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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy 'received £42 million from Muammar Gaddafi for 2007 election'

The 16th January 2012, Sarkozy arrested one of the main algerian zionist regime opponent, Dr Mourad Dhina in Paris. We have now clear evidence that Sarkozy asked the algerian zionist jewish military in power in Algiers to finance his 2012 campaign in exchange. We are told that 350 million euros are requested to pay the presidential and parliament elections in May and June 2012 for the Sarkozy party only, as all the other political french parties are also living on the Algerian people oil-gas wealth money. 

We have identified clear channels of laundered money from black oil and gas market, sold illegally in the international markets, by the Algerian secret military services tied to Tel Aviv and mossad. The money goes to American and British financial institutions in New York and London to be cleaned and washed, then money is transferred to different European banks in Madrid or Roma for example and given into cash to Sarkozy's partners, Berlusconi helped cleared the money in 2007 from Libya to France. 

Algerians zionist jews financed as well a lot of British MPs and UK political parties since the civil war that started in 1992, where the french-israelis mossad, headed by corsican Charles Pasqua, once leader of the french connexion, and political father of Sarkozy, organised the coup d'etat in Algiers that killed at least 550 000 innocents. 

Algerians are causing massive trouble to the British government since the 7 July 2005 where warnings were published 48 hours before the bombings in France and in London but without effects. In November 2008, infiltrated Algerians inside french-israelis terror networks (fake AQIM) in Mediteranean countries, discovered that France, Germany and the UK governments were preparing a nuclear 9/11 in Europe (probably targeting the 2012 Olympics as the second wave of strike after the 7/7 Israeli attacks), operation linked to the Litvinenko affair back in 2006 (nuke suitcases), that led to the arrest of the CIA director Andrew Warren in Algiers in January 2009 and destabilization of the french FBI (DCRI) newly created by Sarkozy to erase any evidence of french-israelis involvement in international terrorism (Madrid, London, Casablanca, Djerba, Algiers). But also the israelis clans inside MI5/6, and the FBI, CIA, BND  now clearly under very heavy international pressure. 

Last French newspapers revelations can trigger false flag terrorism in France to provide cover up and probably provoke the start of a civil war, clash of civilization-type, like in October 2005. France, Germany and the UK are terrorist states and are pivotal pillars for Israel to start Netanyahu's world war, where Israel has to repeat a new nuclear 9/11 in Europe to push for a total invasion of Iran, and destruction of Pakistan. 

(AS, Islamic Intel blog)    

Nicolas Sarkozy received £42 million from Muammar Gaddafi in funding for his 2007 presidential election campaign, it was claimed on Monday.

Nicolas Sarkozy 'received £42 million from Muammar Gaddafi for 2007 election'
Nicolas Sarkozy provoked outrage among opposition figures and some members of his government when he welcomed Gaddafi to Paris in late 2007 when the Libyan dictator was permitted to pitch his tent next to the Elysée Palace Photo: THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images

The “terms” for handing over the money were agreed in a meeting between the two men in Libya two years before Mr Sarkozy’s election, documents published by a French investigative website suggest.A memo obtained by the Mediapart site and handed to a judge alleges that the meeting on Oct 6, 2005 resulted in “campaign financing” of “NS [Nicolas Sarkozy]” being “totally paid”. 

At the time Mr Sarkozy was France’s interior minister with well-documented ambitions to succeed Jacques Chirac. Political financing laws ban candidates from receiving cash payments above €7,500 (£6,300) but Mediapart claims that €50 million mentioned in the memo were laundered through bank accounts in Panama and Switzerland.
The Swiss account, it is alleged, was opened in the name of the sister of Jean-Francois Copé, the leader of Mr Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party and one of the most active campaigners for his re-election.
The memo claims that “ZT”, believed to be an arms dealer called Ziad Takieddine, known to have close ties with several of Mr Sarkozy’s most loyal aides, was “in charge of arrangements”.
It also mentions “several previous meetings” between Mr Takieddine and Saif-al Islam Gaddafi, Gaddafi’s son and former heir, who last year claimed that Libya had funded Mr Sarkozy’s election.

“Sarkozy must first give back the money he took from Libya to finance his electoral campaign. We funded it. We have all the details and are ready to reveal everything,” said Saif-al Islam, currently held in Libya following the overthrow of his father’s regime. 

“The first thing we want this clown to do is to give the money back to the Libyan people. He was given the assistance so he could help them, but he has disappointed us. Give us back our money.”
Mr Sarkozy provoked outrage among opposition figures and some members of his government when he welcomed Gaddafi to Paris in late 2007 when the Libyan dictator was permitted to pitch his tent next to the Elysée Palace.
But he was the first to recognise the Libyan opposition last year and French jets were the first to strike Gaddafi’s tanks in a military campaign that ended with the Libyan leader’s death. 

The memo relates the testimony of Mr Takieddine’s former personal doctor, Didier Grosskopf, whom the dealer took on numerous trips to Libya, and who claimed he witnessed negotiations on party funding. Mr Takieddine cut off all relations with the doctor in 2006, when the memo was written. 

Fabrice Arfi, the co-author of the Mediapart report, told The Daily Telegraph that Mr Grosskopf “wanted to put down in writing what he had witnessed in case anything happened to him because of what he knew”.
The memo also mentions the alleged presence of “BH”, Brice Hortefeux, one of Mr Sarkozy’s oldest friends who went on to become his interior minister and is now part of his campaign team. 

Mr Hortefeux confirmed yesterday that the 2005 meeting took place but that “never was there any question of political financing whatsoever”.
The memo reached the investigating magistrate, Renaud Van Ruymbeke, as part of an inquiry into Mr Takieddine’s alleged role in party funding. 

Mr Sarkozy on Monday night angrily denied the allegations he had received money from Gaddafi. “If he (Gaddafi) had financed it, then I haven’t been very grateful,” Mr Sarkozy said. “Gaddafi, who is known for talking nonsense, even said that there were cheques. Well then the son should just go ahead and produce them then.” 

Mr Takieddine has denied involvement in any illegal party funding. When previously asked about Saif al-Islam’s claims, a spokesman for the Elysée Palace told Le Monde: “We deny it, quite evidently.”
Mr Takieddine declined to comment about the latest allegations. 


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ALL this is nonsense. Our martyred Brother Muammar Al Ghaddafi lost his marbles when he allied with the Devil Sarkozy and the Satanic West. There was nobody to stop him or even probably to WARN him.

ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala warned Mankind in the Holy Qur'aan not to take those DEVILS as ALLIES but WHO LISTENS?

In order to be invited to France by a Jewish Arab and Muslim hater, Ghaddafi must have paid a very good price. WHen I saw him shaking hands with the ENEMY SARKOZY, I was revolted, but there was nothing I could do as most 'GOOD' Muslims were absent from world matters and did not give a damn about what was happening to the Muslim Ummah.

The Jewish bankers and the Jewish Mafia (Kosher Nostra) were already financing Sarkozy; so, he didn't really need Ghaddafi's funds.