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Friday, December 14, 2007

Sarkosy et le lobby israelien frappent l'Algerie pour la seconde fois en un an : Y aura-t-il des represailles contre La France-Yisrael ?

'Operation November 1950' : All the algerian security services were warned of the attacks, as published in this blog, and french general Mohamed Mediene, aka Tewfik, did absolutely nothing !

ALGERIA BOMBING - 11 Means "Israel"


The December 11th terror bombing in Algiers has all the hallmarks of an Israeli "false flag" bombing. The fact that so many of these false flag bombings occur on the 11th of the month indicates that we are dealing with a group that is very keen on numerology.

Numerology is very commonly used by Israelis because the letters of the Hebrew alphabet have corresponding numeric values. The number 11, for example, is seen by some numerologists to signify "Israel."


I have never been keen on Jewish mysticism and am not well versed on Hebrew numerology, but I know how Israeli rug merchants use numerology to cheat their naïve customers. Israeli carpet dealers will usually write a few letters in Hebrew on the back of the tag that is attached to the carpet. Go to your local Israeli rug merchant and check for yourself.

The numeric value of these letters indicates the lowest price the rug can be sold for. The asking price is usually many times higher than that of the Hebrew letter lowest salable price. It pays to learn these Hebrew letter numeric values if you are in the market for a nice Afghan or Persian carpet in Los Angeles, for example.

The Hebrew letters and their numeric values

The Israeli salesperson will look at the back side of the tag while he or she is showing the rug to the client. The salesperson will be able to translate immediately how much the rug can be sold for. This shows how facile Israelis are with the numeric values of their Hebrew letters. The Hebrew language is a "code language." It is used to keep secrets among Israelis. That is its main function.

Having said that, I suggest that those who are interested in how the number 11 is connected to the word "Israel" visit this interesting site about Hebrew numerology:

As the author says: "Not only are Israel and Zion associated with these mathematical patterns in the alphabet, but they are also associated with the numbers 11 and 12, respectively."
The New York Times article, "Twin Bombs Kill Dozens in Algiers," of December 12, 2007, had this about the choice of the 11th day of the month for the latest attack:

The 11th has become a day of choice for major Islamic terrorist attacks, beginning with those in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, followed by one in Djerba, Tunisia, on April 11, 2002, and one in Madrid on March 11, 2004. On April 11, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb exploded two car bombs in the capital, killing 33.

The only problem is that there is no evidence that this (or any of the other false flag terror attacks) was really an "Islamic terrorist attack."

That minor detail doesn't stop the New York Times from saying so, however. If a terror attack happens in an Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or Jewish nation, and the culprit is not known to all, then it must be Islamic terror. This is the simplistic black-and-white logic applied by the Zionist-controlled media. But this is simply not the case.

The first question to ask is why? Why would any so-called "Islamic" group attack the United Nations development agencies? Why are all of these "Islamic terrorist" attacks hitting innocent people in market places, schools, and similar places? If these terrorist groups have the resources and international network they supposedly have, why are they not hitting Israeli targets?
This is because this false-flag terrorism is meant to influence public opinion and open the door for action to be taken in a certain direction. In this case, for example, the United Nations and public opinion will be softened up and predisposed to intervene in Algeria, one of the largest gas producing nations in the world.

I have been corresponding with an Algerian for the past few weeks and there is a great deal more to be said about the Israeli connections to Algiers, but in this short posting I want only to point out the most obvious facts that are relevant to this bombing.


Algeria is the 2nd largest gas exporter in the world. Algeria ranks 14th in oil reserves and 7th in gas reserves globally. It trades the most with its former colonial master, France.

France is now headed by a Zionist Jew named Nicholas Sarkozy. Behind the fraudulent "War on Terror" and false-flag terrorism is a global struggle for control of the world's energy resources. Nowhere is this struggle more obvious than in Europe, where Russia, Norway, and Algeria are the main suppliers of natural gas to Western Europe.

Nicholas Sarkozy with "Bibi" Netanyahu, the Zionist Architect of the "War on Terror"
Russia and Norway are tough nuts to crack, but Algeria…

Algeria exported about $56 billion in natural gas and oil last year, primarily to France, but also to Italy and Spain. France is the largest importer of Algerian natural gas. In 2006, France imported nearly 260 billion cubic feet of Algerian gas.

Imagine the thoughts that go through the minds of the central bankers and old colonial minds in France. If only we could take Algeria back…we would be rich.

One of the most senior generals in Algeria is actually Jewish. The Israelis have infiltrated the North African governments many years ago. Now that the Zionists have an ally in power in Paris, they are ready for a French Zionist move on Algeria. The false-flag terrorism that occurred yesterday is part of that opening gambit. Hitting the United Nations was part of the strategy.

I will develop this subject in the coming days. You won't find this material or analysis in the New York Times or on CNN. If you are interested, watch this website and visit my website at:

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