi qu’à son Messager et aux croyants, mais les hypocrites ne savent pas}, et Allah swt a dit :{Quiconque recherche la puissance et la considération, c’est à Allah qu’appartient toute la puissance et toute la considération}.

Le blog Islamic-intelligence confirme a demi-mots car les sources sont americaines (a l'insu de leur plein gré), que l'administration Obama tente de prendre le commandement direct du DRS apres l'eviction 'naturelle' de Tewfik, malade depuis 2005, ca fait un bout de temps qu'on le dit et qu'on est les seuls a le dire.  Tewfik s'est fait soigner en Europe de l'Est a plusieurs reprises. Maintenant est-ce qu'il a été l'objet d'une opération de ses anciens maitres francais, suite a la double gifle 'Germaneau', il faut le verifier, mais cela parait peu probable, de  meme qu'il est maintenant acquis que ni Guenizia, ni Ouyahia ne peuvent diriger l'Algerie, trop dependant de Tewfik, lui meme de Belkheir. Voila comment le chateau s'ecroula en Algerie. Que dire du chateau en France ?   

Eid Mubarak- عيدكم مبارك

عيدكم مبارك و تقبل الله من الحجاج و الي ما حج الله يرزقه السنه القادمه
و اللي صايم اليوم الله يتقبل منه
اللهم ارحم من لم يقضي العيد معنا واجعل عيدهم في الجنه اجمل

Israël au secours de l’Algérie française : L’État hébreu et la guerre d’Algérie (1954-1962)

La France-Israel n'a jamais quitté l'Algerie. Au pouvoir officiellement a Paris, les pieds noirs du sud de la France et surtout ceux de Corse et leurs mentors sefarades sionistes haineux  et nostalgiques de l'Algerie n'ont jamais arreté leur sale guerre contre les algeriens et plus generalement toutes les colonies en Afrique, perpetuant le pillage des richesses et en organisant le chaos partout ou cela était possible dans les pays arabes ou a majorité musulmane, pour proteger le flanc ouest d'Israel. Il n'est pas surprenant  de voir que l'OAS ou le SAC de Pasqua etaient des officines liées et travaillant main dans la main avec le mossad. La carriere fulgurante du criminel et terroriste Pasqua de la 'french connexion' ou de celle  de sa brosse a reluire raciste Guéant le prouve. Dire que Guéant est le cerveau de Sarkozy c'est ne rien avoir compris au fonctionnement des israeliens de France... 

La guerre d’indépendance algérienne n’a pas laissé l’Etat d’Israël indifférent. En premier lieu parce que lorsqu’elle éclate en novembre 1954, l’État hébreu est un partenaire géostratégique et économique privilégié de la France. Ensuite parce que très vite, l’importante communauté de confession juive vivant dans les départements français d’Algérie paraît elle-aussi menacée par les nationalistes islamistes du FLN.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Genocide francais en Algerie : Les années de sang et le rôle des agents d’influence

Entretien avec Lounis Aggoun (2/2)
par Silvia Cattori*

Les crimes commis par le régime militaire algérien sous couvert de lutte contre le terrorisme ont été blanchis dans la presse internationale par des agents d’influence. Au centre de ce dispositif, observe Lounis Aggoun dans un entretien avec Silvia Cattori, des tireurs de ficelles (Jacques Attali, Bernard-Henry Lévy, etc.) et des second couteaux peu scrupuleux (Yasmina Khadra, Daniel Leconte, Xavier Raufer, Mohamed Sifaoui etc.).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Staged Government Terror: An Open Admission Within The British House of Lords

Britons, French, German and North African zionist jews acknowledge publicly that they are behind the fake 'islamic groups' or'Al Qaeda in North Africa', and they are finalising  the next israeli 9/11 false flag 'dirty bombs' in Europe. Strangely MOD (MI5/6), french DST/DCRI and BND are all managed by zionist jews... This might explain why they are sending me their controlled 'patriotic', 'racialist' intelligence operatives from the extreme right wing infiltrated in the so called 9/11 thruther movement ! 

Brandon Turbeville,
Activist Post

If there was any doubt that governments fund terror and stage false flag attacks against themselves, that doubt should be erased by a recent exchange within the British House of Lords.  In addressing his peers in the House, Lord James of Blackheath revealed that he had been involved in the laundering of billions of pounds of terrorist money, specifically that of the IRA and various North African terrorists at the behest of the Bank of England. James also explained that he had been contacted by a secretive organization that was offering to help Britain pay off its extraordinary debt.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DCRI(F): La police terroriste secrete et politique du CRIF et d'Israel en France et en Afrique (Maghreb/Sahel)

DCRIF:  Direction Centrale de la Racaille Israelienne de France. La police terroriste d'Israel en France et dans  ses colonies africaines.

Observez bien le message subliminal sur le logo de la DCRI(F), l'oeil qui rayonne se situe exactement sur la position geographique de la ville de Poitiers. La ville ou Charles Martel aurait repoussé les 'sarrazins' (en fait les Musulmans) en 732. Comprenez bien le message de ces reliquats de colons croisés sionistes et de traitres nost-algeriques. Vous avez maintenant une idée claire et nette sur qui dirige cette organisation et quels sont les objectifs qui les anime. 

C'est meme ecrit dedans, cherchez pas trop loin, on est passé de la DST (Direction Sioniste du Terrorisme) a la police terroriste secrete des israeliens de France... La DCRI(F), c'est la représentation officielle d'Israel, une espece de police extra-territoriale qui a tous les pouvoirs pour organiser des attentats, espionner les journalistes, terroriser preferentiellement les afro-maghrebins mais egalement la communauté juive pour organiser l'emigration en Palestine occupée... La DCRI(F) est dirigée par des juifs haineux d'Algerie, des sefarades maghrebins et des pieds noirs, ou des enfants de pieds noirs, quasiment tous impliques dans des crimes de guerre.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video: Economy : A new major sign that the Khilafa is back : All energy and CDS transactions are beginning to be done in Gold.

Massive panic in London, Washington, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv : Khilafa is destroying the NWO project held and managed by westerner khazar zionists. Khilafa is re-establishing peace, security, justice and prosperity to all Makind all over the Earth. This is another major sign that Israel through her French, German and British zionist ultra racist communities manipulating these countries, will launch her new 9/11 in Europe very soon.  Video at the bottom of the page.

Wa Allah swt 'alam

Has the Dollar ALREADY Lost Its Status As World Reserve Currency?

These are headlines from the past 2 days:

The Dirty French-Italian Zionist Origins of The MAFIA and Extreme Right Wings in Europe

Guiseppi Mazzini: Freemason Founder of the Mafia

Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti.
(Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Arson, Poisoning: MAFIA)

Guiseppi Mazzini was the individual that Albert Pike corresponded with in his letters on Three World Wars that would unite the world under a Luciferian Dictatorship. Like Pike, Mazzini was Illuminati and held the rank of 33 degree Mason. He is also the founder of the MAFIA, which is named after him. (Source) Law Enforcement has known about the relationship between Freemasonry, and La Cosa Nostra ("Our Thing") for quite some time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Soudan : Israel veut diviser le Soudan en trois parties et voler l'eau du Nil selon l'agenda du grand israel.

Partition du Soudan : Darfour : une guerre américano-israelo-chinoise

Dans cette vidéo, l’auteur explique les vraies raisons de la campagne médiatique et judiciaire anti-Al-Bashir, qui vise en réalité à déstabiliser le Soudan...

Israel and London zionist jews controlling MI5 were behind the 7 July 2005 bombings


This analysis evaluates the improbability of evidence such as timing of recent terrorist attacks and media reports of subsequently denied warnings pointing to an innocent third party. The prime suspects are found to have the means, motive and opportunity. We consider how records in Government databases could have been used in framing Muslims for London 7/7. The combination of Leeds criminals together with London scene of crime is also found to be at variance with the official "Islamic militants" line.

From their previous record of deception, spying, and carrying out false flag attacks [Ref. 1] [Ref. 2] which is too numerous to list here, Israel would be the prime suspect for the London 7/7 attack. Evidence of complicity would include a specific motive for the timing of recent terror attacks, as well as a more general analysis of who benefits. From the events of 7/7 alone, it should be possible to infer some estimates of the probability of Israel's guilt or innocence.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Guerre civile en France : Le gouvernement d'occupation de psychopates juifs sionistes Sarkozystes prepare un nouveau 11 septembre en Europe...

Sionistes, psychopathes et 11 septembre

Les pantins du lobby israelien. Harper, Sarkozy, Obama, Merkel et Cameron sont tous des monstres crées par l'argent sale du lobby qui n'existe pas, des psychopates qui sont responsables a eux seuls de toutes les guerres et genocides que nous connaissons, qui visent a instaurer Israel comme le nouvel etat imperial.

La forte implication des sionistes dans le 11 septembre a été bien documentée depuis des années. Plus récemment, il est devenu de plus en plus évident que de la thermate a été utilisée pour détruire le World Trade Center, et que nos soi-disantes «démocraties» sont en fait des pathocracies - des régimes dans lesquels une petite minorité pathologique prend le contrôle d'une société de personnes normales. Une description complète des événements du 11 septembre, doit concilier les preuves de la complicité avec les sionistes avec la théorie que les psychopathes gravissent toujours les échelons vers les postes de pouvoir.



By Gordon Duff,

The people of Yemen simply don’t believe in Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden, and for good reason. When Abdullah al-Faqih, professor of political science at Sana University told the New York Times, “We cannot differentiate between what is propaganda and what is real…Some of what looks like Al Qaeda is really terror as a business.”

Friday, November 05, 2010

Great Britain, France and Germany zionist jewry had set up the next 9/11 in Europe

Israeli Propaganda: ‘Mumbai-style terror plot’ against UK uncovered

Compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad

1) ‘Mumbai-style terror plot’ against UK uncovered (29 September 2010)

2) UK Prime Minister Cameron took part in an anti-terror drill in London (30 September 2010)

3) IHRC Chairman: Baseless terror claims “further demonise a community under siege” (29 September 2010)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Most Yemenis See al-Qaeda Presence as ‘Myth’

History of Fake Attacks Cement Belief Saleh Govt Using AQAP as Excuse


“The truth is there is no al-Qaeda.” Such a comment rarely finds currency in a nation’s popular consciousness but in Yemen, home to what the CIA calls the most dangerous of al-Qaeda’s many affiliates (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP), it is all too common.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Israel behind F-35 scandal : F-35 STEALTH FIGHTER SPY COVER-UP

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter worthless?


By Gordon Duff,

“Another spy disaster like Pollard, shoved under the rug too long due to pressure from the powerful Israeli lobby.”

On April 21, 2009, the Department of Defense announced the theft of 1.5 terabytes of data on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the platform meant give the United States and her allies air superiority for the next 40 years.  In a flash, all that was gone, $300 billion dollars of funding down the drain, every system, defense, offense, stealth, everything needed to build one or shoot it down, all gone.  Day one, China was accused but it wasn’t China, it wasn’t Iran, it wasn’t Pakistan.  The theft left a clear signature, one identical to the data Wikileaks has been receiving, sources inside the Pentagon repeating the actions of Israeli-Soviet spy, Jonathan Pollard.  As vital as the F-35 is to America’s defense, Pollard’s triumph on behalf of Soviet Russia and Israel dwarfs the current espionage coup.

Petraus father of the Iraqi civil war : Torture of Iraqis part of US dirty war

By Gareth Porter

WASHINGTON - The revelation by WikiLeaks of a United States military order directing US forces not to investigate cases of torture of detainees by Iraqis has been treated in news reports as yet another case of lack of concern by the US military about detainee abuse.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Israel behind fake terror bombs, now carried on passenger flights from Qatar and UAE, and not by cargo... Again Israel caught lying to the world. Come on 'donkey-goys'! Join the British-US army , die for Israel in Yemen !

 Fake terror alerts carry all the fingerprints of british, american and arab zionist jews. Again it is Israel who informed her british, american zionist jewry networks: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3977847,00.html

Once again Israel caught manipulating the world to invade a country, the Yemen.


By Gordon Duff,

“Worse still, the “terrorists” father, described by the press as a “Muslim banker” turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA.”
“Never was America, its freedoms and security less free and less secure as when Michael Chertoff was watching over us.”