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Monday, October 22, 2007

US-Israel-armed Kurdish terrorists kill Turkish soldiers

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said « Closure of all PKK camps in northern Iraq and extradition of all terrorist leaders in these camps. This is what would satisfy Turkey. »

It is well-known that the Iraqi Kurds have allied with the US and Israel in the Zionist-inspired invasion of Iraq . A similar situation took place in Afghanistan with the so-called Northern Alliance which also allied with the invaders. Invading imperialists always ally with disgruntled minorities to subjugate the majority. France did the same in Algeria where the Harkis sold their motherland to the invaders. This is why the term Harki is synonymous with traitor. Similarly, the Kurds have become known as the Harkis of Iraq, and they both support Zionist terror.

After the invasion of Iraq , it is no surprise that the invaders have chosen Jalal Talabani, a Kurdish Jew, as President. The US and Israel are training and arming Kurdish terrorists in a clear attempt to facilitate the dismemberment of Iraq . The Kurds have been taking on Turkish soldiers in the full knowledge that they have the support of the US and Israel . The recent killings of Turkish soldiers by Kurdish terrorists have taken place inside Turkey .

US, Israel operate in Iran
According to the American Free Press, 13 May 2006, « the United States and Israel are running covert operations with the help of Kurdish militias and rebel Iranian fighters », and it goes on to state : « From the perspective of Washington and Tel Aviv, the history of the Kurds makes them ideal recruits for a covert war against Iran and Syria ». Israel is cultivating a military relationship with the Kurds to allow them to use the Kurds to strike Iran if needed. But Turkey has been against the idea because the Turks found the arming of the Kurds as a dangerous move.

Grudge against Turkey
Although Turkey is part of Europe and also a NATO member giving military facilities to Israeli occupiers of Palestine , Turkey is the most disliked country in Europe because of its majority Muslim population. Many European countries, such as France , do not even recognise Turkey as a European country. But they do consider Israel as a European country forming part of the European Judeo-Christian West.

However, because Turkey refused Zionist forces permission to use her land to invade Iraq , the European propaganda machine has been set in motion to discredit the Turks even though Turkey nevertheless gave the invaders logistical facilities to supply their troops. The invaders have since then borne a grudge against Turkey , especially since they describe Turkish PM Erdoğan as an ‘islamist’.

The European press bias
In the light of the recent killings of dozens of Turkish soldiers by Kurdish terrorists, the Turkish press, such as Today’s Zaman, commented that the European press is refusing to refer to the killers as terrorists armed and backed by the US and Israel, and refer to them as “PKK guerrillas”, “Kurdish freedom fighters”, “Kurdish rebels”, “Kurdish insurgents”. The Turkish press makes the clear allusion that, had the killers been Muslims, the European press would have had no hesitation in calling them terrorists, and even mentioning in which mosques they pray. But, in the case of the Kurds, neither the Kurdish synagogues nor the Kurdish weapons have been identified.

In order to divert attention from their own terrorism, the judeo-fascists have coined the word ‘islamo-facism’. But, more and more, the world is seeing through this propaganda. Fascism is a European ideology practised by Europeans but which they are desperately trying to stick on the back of Muslims who resist occupation.

Iraqi Jewish fascist Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said his autonomous region would defend itself if Turkish troops invaded, while Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan urges Iraq to shut Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) camps. The PM said « Closure of all PKK camps in northern Iraq and extradition of all terrorist leaders in these camps. This is what would satisfy Turkey . »

M Rafic Soormally
21 October 2007

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