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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Israel claims responsibility for the Amsterdam-Detroit false flag operation : Israel will use 'dirty bombs' double detonation in the next 9/11

'Stay-behind the scene terrorist-style operation': 911 brainmaster war criminal Netanyahu.

'URGENT: OPERATION NOVEMBER 1950' : Israel to use 'double detonation dirty bombs'

According to one of my source, 'something big' is on its way in the coming weeks, Israel will use 'double detonation dirty bombs' (first explosion will be a normal detonation, second explosion will follow in seconds with white flash). Netherlands, Germany and France intelligence services are using Eastern European Zionist Jewish mafia, backed by NATO clandestine terrorist networks in this huge operation, targeting Europe, according to a Muslim top intelligence senior source, to expand the war in the Middle East. False Flag operation 'Amsterdam-Detroit' was designed to 'divert attention to the US', 'psychological preparation of the Western public', while israelis are striking Europe, not using any airport.

Yemen is the 'new Kuweit Arab affair', this time the Jewish Al Saud family are pushing Saudi Arabia to crusade for Israel interests openly. A blockade against Iran signify that oil would only be allowed using Red Sea and Eastern Africa Corn routes, Somalia is 'under israeli control', Jewish Communist Yemen president is pushing the israeli agenda, allowing his country to serve as a US-israeli military operations base, in the next step of the 'war to gain control of Middle East oil, gas resources and the distribution routes'.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are fighting 'Iran in Yemen', to take full control of the Red Sea vital oil access routes, from the North with the help of Egypt and the South with Somalia and Yemen, with the help of the massive sefarads zionist jewish community in Yemen. Israel, France and the US are known to have fake 'muslims' training camps in Yemen. These camps are managed by Arab Zionist Jews in Yemen since 2002, like they were in 'North Africa' by 'Moroccan or Algerian Jews'.

These sefarads are portraying themselves as 'Mujaheedin' or 'Muslims fighters' while they are israeli mercenaries. Real Mujaheedins are hunted by Yemen government helped by the Obama administration, which started the war against the 'Houtis' in the North of the country. 'Houtis' were traditional allies of israelis and americans, when Obama failed to push the 'Houtis' against the 'Sunnis' 'Al-Qaeda' Mujaheedin of the Centre and South of the country, Obama administration launched 'Afghani-Pakistani-style' attacks against the 'Houtis shias rebels' without even asking yemeni government, seeking to 'destabilise the country' in an 'Iraqi manner' and 'seize control' of 'his strategic place' between Middle East, Africa and South-Est Asia.

My source is informing me that all the European and Middle Eastern governments are aware of the 'Netanyahu's plans' for the early new year 2010. France, Germany, Netherlands are very involved in this huge operation, while Great Britain is on 'stand-by'. A few weeks before general elections, israeli owned newspaper, warned that Israel could 'strike London', using 'Mumbay-style' attacks, if Brown could not stop prosecutions against israeli war criminals in the UK.

My source is confirming me that China, Russia, and other major countries were all informed of Tel Aviv plans in 'full details' because of the high probability of 'the ignition of a general conflict' and 'the consequences that would change the face of the world'.

Wa Allah swt 'alam

Abu Suleyman

Obama Seeks to Assure U.S.; Qaeda Group Stakes Claim

The president spoke after the branch of Al Qaeda in Yemen and Saudi Arabia claimed responsibility for the attempted attack and said it was in retaliation for recent American-backed attacks on its members in Yemen, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks militant Islamist Web sites.

Webmaster's Commentary:

SITE Intelligence Group is run by a "former" member of the Israeli Defense Forces, Rita Katz, and has a long track record of putting out propaganda favorable to Israel's agenda.


Ring, Ring, Its Time To Kill. Mossad Activates 'Sleeper' Agents To Kill People In Yemen And Arabia

December 4, 2002Mossad wakens 'sleeper' agents in Yemen, Saudi Arabia
DOUGLAS DAVIS Dec. 1, 2002

LONDON The Mossad has activated "sleeper" agents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered Mossad head Meir Dagan to track down the planners and perpetrators of last Friday's twin attacks in Mombasa.

Quoting one source, the London Sunday Times reported that Sharon summoned Dagan to a meeting following the attacks and told him: "War has been declared on the State of Israel by the global Islamic terror syndicate. Change your priorities and get them, one by one."

Codenamed "Warriors," the highly trained sleeper agents are said to volunteer to live undercover in Arab countries, remaining dormant unless war breaks out. In such circumstances, their mission is to undermine Arab plans for strikes against Israel.

The last time the Mossad received such orders was in 1972 when then-prime minister Golda Meir ordered the assassination of Palestinians who were involved in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. All but one were eliminated in an operation that ranged over several continents and six years.

According to the newspaper, Sharon's order "promises to have momentous consequences for the conduct of the war on terror." It also said the order had met with a mixed reception among Mossad agents.

"If Bin Laden was involved in the Kenya attack, this man is a walking corpse," one agent was quoted as saying. "The price tag on Jewish blood is very high."

Others, however, described the decision to activate the "Warriors" as "overkill." One source was quoted as saying: "Muslim terrorism is not a critical threat to the state of Israel. We should keep these people for an all-out war."


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