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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Israel est finalement demasque pour le 11 Septembre 2001.

NDLR : Sur la photo vous avez Sarkosy, a la commemoration du 11 Septembre a New York. Sarkosy et Bloomberg, le maire de New York, ce n'est qu'une petite partie de l'establishment 'juif' new yorkais, membre de 'l'Israeli Team': Des politiques 'juifs' americain connectes a l'appareil militaire israelien. Ceux qui doutent encore de l'implication directe de Sarkosy dans le terrorisme israelien et les frappes sionistes de Londres et Madrid ou Alger devraient serieusement se poser la question de savoir quand Israel frappera la France ? Le jour du 11 Septembre 2001, la resistance musulmane a accuse Yisrael. Aujourd'hui tous les enqueteurs independants nous donnent raison. Ceci n'est pas une guerre entre l'Islaam et l'occident, ni une guerre contre le terrorisme comme Sarkosy veut le faire croire, c'est une guerre pour la survie d'Yisrael en Moyen Orient et en Asie du Sud Est. Une guerre menee par Yisrael, pour Yisrael, afin de prendre le controle et la distribution des richesses Musulmanes vers l'Europe, l'Asie et l'Eurasie. Une guerre qui a vu la defaite des USA, de la Grande Bretagne envoyes mourrir chez les ennemis d'Yisrael.


By Christopher Bollyn,


I have made a very significant discovery about the Israeli criminal team at the center of 9-11 and other major crimes committed in the United States during the past 35 years. This story, which is nearly complete, will only be sent to those who make a donation to my research through my support page on my website:

This discovery is the missing piece of the 9-11 puzzle.

This discovery is the result of years of investigation and several months of continuous research. I have seen that if I offer my research for free, no one sees any reason to contribute to my work.
Others have, through lies and defamation, sought to damage my credibility and reputation yet have posted my work on their websites - often with unkind and untrue remarks included.

For this reason, this article and the significant research articles which follow, will be copyrighted material. I will, however, be happy to post an informative synopsis on RMN in order to let those readers who are interested in my 911 research decide if they want to read the entire article.
We can not "move beyond" 9-11 without solving this crime.

I am not like those who have claimed in the past to be 9-11 researchers, but now say they have "moved beyond 9/11 and are discussing how to improve the world."

In the past months, I have re-doubled my efforts to solve 9-11. I can not "move beyond" 9-11 as the cover-up intensifies and the guilty parties reveal themselves. I can never forget the horrorible deaths that 3,000 innocent Americans suffered as they were roasted alive in the burning twin towers. If we don't fight for the truth for their sakes, who and what do we fight for? What does it mean to be a citizen of "the land of the free and the home of the brave" if we allow ourselves and our nation to be hijacked by a pack of lies constructed by a foreign power that terrorizes our citizens and extorts our government officials?

I cannot abide mass murder, occupation, and genocidal wars of aggression.

9-11 was a crime of mass murder that was committed in order to usher in criminal wars of aggression and a perverse Zionist Zeitgeist called the "war on terror."

9-11 is, however, a gigantic hoax on the world. Solving 9-11 will reveal the master criminals behind the "false flag" terrorism that plagues the world and which has destroyed so many lives through genocidal wars of aggression in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

I, for one, will not accept this giant pack of lies.

From late summer, my attention has been completely focused on solving 9-11. Forced in June 2007 to flee the very real danger of wrongful incarceration stemming from the malicious prosecution of the Zionist judge and Zionist prosecutor in the Cook County court, I was only able to re-focus my attention on solving 9-11 in August.

Only then was I finally able to revisit the research and leads that I had developed in the spring and summer of 2006. The articles that have preceded this are related to this major discovery in a tangential way.

There are, in fact, many loose ends that deserve investigation. One of them, I am glad to say, is no longer a loose end. It involves an entity which is very tightly involved in 9-11 - and a host of other major crimes committed on an international level since the early 1970's.

It is a team, a company, spawned from the highest levels of the Israeli military and intelligence agencies, which has been operating in the United States for the past 36 years.

Its key players are still alive and hold high positions in the New York Jewish establishment - and Israel.

It has bought off the highest officials in the Bush administration.
It is tied to the massive drug trade that is carried on between Colombia and the United States.
It was a major player in Iran Contra, and...
It is right smack in the middle of 9-11, at the very highest level. Literally.

This information will be contained and explained in my next article, which will be ready in a day or two. If you are interested in reading this article, please visit my webpage and send a donation to me via PayPal to my email account.

Those who make a donation to my research will receive the complete article via email, so be sure to either write from or include the email address which you want the article to be sent.

Thank you.

Christopher Bollyn

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