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Monday, March 12, 2012

According to Netanyahu and Clinton, Hague and Juppé, some Syrians must be armed to defend themselves against the Al Assad repression, entirely guided by the Western countries like in Libya, where the end game is again a total civil war. Now why not arming the Palestinians with cutting edge weapons so they can defend themselves from 63 years of total zionist genocide ?!

Gazans need to be armed to defend themselves
By Khalid Amayreh,

The ongoing pornographic killings in the Gaza Strip at Israel's criminal hands underscore the urgent need for arming these proud and oppressed Gazans with the necessary means to defend themselves and their children. 

The latest brutal killings, which claimed dozens of casualties, are totally unjustified and unprovoked. The assassination by Israel of one resistance leader, Zuheir al Qeisy, and his body guard a few days ago, was a naked aggression in every sense of the word. 

However, to justify its criminality and aggression, the mouthpieces of lie in Israel claimed that the victims were planning to carry out an attack on Israeli troops across the borders in Sinai. Unfortunately, Zionist-controlled and Zionist-influenced media in the west kept parroting the same lies as if what the Israeli military spokesperson was reading from the Quran or the Bible.

There is no sliver of evidence corroborating the mendacious Israeli claim. When it comes to the Palestinians, Israel lies as often as she breaths.
The latest killings show that Zionist Jews can't sleep well at night without satiating their thirst for Palestinian blood. This is the most likely explanation of the latest episode in Gaza where a state, which is armed to its teeth with the most lethal and most advanced weapons of death under the sun, is ganging up on poor, defenseless and helpless people whose only guilt is their enduring yearning for freedom from the clutches of Zio-Nazim or Jewish Nazism.

Besides the sheer criminality and nefariousness of the unprovoked killings (unprovoked because the Palestinians were meticulously observing an Egyptian-brokered truce with Israel), Israel is really acting cowardly by using F-16 fighter jets and Apache helicopter gunship against unarmed or scantily-armed people who don't possess the wherewithal to defend themselves.
This really put Israel on equal footing with the worst criminal regimes in history, including the Third Reich and the regime of Joseph Stalin.
I understand that appealing to America, Israel's guardian ally, is pointless. After all, American administrations and politicians, especially during an election year, are transformed into real political whores.
An expression of his political whoredom was made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a few days ago when she condemned the firing of some projectiles from Gaza onto the 1948-territories.
According to that woman, the Palestinian must die and be killed and massacred in the most pornographic manner by Israel as quietly and silently as possible.

Not an allusion or a distant hint was made by the secretary of state of the country of Patrick Henry, who said the famous words (give me freedom of give me death), to the Israeli aggression, and the use by the apartheid state of state-of-the-art of the American technology of death against innocent people who lack the means to defend themselves and their children.
The promiscuous moral duplicity of the American policy vis-à-vis the Palestinian people should underscore the futility and naivety of banking on America to give justice to the Palestinians, e.g. by forcing Israel to give up the spoils of the 1967-war. 

Of course, one can go on and on and on explaining America's criminality with regard to enabling Israel to maintain and perpetuate its own criminal discourse versus the Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East.

It is a criminality that will eventually lead to the collapse and demise of a country that dominated the world during much of the 20th century and is still widely considered the strongest country in the world, politically, economically and especially militarily.
But America's status is fast receding and years are counted; and it is a matter of a few decades before America finds itself in the shoes of Great Britain following the second World War.

The Muslims' obligations toward Gaza
In a certain sense, it is probably futile and pointless to blame America and Israel for killing the Palestinians. America is the country that has an uninterrupted history of killing. The white settlers in North America killed more than ten million native Americans and called the genocide manifest destiny. They even designated a special day to celebrate that genocide. They called it "Thanksgiving Day."
And Israel, the country whose very existence is based on ethnic cleansing, land theft and mendacity, is yet to recognize the sheer humanity of Gentiles or non-Jews.

We are talking about a criminal cult which can't really live a normal life without dominating and tormenting non-Jewish neighbors.
Just listen to any rabbinic authority speaking about the status of non-Jews under Halacha or the Talmudic Sharia and you will be shocked by the striking similarity between the Nazi perception of the inferiors and the rabbinic perceptions of non-Jews. 

One Y-tube recently featured a rabbi who said it was perfectly permissible for a Jew, from the Halacha perspective, to murder a non-Jew in order to extricate his organ if the Jew needed one.!!!
Now do Europeans and Americans have the guts to approach this matter? Or will they keep silent as they shake of fear of upsetting Jews who would accuse them of being anti-Semites?

But regardless of what the rest of the world may or may not do to protect innocent victims in Palestine and elsewhere who are facing relentless aggression and death, it is the responsibility of Arab and Muslim states, such Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Iran to provide these oppressed people with the most elementary means of defense and protection against a brutal enemy that is armed with most advanced machine of death in the world.

The Gazans need effective anti-aircraft weapons as well anti-tank missiles. These are defensive weapons which can be provided easily to those who are at the forefront of fighting for Muslim sanctuaries and Muslim dignity.

Egypt, given its territorial contiguity to Gaza, has a special duty to see to it that defenseless Gazans possess the means to defend themselves.

In the final analysis, what was acceptable from the Husni Mubarak regime, can't be acceptable from the revolutionary government.
Well, hell with the Camp David peace treaty with Israel if maintaining it must mean having Palestinian civilians getting killed, maimed and incinerated every hour, every day and every night at the hands of the Nazis of our time.

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