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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scotland Yard’s whitewash on Bhutto’s assassination

Zionist Cover-up : Dr Nathaniel Carey British government pathologist supports Dictator Musharraf

It is a misconception that those who refute the official version of events, especially in matters of sophisticated planned assassinations and terror, are said to be conspiracy theorists when governments are the greatest conspiracy theorists of all; their conspiracy theories are used as a means to satisfy their own ends, such as slavery, military invasions, stealing of lands and resources, assassinations, world domination. [Ref. Great Britain, US, France, Israel].

Footage taken by various people have clearly shown that on 27th December 2007, while waving to the crowd through the sunroof of her bomb-proof vehicle in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was accurately shot twice by a marksman, once in the head and once in the neck, and that as she collapsed below the sunroof level when a bomb went off clearly designed to create confusion and killed several of her supporters in the process. The explosion was not intended to kill Benazir Bhutto in her bomb-proof car. All the other occupants of the vehicle survived. Everyone who was with her confirmed she was killed by gunshot wounds.

The original hospital records originally reportedly entered the cause of death as the result of gunshot wounds but the hospital was later forced to change this version to that of injury sustained when her head hit the sunroof lever (which carried no trace of blood) when she allegedly ducked as a result of the bomb blast, thus confirming the dictatorship’s theory. No autopsy was carried out because the cause of death was so obvious. The government only came out with their theory after she was buried, and after the assassination scene as well as her vehicle were hosed down (within hours) upon orders from the top, thus destroying any evidence.

Dictator Musharraf and his other dictators became the prime suspects, especially given that Benazir Bhutto had previously exposed those in the dictatorship who she said were planning her assassination. But the dictatorship’s other theory was that this was the work of Al-Qaeda, the Talibans and their sympathisers, well in line with their supporting allies, the United States, Great Britain and Israel. However, intelligent Pakistanis did not buy those conspiracy theories and demanded the resignation of Musharraf and an independent United Nations investigation along the lines of the assassination of Rafic Hariri of Lebanon which was designed to get rid of the Syrians from Lebanon, but which assassination similar conspiracy theorists used to put the blame on Syria herself.

Knowing that he would not win the elections announced for 8th January 2008, Dictator Musharraf quickly decided to postpone the elections to the 18th of February 2008 and called for his Scotland Yard allies to ‘help’ in establishing how Benazir Bhutto died – by the gunshot wounds or when she allegedly knocked her head against the sunroof lever allegedly as a result of the subsequent bomb blast. By pre-arrangement, the pro-Israel Polish Jew David Miliband, British Foreign Secretary, willingly sent his team to Pakistan, including three specialists in explosives when the whole crime scene and Bhutto’s vehicle were completely hosed down. Musharraf personally briefed the British investigators.

Scotland Yard’s whitewash
Reporter Paul Joseph Watson unequivocally stated the following on 2nd January 2008 : « With the official government explanation for Bhutto's death (that she died after hitting her head on a sunroof) now completely discredited after footage emerged clearly showing a gunman firing at her before the explosion, Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has been forced to bring in London's Scotland Yard to whitewash the ugly aftermath. » Whitewash it is when Scotland Yard conveniently concluded, on 8th February 2008, 10 days before the postponed elections, that Bhutto was killed when she allegedly knocked her head against the sunroof as a result of the blast, thus confirming Musharraf’s version. Otherwise, he would never have asked for their ‘help’. No post-mortem examination was carried out, no explosives were found or examined, neither Bhutto’s vehicle nor its sunroof was inspected, and witnesses were not interviewed. But the « British investigators said they had to rely heavily on X-rays and detailed examination of video footage of the attack. » The British government pathologist, Jewish-named Dr Nathaniel Cary, speculated that Bhutto died through « head injury sustained as a consequence of the bomb-blast and due to head impact somewhere in the escape-hatch of the vehicle », but makes no mention of the sunroof lever.

Bhutto's party has insisted that the former prime minister was shot and rightly suspects a government cover-up because she had accused President Pervez Musharraf's political allies of plotting to kill her. « We disagree with the finding [of Scotland Yard] on the cause of the death, » said Sherry Rehman, spokeswoman for the Pakistan Peoples Party, who escorted Bhutto to hospital after the attack. « She died from a bullet injury. This was and is our position. » In fact, one bullet went right through her neck coming out of the other side. The footage clearly showed her headscarf and hair lifting with the force of the bullet as she was shot almost at point blank range. Bhutto’s widower, Asif Ali Zardari, has rejected the Scotland Yard inquiry and demanded a wider-ranging United Nations-led investigation, which is also echoed by Human Rights Watch. Former Secret Service Assistant Director Bill Pickle previously told CNN that the killing of Benazir Bhutto was a "professional job". This is why it is so important to blame the sunroof lever and not the bullets fired from a professional marksman trained by the Pakistani Secret Services and their allies.

The true conspiracy theorists
It is indisputable that the United States and Great Britain conspired to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. In the case of Afghanistan, their decisions were based on conspiracy theories that Osama Bin Ladin and the Talibans, from the caves of Afghanistan, were responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 9/11. In the case of Iraq, the dossier was proven to have been sexed up in order to justify the invasion of a sovereign country (an ex-ally) which never threatened the UK, but the Hutton Inquiry cleared Tony Blair in a clear whitewash and cover-up. The Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was alleged by government conspiracy theorists to be a kamikaze bomber and he was shot like an animal in the London metro by Israeli-trained ‘assassins’. CCTV footage was conveniently missing and they were also cleared in another whitewash.

Those who say that the CIA was behind the mysterious plane crash that killed General Zia, Pakistan’s last military dictator in 1988 who turned out of favour with the US and Israel for implementing Islamic law in Pakistan are accused of being conspiracy theorists. The European West had arranged to send Bhutto back to Pakistan to share power with their discredited ally Musharraf and to crush legitimate Islamic Parties in their own country. But Benazir Bhutto immediately became a threat as soon as she demanded Musharraf’s resignation and started to speak to Islamic Parties in Pakistan after Musharraf declared a State of emergency, sacked the High Court Judges and persecuted opposition parties. No Scotland Yard whitewash will be able to change that. The overwhelming evidence points to the fact that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a professional marksman in a carefully planned and sophisticated military-style precision attack like in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes and so many others.

M Rafic Soormally
8 February 2008

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Children of Iraq Association said...

The PNAC/Zionist conspirators have been weakened by the successes for truth and liberty in America. We must all be vigilant now and use mobile phones to record any 'attacks' to try and turn public opinion. Soft attempts, such as the demonisation of Dr Rowan Williams in the popular press have started. We can expect more MUCH more.