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Monday, January 25, 2010

UK & Churchill Crimes Exposed from British Raj Indian Holocaust to Palestinian, Iraqi & Afghan Genocides

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January 24, 2010

Gideon Polya writes:

I have listed below an expanded list of immense crimes in which Churchill was complicit as a racist soldier, politician, mass murderer and holocaust-denying writer – indeed he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 for his numerous published works, especially his six-edition set The Second World War in which he ignored his deliberate, remorseless murder of 6-7 million Indians in 1943-1945 I have provided estimates of violent and non-violent avoidable deaths in square brackets.

1. British Indian Holocaust (1.8 billion excess deaths, 1757-1947; 10 million killed in post-1857 Indian Mutiny reprisals; 1 million starved, 1895-1897 Indian Famine; 6-9 million starved, 1899-1900 Indian Famine; 6-7 million starved under Churchill, Bengali Holocaust 1943-1945].

2. Sudan atrocities horrendous British atrocities after the Battle of Obdurman 1898.

3. Boer (Afrikaaner) Genocide 28,000 Afrikaaner women and children died in British concentration camps, 1899-1902.

4. World War 1 promotion World War I Allied military and civilian dead 5.7 million and 3.7 million, respectively; German-allied (Central Powers) military and civilian deaths 4.0 million and 5.2 million; troop movement-exacerbated Spanish Flu Epidemic killed 20-100 million people world wide. 1918-1922.

5. WW1 Dardanelles Campaign in Turkey 0.2 million Allied and Turkish soldiers killed, 1915; precipitated 1915-1923 Turkish Armenian Genocide, 1.5 million Armenians killed.

6. UK and US invasion of Russia 1917-1919 millions died in the Russian Civil War and the subsequent Russian Famine; 7 million died in the circa 1930 Ukrainian Famine; and perhaps up to 20 million died overall in Stalinist atrocities.

7. British suppression of the Arab revolt in Iraq (invaded by Britain in 1914) .

8. Support for British Occupation and opposition to Indian self-determination 1757-1947 excess deaths, 1.8 billion; 1895-1897 famine deaths1 million; 1899-1900 Indian Famine, deaths6-9 million deaths; 1943-1945 Bengali Holocaust deaths 6-7 million.

9. World War 2 promotion World War 2 military deaths 25 million and civilian deaths about 67 million.

10. Promotion of Japan entry into World War 2 in order to involve the US and hence ensure victory 35 million Chinese avoidable deaths, 1937-1945; 6-7 million Indians starved, Bengal 1943-1945; millions more died in the WW2 Eastern Theatre.

11. Churchill knew Singapore was indefensible 8,000-15,000 killed, 130,000 captured in the 1941 Malaya campaign; 14,000 Australian, 16,000 British and 32,000 Indian troops surrendered in Singapore.

12. Churchill deliberately did not warn Americans about Pearl Harbor attack Eastern Theatre WW2 deaths 45 million.

13. WW2 Bengal Holocaust, Bengal Famine deliberate starving to death of of 6-7 million Indians; confessed by Churchill in a letter to Roosevelt.

14. Churchill rejected top scientific advice and supported bombing of German cities instead of protecting Atlantic convoys .016 million allied airmen killed; 0.6 million German civilians killed; Battle of the Atlantic almost lost; 7 million dead from famine in the Indian Ocean region related to halving of Allied shipping in 1943.

15. Churchill acknowledged the crucial importance of maintaining Hindu-Muslim antipathy to preserve British rule 1 million dead and 18 million Muslim and Hindu refugees associated with India-Pakistan Partition in 1947.

16. 1944 UK War Cabinet decision Partition of Palestine .

17. UK rejection of 1944 Brand plan to save Hungarian Jews 0.2-0.4 million killed by Nazis and Arrow Cross fascists out of 0.7 million; Zionists also opposed the Brand plan

18. British, American, Zionist, Australian and European adoption of Churchill’s holocaust commission and holocaust denying legacy, with post-war atrocities involving invasion, occupation, devastation and genocide .

Source http://alethonews.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/uk-churchill-crimes-exposed-from-british-raj-indian-holocaust-to-palestinian-iraqi-afghan-genocides/

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