شبكة الإستخبارات الإسلامية

"They plot and plan but ALLAH also plans and ALLAH is the best of Planners." Qur’an VIII – 30

‘’ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين ‘’: قال الله عزَّ وجل

سورة الأنفال

رضيت بالله ربا و بالإسلام دينا و بمحمد صلى الله عليه و سلم نبيا رسولا لا إلـه إلا اللـه ... محمد رسـول اللـه

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Genocide in Iraq : Clegg warns israeli agent Straw that he will be accountable for this illegal war

Nick Clegg enrages Tories by declaring the Iraq war 'illegal'

Nick Clegg (Pic:PA)

Bungling David Cameron and Nick Clegg were making blunders on both sides of the Atlantic yesterday.
Deputy PM Clegg was slapped down by Number 10 after declaring the war in Iraq as "illegal".
And both men was accused of sending out mixed messages over the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dr. Moro: Iraqi Resistance Succeeded and Spoiled Occupation Projects


"The Earth Rain"
HEYET Net talked to the Egyptian writer and Islamic thinker Dr. Muhammad Moro about the role of the Association of Muslim Scholars leading role in correcting what surrounds Iraqi resistance from multi-defamation campaigns.

The Islamic thinker Dr. Mohammed Moro clarified the performance of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) as performing satisfactorily and that the reason for this is the approach adopted by the resistance which managed to publish resistance thought in the world.

He said that the war in Iraq is a crusade war, and pretexts used by America's invasion and occupation of Iraq was obvious to us that this is just a false pretexts and arguments…

The Islamic thinker pointed out that victory in Iraq is really very close insaallah (God willing). What happens in the US arena developments reflect the defeat of Bush Administration and his project based in Iraq…

The following is the text of the interview:

HEYET Net - Five years of the American occupation of Iraq have passed... How do you view the pretexts and arguments of the U.S.A for invading Iraq? What are the real reasons for the invasion for your views?

Dr. Moro - In fact, the pretexts invoked by the U.S. were clear to us that this is just a false pretexts and arguments. This point of view of all observers and other observers with passion, the pretexts used by both Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction later on was proved with recognition by the Americans and the security services which used this pretext as a hoax…

Even reports which were provided to the Americans were acknowledging that Iraq does not possess such weapons…

Iraq does pose a threat neither to the West nor to the Arab States; therefore, this argument was lost before it starts, and then officially felt recognized by several security devices after occupation…

This was alone sufficient to trial on lying charges of Bush to the world in general and especially to the American public. His charges led the result of this invasion based on false pretexts killing hundreds of thousands, arresting tens of thousands and displacing millions of Iraqi people...

The second argument that America wanted to topple dictatorship…

Here is strange paradox in American policy; such is the same administration who is supporting dictators who take presidencies and dressed in military uniforms for decades... There is no need to mention names... But most of this is that the Americans are the ones who make dictatorships.

There is an argument used by some analysts that the reason– in their point of views - behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq was to control Iraqi oil. From a theoretical point of argument it is incorrect, which of course explains part of the theme of the reason that stands behind the occupation of Iraq, it does not explain the whole subject. True, America aspires to take advantage of Iraqi oil and control it; however this argument alone is not the reason for the invasion of Iraq!

The war in Iraq is a crusade; its proof is what George Bush said and the important word by his mouth, then returned and apologized to them.

What concerns us here, in fact, is to know what U.S. funds were expensed in Iraq because of this war. At official estimates, total expenditure reaches to three trillion dollars, and in the informal estimates, as some experts have pointed out that the war has cost nearly ten trillion dollars...

The second estimate on the amount of ten trillion dollars is not covered by Iraq's oil production, and it is not possible to be covered by the plundering of the U.S. war in Iraq from oil and other...

The situation can be calculated what Iraq is now producing from oil, and oil prices in global markets. To consider production revenues and earnings from dividends, and to assume that the Americans steal half of it in comparison how much money the U.S. administration expensed in its war, they will know that earning amount is worth nothing.

Here I can not deny that America has economic interests from its war and occupation of Iraq, but these interests do not really commensurate with what America paid from its budget, dead wounded, run-down military system, weakness of the army and fatigue of American society...

Thus the interpretation of the war on the grounds that it is because of oil is partial explanation; however this explanation is true, but does not include the topic in all aspects...

HEYET Net - How do you assess the Iraqi situation now under the suffering of the people from mass murder, torture and displacement?

Dr. Moro - Crime are committed by Americans in Iraq and by the Arab silence or impotence and betrayal of some political forces in Iraq.

HEYET Net - What about the raids, arrest campaigns and attacks against innocent people?

Dr. Moro - This confirms to us the fact that we are at the sectarianism projects, therefore it is duty for national forces in Iraq with all denominations to unite and to take the responsibility, and they must adopt a one position to end this situation.

HEYET Net - How do you view the mass displacement campaigns experienced by Iraq, and the number of displaced people at home and abroad, perhaps more than four million?

Dr. Moro - This is a tragedy reflecting another fact that reveals the falsehood of American claims allegedly came to provide the appropriate environment for freedom and democracy...

The result of displacement is very normal for the occupation of the American Jewish crusade.

HEYET Net - Why do sectarians try to displace Iraqis, particularly following displacement method based on identity?

Dr. Moro - Certainly displacement took a sectarian approach, and those who are pursuing a sectarian project have not completed this sectarian project except displacing the other community. Here I mean the Shiite politicians who have taken this sectarian approach as a path where upon they are walking. Thus nothing happens to whom they want only to displace Sunni people, for example. It is what happened in most regions of the South, many areas of Baghdad...

Moreover they will be able to control those areas where the other party abandoned to them for establishing a state or Shiite federalism in the south...

So there are some sorts of sectarianism and ethnic cleansing in Iraq which can not be ignored in any way!!

However, it is certain that all of these things will disappear in the coming days, and the truths will come clearer…

HEYET Net - Dr. you always called the resistance as "a beautiful light in the dark tunnel" How would you rate the performance of the resistance over the five years of occupation?

Dr. Moro - In my view the declination of the Islamic civilization increased, then fixed, then slipped. The issue of descending Islamic tendency has too many signs and in fact is Islamic reality...

This tendency has not been broken except with the Iraqi resistance...

As well as Lebanese, Palestinian, Afghan, Somali and other resistance movements...

But a great merit of this advancement is the Iraqi resistance, although it is now at difficult circumstances..

Even the Iraqi resistance was at a time of significant declination “the beautiful light in dark tunnel"

Thus, which stopped the U.S. imperialistic, colonialist and expansionist projects is the Iraqi resistance..

In other words, if the early outbreak of the Iraqi resistance at this time would not have erupted; Islamic Ummah will have been in case of retrogression that is wearisome so far!

HEYET Net - Does this mean you believe that the resistance has succeeded in foiling the U.S. project?

Dr. Moro - Yes. Iraqi Resistance succeeded in foiling the U.S. project with all certainty it caused a coup in the Islamic world and gave the ummah new hope and the value it deserves...

I say: the resistance was able to spoil the American project and its down; if there was not the Iraqi resistance, the resistance over the other countries in the multinational dimension would not spread. Because it gave hope to the people for having broken the prestige of the United States and preventing it from achieving its objectives in Iraq.

HEYET Net - What are the real causes of breaking of American administration in Iraq?

Dr. Moro - Since decades I have always been mentioning in my writings - and this has in some of by books for reference - I was saying: the true volition will prevail. The smallest village in the world can defeat America. The faith and the will are stronger than the war planes and the tanks. Human being is stronger than the technology, and we - Muslims - will not be defeated except inside of us!!

I have published a book entitled "we fought and won" 24 years ago. This book simply says: If we fought, we won, but if we decide to surrender under the pretext that the enemy is stronger than us, we can not face a war of aggression; then we defeated!!

This is true word by saying of Allah Almighty: “O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust. (The Holy Qur’an. 5:51) Then says: “And thou seest those in whose heart is a disease race toward them, saying: We fear lest a change of fortune befall us. And it may happen that Allah will vouchsafe (unto thee) the victory or a commandment from His presence. Then will they repent of their secret thoughts. (The Holy Qur’an. 5:52)

Therefore the logic of our enemy is stronger than us is an expression of “We fear lest a change of fortune befall us”!

HEYET Net - Dr, in light of these facts, many of which I have spoken... What is the future of the Iraqi resistance?

Dr. Moro - I think the Iraqi resistance is based on what previously decided and will not be defeated from outside. I think it will be defeated from within the country. .They will be victorious with help of God Almighty...

Thus, the chances of success lies in its analysis of the political situation in a good analysis, in addition to the need for analysis from logical perspective towards its owners, and faith perspective towards the enemy... They will succeed without a doubt.

HEYET Net - Turning to issue regarding Iran - the U.S. – Iraq.. To notice the intersection between American and Iranian projects In Iraq…Is this real or fictitious intersection in your opinion?

Dr. Moro - No, it is true. We must present a form from accurate understanding forms in this regard, there's no doubt the Iranians have a Shiite project and trying to take advantage of the Shiites in the world for its implementation. It is no doubt this project is a danger to the ummah, but it is less serious than the American project; having different possibilities, that is.

The second thing is that the Shiite project cannot be implemented except compromise with the United States. Therefore, if Iran wants to the implementation of the Shiite project, it will not be completed only to be a deal with the Americans!!

The Iranians do not mind them - apparently - from holding any deal with the Americans. This leads us to know an important fact, namely that America is mindless and wants to give Iran any package relating to Iraq, however in return for the latter deal which does not satisfy it is a strategic deal...

The problem of the Americans is that they do not want to give an appropriate reciprocity for all nations...

Although I think there are internal problems in Iran close to the case of dissolution. Therefore it is close to the case of defeat from the inside, and it will fell with the Shiite project which Iran is seeking to achieve it!!

We must know the Iranian project in Iraq is performed by some followers of Iran who owe their absolute allegiance to it, like the Shiite Islamic parties at least, who entered the current political arena under way in Iraq...

Thus they are implementing the policy serves to their critical Shiite project...

In return, it necessary for Sunnis to refuse the American Project and to resist against the Shiite Project with taking into account of it that is not serious than of American-Zionist expansionist project...

Of course, we exclude some other Shia Resistance groups like Hezbollah who develop a strategy to resist the Israeli aggression and the U.S...

Hence, the common denominator is to meet resistance. Therefore our position is clear over Hezbollah as a resistance faction to take a liberation basis for foiling the Zionist and American projects..

I know the issue is complex, but it is the policy. No doubt we should be thinking in the framework of our imagination, and there should be a separate position from the other party. This is exactly what made us to reject the Shiite project and at the same time to support Hezbollah in Lebanon...

HEYET Net - How do you view the Iranian intervention in Iraqi affairs? How it could be confronted?

Dr. Moro - I do not underestimate the importance of Iranian interference, and Iran has territorial ambitions in Iraq ..

If you resisted to the U.S. project, and united efforts to resist to America and confront with the American project, I believe this will itself face with the Iranian project ..

I mean: which is stronger now, the American army or the Iranian army? Of course the U.S. Army is militarily stronger...

If the occupation of Iraq by Iran is apparently completed, then the resistance will crush them like it did to the other that is stronger than Iran: the U.S. army...

But I assure you that if only Iran had not publicly intervened in Iraq. I am confident that Iraq will receive significant support from the Arab states to resist because of the seriousness of the Iranian project...

HEYET Net - U.S. elections at the door... What do you expect from it regarding the issue of Iraq?

Dr. Moro - I think the issue as follows: there is a decision of U.S. strategic withdrawal from Iraq and this decision - which will be taken to preserve the dignity of the U.S.- must be taken at the framework of “it is not defeated”. They called it perfect withdrawal on the one hand..

On the other hand, there are domestic reasons which will be imposed on an American withdrawal. Obama was nominated and stood with him by the institutions and parties those who want to withdraw from Iraq; of course, this is the case of his win...

It means American institutions decided to withdraw from Iraq!!

And decided Obama to succeed!! The success of Obama means: The United States decided to withdraw from Iraq, and stay in the war against terrorism...

HEYET Net - How do you evaluate the project sponsored by the opposition forces against the occupation of Iraq?

Dr. Moro - According to my information, I am inclined to the strong opposition project to the occupation, including the Association of Muslim Scholars. We support it in her correct position..

We do not have anything sacred and infallible, but the performance of AMSI so far is satisfactorily. The most important reason for this is that AMSI has a resistance approach and was able to publish resistance thought in the world...

The Association of Muslim Scholars and its information tools was able to correct what surrounded the Iraqi resistance from campaigns of defamation by multi-dimensional directions..

I think they have played a leading role in this direction; to establish its satellite channel, to publish newspaper, to open websites, and various releases are of clear proof over the maturity of its cultural project.

HEYET Net - Do you see a breakthrough in the Iraqi crisis at near level?

Dr. Moro - I think victory is very close insaallah (God willing)..

What happens in the U.S. arena developments reflect the defeat of Bush and its project based in Iraq... We are from foreign perspective won insaallah, however to win on ourselves remained...

We should do act with full responsibility, to keep ourselves away from sectarianism and partisanship. We should unite to challenge the foreign projects...

As I have mentioned earlier, Muslim nation (ummah) will not defeated from the outside... But will be defeated from within because of sedition, narrow-mindedness and other negative things.

HEYET Net - Thank you for giving us this opportunity

Dr. Moro - Thank you, May Allah (swt) bless you

Hussein ed-Dulaimi / HEYET Net

The Biography of Dr. Muhammad Mauro (Moro)

Egyptian Islamic thinker

He has about 70 books in various Islamic issues of contemporary challenges, characterized by engagement with the issues raised in the Arab and Islamic world.

Editor-in-chief of Egypt's al Mukhtar al Islami Magazine

Written in a large number of Egyptian, Arab and international newspapers; inter-column, daily and weekly articles, studies and research

Some books have been translated into several languages such as Turkish, English, French and Urdu

A total of 35 story in children's literature and science fiction literature

Writes on an ongoing basis in a number of web pages such as al-Jazeera "al Marifa -knowledge", Muslim - Islam Today - Islam Online - Sharia - Islamic News Agency - Islammemo, etc.

Operates a media adviser to the number of the electronic press sites
Contributed to a number of international strategic reports both as consultations or writing

Monday, February 05, 2007

Blair et Olmert organisent la guerre civile en Iraq

Blair et Olmert organisent la guerre civile en Iraq

UK Telegraph révèle les opérations terroristes britanniques en Iraq

Il est intéressant que Telegraph.co.uk, la version en ligne d'un journal néo-conservateur de " Lord " Conrad Black, publie une histoire admettant que le Joint Support Group (JSG), décrit comme " une cellule d'une petite et anonyme unité de l'armée britannique, " dirige " des agents ou des sources de renseignement humaines secrets, " comprenant des agents doubles, c'est-à-dire que les britanniques sont engagés dans des opérations terroristes, comme cela est suspecté depuis longtemps.

" Pendant les troubles [Irlandais], le JSG opérait sous le nom de couverture de Forces Research Unit (FRU), qui entre le début des années 80 et la fin des années 90 s’est débrouillé pour pénétrer au cœur même de l'IRA. En ciblant puis en ‘retournant’ les membres de l’organisation paramilitaire grâce à une variété ‘d’incitations’ allant du chantage aux pots-de-vin, les opérateurs du FRU ont produit des agents à pratiquement chaque niveau de commandement de l’IRA, " explique Sean Rayment.

Même un cancre, armé des critères de recherche appropriés et de Google, peut avec une brève commande faire le rapprochement et découvrir qu'une grande partie du terrorisme en Irlande du Nord a été orchestrée par le FRU et le gouvernement britannique, y compris la méprisable technique de la " bombe humaine ", c'est-à-dire " forcer des civils à conduire des véhicules chargés d’explosifs à des points de contrôle de l'armée, " selon The Gardian.

Naturellement, tout cela jette une nouvelle lumière sur les deux employés britanniques du SAS attrapés à Bassora, conduisant par-ci par-là une voiture chargée d’explosifs et déguisée en arabes en 2005.

Assassiner les civils irlandais faisait partie intégrante " d'une opération du renseignement qui avait été ratifiée aux niveaux les plus élevés de l'armée britannique et du service de sécurité britannique, le MI5, " selon ED Moloney, écrivant pour le Sunday Tribune.

En plus du meurtre pur et simple, le renseignement britannique a encouragé la torture. Robert Stevens décrit l'UDA comme une infâme " organisation paramilitaire fasciste et loyaliste, " faisant marcher les brigades de la mort.

Les documents du Sunday Telegraph " confirment qu’en tant que premier officier du renseignement de l’UDA [Brian] Nelson a fait passer les noms, les photographies et les adresses des membres suspects de l'IRA, des dossiers du Renseignement de l'Armée aux terroristes de l'UDA et qu'il a effectué des assassinats sous la direction de l'armée. " Patrick Finucane a été apparemment assassiné par une brigade de la mort autorisée par le FRU. L'avoué de Belfast a été abattu devant son épouse et ses enfants.

" Débutant dans les années 80, le très secret FRU a été envoyé en l'Irlande du Nord pour recruter et entraîner des agents doubles afin de travailler à l'intérieur des groupes paramilitaire, " écrit Michael S. Rose. " Le FRU a combattu le terrorisme de l'IRA en utilisant des informateurs payés, le chantage, le guet-apens, et d'autres méthodes non approuvées par la convention de Genève. Dans les pires des cas, les officiers britanniques décidaient que quand il serait difficile d'amener les terroristes suspects de l'IRA devant la justice par des moyens légitimes, la FRU enrôlerait des groupes de guérilleros hors la loi qui avaient le désir et les moyens d'assassiner les hommes de l'IRA. Selon Stevens Three, le FRU a aidé les terroristes protestants à effectuer ce qui étaient, en fait, des assassinats de catholiques par procuration. Afin de forger de telles alliances, les officiers britanniques ont dû négliger le fait que les intérêts des brigades de la mort protestantes n'étaient pas celles du Royaume-Uni et de son gouvernement. "

En Irak, le " JSG est l'arme secrète de la coalition, " une source de la défense a dit le Telegraph. " Leur boulot est de recruter et de diriger des agents ou des sources de renseignement humaines secrètes -- nous n'employons jamais le terme indicateur. Les étasuniens craignent l'unité parce qu'ils n'ont rien de semblable chez leurs militaires. "

Traduction de Pétrus Lombard

Sunday, February 04, 2007

La Resistance Islamique d'Iraq

La Resistance Islamique d'Iraq


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