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Sunday, January 25, 2009

« Victory to the Palestinian Resistance », says British MP George Galloway

George Galloway, British MP
« I want one image to stay in your mind from what I have to say today, it’s from the village on the edge of Gaza City called Zeituna where for four days the dead laid unburied and the wounded untreated as Israel refused to allow the medical services to reach them. When they got there, they found dead babies sucking on the toes of their dead mothers. Keep that picture in your mind ... »

In his 08 January 2009 speech on « Victory to the Palestinian Resistance » held prior to the anti-Israeli occupation of Palestine and the stop the murder of Palestinians in Gaza rally on Saturday 10 January 2009, British MP George Galloway denounced the BBC, which he refers to as the « Bush & Blair Corporation » and as the English language arm of the Israeli attackers in Gaza. He asks why every Palestinian fighter is regarded as a militant when these people are the legitimate armed forces of the elected government of Palestine. He said that they would have needed no tunnels « if they were receiving right off the assembly lines of the arms manufacturers of the United States and Great Britain the latest armoury to murder people with ».

Mr Galloway said he did not believe the British government « understands the terrifying risks that it is running with the policy that it is pursuing », and pointed out that the government is « always looking for some Muslim cleric to ban, some Muslim organisation to proscribe, some hapless Imam to blame for the radicalisation of Muslim youths ». He went on to ask « How radical do you think Muslims in Britain are feeling after two whole weeks of watching this slaughter in Palestine ».

He complained that it took the British government three days to say that there should be a ceasefire, and said : « I’ll tell you the ceasefire they mean. They mean a ceasefire that sees the surrender of the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people, the destruction of their ability to resist any further. The only moderate Palestinian for the British government is a Palestinian who follows Israel’s orders. I’ll tell you this, the ceasefire they have in mind is a surrender, and the Palestinian people will never surrender. Victory for the Palestinian Resistance. Victory for the Palestinian Resistance. »

While referring to the (disputed) figure of six million Jewish Europeans who were killed amongst millions of others by the Nazis in what became known as the « holocaust », Mr Galloway said : « It was the Deputy Defence Minister [Matan Vilnai] of Israel itself who promised the Palestinians a shoah, a holocaust, just a few months ago [..]. The people of Gaza are in exactly the position that the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto were in the early summer of 1943. We are not saying that the Israelis are Nazis, we are not saying that. But collective punishment of a captive population is a Nazi tactic which should be ceased without delay. »

Mr Galloway echoed the words of John Rees at a anti-occupation demonstration the previous Saturday, as follows : « The road to the liberation of Jerusalem runs through Cairo. There is no possibility of this small Palestinian people resisting this behemoth. There is no possibility of them liberating their country as long as the puppet presidents and the corrupt kings who rule the Arab world almost without exception from one end to the other continue to rule. So, I say now again what I said on Saturday. It’s time for the great people of Egypt, the people of Abdel Nasser, the people of the victories of 1973, to rise up and sweep away the tyrant Mubarak the collaborator, Mubarak the accomplice, the murderer Mubarak. The great name of Egypt is being dragged through the mud by this 99.9 percent of the vote dictator, and it’s time for everyone to say that the tyrant must fall. [..]. We have to help these Palestinians who have been abandoned by virtually everyone else. »

Finally, he said : « Do you know that in the Westfield Shopping Centre, in Blue Water, in the shopping centres all round Greater London, there are people who have set up inside something called the Israel Shop which has stolen goods grown on stolen land on sale, and people moving amongst the crowd talking to them about how Israel has made the desert bloom. We have to march, yes, but we have to target Israeli products in every shop that’s selling them and wipe this curse out of our retail cycle. The anti-Apartheid movement was victorious between the hammer of the resistance of the African National Congress and the anvil of an educated, motivated mass movement of people all around the world. That’s our job. Thank you very much. »

Hyde Park Speech
In his speech at Hyde Park at the demonstration against Zionist occupation of Palestine on 10th January 2009, Mr Galloway also had this to say:

« I want one image to stay in your mind from what I have to say today, it’s from the village on the edge of Gaza City called Zeituna where for four days the dead laid unburied and the wounded untreated as Israel refused to allow the medical services to reach them. When they got there, they found dead babies sucking on the toes of their dead mothers. Keep that picture in your mind ... »

M Rafic Soormally
13 January 2009


George Galloway, a Respect MP, was one of the 2 million anti-war protestors marching in London before the invasion of Iraq, and was a fierce critic of the Labour policy of war when he was a Labour MP. He was expelled from the Labour Party in October 2003 because of his strong opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

It is well-known that because of Mr Galloway’s outspoken views denouncing the corruption and crimes perpetrated by the imperialism of the British and the Americans and their support for Zionist terrorism, the authorities are trying, so far without success, to frame him like they have framed so many others. This is a well-known fascist strategy to silence those who are exposing the truth which governments want to suppress. Many of those who denounced South African Apartheid suffered the same fate, and were even murdered by the Apartheid authorities.

Pro-Zionist islamophobe Trevor Kavanagh of the gutter press which is The Sun newspaper and part of the Zionist-controlled Murdoch Empire falsely alleged that President Ahmadinejad wished to “wipe Israel off the map”. This was proven to be a fabricated quote. In his 2003 article “Paid to be a Traitor”, Kavanagh claimed that Galloway was an “employee of Saddam’s sadistic machine” and stole “£375,000-a-year from the impoverished Iraqi people”. The courts dismissed those fabricated allegations.

Jewish Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, another notorious pro-Israel Zionist also made wild claims against Mr Galloway regarding an alleged allocation of an alleged 18 million barrels of Iraqi oil which allegedly benefited him. In fact, in the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times dated 13th of May 2005, Alan Cowell reported : « In a report published Thursday in Washington, the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations charged that Galloway and Charles Pasqua, a former French interior minister, had been "granted substantial oil allocations from the Hussein regime under the UN Oil for Food Program." ». Mr Galloway strenuously denied the allegations and said « I have never traded or benefited from any oil deals with Iraq. » He told the Jewish Republican Senator Norm Coleman, who accused him of perjury, to « put up or shut up » by bringing a prosecution or dropping the charges. [The Guardian, 25 October 2005, “Galloway rejects senate perjury claims”]. He accused Coleman and other pro-war politicians of covering up the theft of billion of dollars of Iraq’s wealth in post-invasion Iraq.

The British Government had close ties with the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein, who was their ally. By meeting Saddam Hussein, George Galloway did not break any law. In fact, he pointed out before the US Senate that he met Saddam Hussein the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld, the difference being that Rumsfeld met him to sell guns while he (Galloway) met him to find a way to end sanctions, suffering and war.

Mr Galloway also won, in 2005, £150,000 in libel damages against the Telegraph for publishing in 2003 documents alleging that he asked for an increase of oil allocation. The Telegraph appealed and lost, and leave of appeal to the House of Lords was refused. Agreeing with the trial Judge Mr Justice Eady, the three Appeal Court Judges stated : « "It appears to us that the newspaper was not merely reporting what the Baghdad documents said but... it both adopted and embellished them. It was alleging that Mr Galloway took money from the Iraqi oil-for-food programme for personal gain. That was not a mere repeat of the documents, which in our view did not, or did not clearly, make such an allegation". »

Similar investigations in the US claimed that there were WMD in Iraq, that Native Americans and Blacks were next to animals, that AIDS is an African disease, that Zionists are a superior people, and more and more lies. They suppress the fact that HAMAS is a lawful political party elected to free the Palestinian people from occupation.

George Galloway is an intelligent, duly elected, courageous and influential British politician, and his words carry weight around the world.

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