شبكة الإستخبارات الإسلامية

"They plot and plan but ALLAH also plans and ALLAH is the best of Planners." Qur’an VIII – 30

‘’ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين ‘’: قال الله عزَّ وجل

سورة الأنفال

رضيت بالله ربا و بالإسلام دينا و بمحمد صلى الله عليه و سلم نبيا رسولا لا إلـه إلا اللـه ... محمد رسـول اللـه

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Quantum Note: Muslims circa 2012

By Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal,

Syria is bleeding; Afghanistan is in convulsions; Pakistan is facing internal collapse through mismanagement, corruption, random violence, and insurgency in Balochistan. Most of the Arab world is under tight control of dictators. Turkey is being chipped away, bit by bit, through sale of its air and water, natural resources and bandwidths-even land is now available for grab. The Muslim West (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia) is in perpetual state of oppression. Iran has been isolated by the Western powers, possibly as the next locale of aggression, and its economy is deteriorating, though not collapsing, despite sanctions. Bangladesh, the land of corruption and internal strife, remains perpetually on the brink of collapse. Indonesia and Malaysia have a glimmer of hope but underneath the smooth surface, there are huge tensions. This is the state of the Muslim world fourteen hundred and thirty- three years after the Hijra of the noble Messenger from his native Makka to Madina where he established the first Islamic state.


Monday, September 14, 2009


President Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was (is?) a Muslim who accomplished a tremendous lot for his country, but foolishly, as if under a Jewish Cabal spell, collaborated with the Satanic West and Apartheid Israel and waged a murderous war against oil rich Iran, a Muslim country of huge civilisational importance to the whole world, and caused the death of nearly three million Iranians and Iraqis, thus putting his own country at the mercy of the Fascist Bolshevik CIA-MOSSAD-MI5-MI6 warmongers and plunderers, their corporations, military, agro and pharmaceutical industrial complexes, International mafias, sex, pornography and prostitution networks, and bank gangsters based in (controlled by) the City of London. All the murderous world control and global plunder, criminal and immoral policies the Jewish/Zionist Cabal carried out were carefully described in the notorious Jewish “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as well as in the Revolutionary Communist Manifesto meant to achieve global dominance in all aspects of human life, a world population reduction by about 90%, a Godless World Order (New Age), and perpetual serfdom for the survivors of the human race, excluding the Chosen Elite and their minions, of course. The Jewish Project for the New American Century and the Zionist Grand Chessboard Zbigniew Brezinski are two other modern day world hegemony bibles.

France trained fanatic Iraqis and traitors – armed and financed by the US for a cowardly onslaught on Teheran with Arab money that never belonged to the Arab people, but to foreign bank gangsters and a few Arab perverts paid richly for their collaboration and betrayal! Living and working then in Paris, mostly among white and Jewish people, I was so devastated at seeing how the racist French people (including the black and white integrated aliens) were so enthusiastically rejoicing at every bomb they saw live on French television landing in Iran, killing, maiming, destroying houses, mosques, hospitals, schools, infrastructures, and so on, that I prayed back then, with a Muslim Brother (my mentor), as fervently as Jesus Christ is supposed to have done in the Garden of Gethsemane, for God’s Justice (Punishment), that is, Saddam’s total destruction and that of his guilty people, but, today, we both mourn his humiliating ‘death’ and the fate of his foolish and criminal people, because many of them are true Muslims, Jews, Christians, my own people of the Faith, peace-loving Atheists and agnostics, ‘innocent here but sinful before God’, and because it is mainly the Muslim Universal Family that the Fascist West was destroying in order to steal their wealth, exterminate their people by the millions, and enslave the survivors of their systematic secular Jewish-Christian orchestrated Holocausts with “world opinion” always on their sides. Saddam’s alleged gassing of Kurds (allegedly with German poison gas) looks more like mere western propaganda because those murdered Kurds died following an alleged Iranian gas attack (allegedly supplied to them by the US, and admitted by a top US official!) and not from any Iraqi attack.

Apartheid Israel, seemingly the most dreadful and deadliest military state in the whole world (the entire West pretends to be terrorised by it!), is currently one of the illegal occupiers of Iraq (an old Jewish dream fulfilled), and is building Apartheid Walls all over the City as it has done in occupied Palestine, with western unlimited finance and support! Those criminal and bloodthirsty Zionists are now demanding the destruction of another ally country, Pakistan (another collaborator working for the Anglo-American Empire), to be followed up (or preceded) by Iran. Another genocidal war and take-over of yet another ally regime, the Saudis of Arabia (under Western occupation since the destruction of the Ottoman Empire with Arab traitors’ help) is fast on its way, to be followed by Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, and other Muslim and Arab countries. The order of attacks may vary, but all Muslim countries are targets of the Zionists and the Anglo-American gangster corporations and banksters. Both Makkah and Madina are the ultimate targets of the criminal Israelis. Apartheid Israel has boasted on many occasions that it can nuke the entire Middle East whenever it wanted, and even Europe, and will if it is invaded! In case the Zionists start losing the battle, they have promised to resort to the SAMSON OPTION (Seymour M. Hersh) and they have nuclear power a hundred times over to cause indescribable and irreparable damage! A very dear friend, Adriana Evangelizt, a Hermetist, rebel and mystic poet, and visionary expects 20 December 2011 to bring about an ‘Apocalypse’, according to an astrological calculation that may bring about unparalleled destruction by the tilting of the earth by 180 degrees!

The USA and Europe pretend they are scared of Israeli Nukes (which they themselves gave to Israelis!) and allow themselves to be blackmailed and bribed at the highest level of their establishment! Although the Zionists say they have nukes directed at the Soviet Union, they are both buddies and have the same agenda, Bolshevik world hegemony! For this reason, we all need to fight tooth and nail the monopoly the degenerate mainly Jews, Christians and Atheists have acquired these past centuries, helped by Muslim collaborators, Reformists, and traitors who call themselves “secular” (“laïques”), “moderate”, “democratic”, “peace-loving”, “modern” and “progressive”! The War against Islam by Masonic Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Secularists, and Humanists is well on its way. Even the Dalai Lama in exile has on many occasions shown his extreme hatred for Islam and Muslims. Living in France for Muslims was Hell while I was there. But, thanks to the criminal Jews and Zionists, this hatred has been imported into Britain, and we are now facing the same anti-Muslim propaganda in all the British media wherever we go, especially since the Jewish-Israeli attacks on 11 September 2001 and 7 July 2005. (Ref. Israel did 9/11, WilliamCooper, Zeitgeist the Movie, 7/7 Ripple Effect, Alex Jones (Terrorstorm and End Game), Painful questions/deceptions (Eric Husfschmid), Loose Change, The greatest Lie Ever Sold, David Ray Griffin (9/11 and the American Empire, The Myth and the Reality, The New Pearl Harbour), etc.). During his recent visit to Palestine, even the Zionist Catholic Pope, a Jewish Nazi in disguise, has confirmed by his actions and words how much he is scared of Jews and Apartheid Israelis. If we still have not understood the level of hatred and incitation to violence being instilled in the hearts and minds of the non-Muslims on a daily basis, including by Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins, then we are blind, dumb, and beyond recovery.

Even Muslim collaborators and traitors have joined hands with the Kuffar (God-haters) in this Satanic Crusade! We can check the media any day, any time of the day or night, and we will hear, see or read about the “Muslim extremists, Jihadists, terrorists” who are plotting to suicide-bomb, suicide attack the West, the Jews, the Hindus or even the Muslims in Western military occupied lands like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq! And, practically nobody in the mainstream media is asking why or providing any evidence of these impending attacks. ALL IS ZIONIST PROPAGANDA OF STALINIAN AND HITLERIAN PROPORTIONS! As a test, let me quickly check the Internet as I do not watch television or read newspapers, and see what venom the criminals are spewing at this very moment. Let me go on Sky News, for example. Here are the top stories:

· N Korea's Nuke Bomb Threat After Sanctions
· Briton Thrown From Balcony In Pub Brawl
· UK Soldier Killed In Afghan Roadside Bomb
· Nightmare Ends For Kidnap Briton's Family
· Wheelie Bin Murder: Husband Held For Trial
· Air Crash Victims 'Just Few Miles From Home'
· Baroness Thatcher In 'Good Spirits' After Fall

· UK Warned Of Home-Grown Terror Attacks

· Air France Disaster: More Victims Recovered
· Arise, Sir Dracula! Horror Star Gets Knighted

I have spotted one suspected title: UK Warned Of Home-Grown Terror Attacks , and I bet the attacks would be from “Home-Grown Muslim Terrorists”! Well, I was spot on! 10:09am UK, Saturday June 13, 2009. It was not Jewish, Christian, Hindu or Irish terrorists, but “…a new generation of violent Islamic terrorists…” right in the headlines! Immediately under the headline, we see a ‘terror’ photograph, not a recent one, but an outdated one; a 4 year-old 2005 picture captioned “The wreck of a bus in Tavistock Square, London, after the July 7 terror attacks”. The article starts straight away with:

“Home-grown jihadists intent on murdering others in high-profile outrages "will not wither away", Professor Michael Clarke said.”

Pr Michael Clarke “director of the defence think tank the Royal United Services Institute” is a great “expert” of the Muslim mind (like Pr Dawkins is on Islam!) as he has been able to document the Muslim’s “intent on murdering others” and is now “warning” the British! Apparently, the British Intelligence Services do not yet have his expertise on the matter! Because, they have up to now arrested only Muslim “plotters”, that may be why they do not have more recent photographs of any damage done by the “semi-trained British terrorists ” although, says the filthy propaganda piece, they have already secured “90-odd convictions!” of “intent”, for which the Professor says they “can be proud”.

Yes, Britain can be proud for sending innocent Muslim youth, family men, fathers, reverts to Islam, and wage earners to jail (to be tortured and sodomised!), destroying their entire families, their career, and making them HATE, HATE, HATE the British (the West) for ever!

“But the paper said al Qaeda remains an "inspiration" for British cells who recruit potential terrorists and groom them for violence.”

“Al Qaeda” is a myth; “Muslim terrorist cells” is another myth, unless the Professor means the CIA-MOSSAD Al-Qaeda and its terrorist cells that operate in all freedom around the world! The Professor’s “expert” advice is that even in prison these Muslims are dangerous because they will learn more about terror there as he says:

“Prisons around the world are universities of terror and there is no reason to believe that the UK's will not be the same.”

So, with media complicity, the Professor, clearly a stooge of the Zionist propagandists, sends out a warning to the British (and to the world) telling them ALL MUSLIMS IN BRITAIN (IN THE WHOLE WORLD) SHOULD BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY - ABUGHURAIBED, GUANTANAMOED, FALLUJAHIED…! This kind of incitation to hatred and violence against Muslims has been ongoing for centuries, and worsened since at least 2001.. I came back from my white English butcher to buy “large farm eggs” this morning (20.6.2009), and was greeted with his radio blasting about “terrorists and extremists” again! When I asked him what was happening to Britain and all this paranoia about terrorists, he kept quiet with his usual smile!

Western racists and fascists are systematically demonising all Islamic, Arabic and Muslim names – Muhammad, Jihaad, Shari’a, Tâlib (plural Tâlibaan), Al-Qaeda (the Islamic manual we used since childhood to learn the Holy Qur’ân in Arabic), Fatah, Hamas, Hizbullah, Ramadan (in French it means loud noise!), Hijaab, Niqaab, and many others. We need to point out however that the utterly depraved Wild West is not waging war exclusively against Islam and Muslims, but against anybody and everybody that refuses their dictatorship, no matter their religion or “race”, and even against their own people and in particular against all authentic Christians and Jews. But, cultural, political, social and economic terrorism having not been quite successful enough, or in order to carry out a further phase of the Rothschildian agenda, or of the Zionist New World Order Crusade and Talmudade, covert and overt military operations have already started, this time with Turkish and Indian complicity and direct participation! China (and Japan) too (already under Rothschildian financial control) is to play a pivotal role (financed and bribed by) the US and Jewish bank gangsters, and it gained official recognition as an equal partner just like the imperialist West did with the Fascist Troika - Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It is well documented that Jewish-controlled bank gangsters finance all sides of a war, and reap all the benefits, as the warring countries remain thus always indebted to them and forever.

The fact that the West hosted the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin (the money Jews had declared war on Germany in 1933!), in Moscow in 1980 (the Russians had invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and committed horrendous atrocities!) and in Beijing in 2008 (China had invaded and annexed Tibet in 1949-51, butchered peaceful monks and desecrated their monasteries) should prove to us that the West has always allied with Nazis, Bolsheviks and Maoists while their respective governments and media pretend to oppose them. It did not matter how many millions of people both China and the USSR had murdered (or would murder) outside or within their borders. Stalin and Mao have the blood of between 100 to 120 million people on their hands! Russian, Japanese and Chinese Mafiosi are already operating freely on a massive scale on US soil under the protection of the Secret and Special Services as well as with the support of the most powerful Lobby in the world, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC, the official Jewish-Israeli Mafia operating overtly in all legality on US soil with the help of the biggest terrorist organisation in the country, ADL, the ANTI DEFAMATION LEAGUE of B’NAI B’RITH which trains the American Totalitarian Law Enforcement Fascists as well as the Zionist Evangelists and other nationalities (including India) in terror tactics.

While Jewish Terrorist Organisations are distracting us with fake charges of racism and “anti-Semitism”, the “Holohoax”, “Al-Qaeda” terrorist cells of their own fabrication, Jewish Monsanto and the likes are killing the “Third World” with their criminal genetically engineered crops and their monopoly on seeds and all tools of production granted to them by so-called democratically elected governments, which in reality are fascist regimes in disguise. Even US-UK occupied Pakistan wants now to introduce GMO food in their country when some are actually suing mass murderer Monsanto in Hindustan! Bolsheviks are already occupying Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt. Soon, they hope to do the same with Pakistan. Nine years ago, the then leader, Tahir Mirza Ahmad, the representative of the British appointed prophet and messiah of the Qadiani Sect had announced the religious take over of the Muslim World (?) and of Pakistan by his ‘missionary’ troops trained in Apartheid Israel, in the UK, the US and other western and non Muslim countries because he was hoping that the Qadiani dictator who converted to Qadianism in 1968 and was now ruling Pakistan for the US would make this happen. Following a military coup d’état, Qadiani (non Muslim) General Pervez Musharraf took power on 12 October 1999. Mirza’s message to the Qadianis and the world was quite clear:

“Start an International Qadiani Operation from January
Pakistan is an ideal state to promote Qadianism
Time has come to dominate the world
Attract people towards our jamaat by making them secular
Statement of Mirza Tahir Ahmad
(Daily Ummat, Karachi. dated 1st December 2000, main front page)

There is a Devil on the Road from USRAEL and ISRAHELL!

Ghyslaine ROC

Saturday 20th of June 2009

In a post on Islamic Intelligence, Maulana Imran N. Hosein, an International political analyst confirms that Apartheid Israel seeks the destruction of Nuclear Pakistan before unleashing its Antichrist into the world.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Video : The Anti-Christ : Massih Dajjal : The False Messiah is in Israel


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