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Monday, February 15, 2010

Afghanistan : Battle of Marjah update Monday 15th February 2010

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the 20th Anniversary of the flight of the Invading Soviet Forces from Afghanistan Though during the said ten years, the Red Army and their internal surrogates—the Khalqis and Parchamites-- martyred more than 1.5 million Afghans; forced 6 million others to take refuge and wounded or detained hundreds of thousands of Afghans. However, in the end, Govrbacheve, leader of the former Soviet Union, referred to the invasion as “a bleeding cancerous wound”. The Red Army, under the arrogant General Boris Gromove, pulled out of Afghanistan shamefully and with complete flop after losing 15 thousand invading soldiers; with 50 thousands more, being injured and 1400 either detained or lost without any trace.

Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan military operations, update 15th Feb 2010

This page is updated throughout the day as new operations are reported.

Rabi' al-awwal 01, 1431 A.H, Monday February 15, 2010

Mujahideen operations against the enemies of Islam terrorists in Afghanistan are reported to Theunjustmedia.com by the official Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesmen Qari Muhammad Yousuf and Zabihullah Mujahid by e-mails.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

All Praise and thanks are due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists and may peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions in entirety

More American invaders tanks destroyed in Marjah Three of the U.S invaders tanks destroyed blasts since last night in Marjah, Nad Ali, Helmand province. According to the details, the first tank was left ablaze when it was targeted by a landmine in Sistani area of Marjah, while the later tank was hit by a blast on Monday near Sistani while the tanks was trying to recover the dead and carry the wreckage of the tank being struck last night. The report adds both tank were completely destroyed, killing some two dozens U.S invading terrorists. Similarly a third tank was eliminated in bombings in Sefen area of Marjah in the early night hours of Sunday. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

District headquarter attacks comes under attack in Khost District headquarter of Bak came under heavy small and heavy-arms fire in district Bak, Khost province, later last night. The report from Khost province states the district headquarter was badly damaged in the attack killing and wounding a number of puppet army terrorists stationed in the headquarter. The amnia Qumandan (security commander) is said to have been present in the headquarter when it was attacked, however, there are no details to confirm whether the commander was killed or injured. Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid,

13 American invading terrorists killed, 7 wounded in Marjah A series of the Mujahideen's attacks and bombings killed thirteen U.S. invading terrorists in Marjah, Nad Ali district of Helmand, on later Sunday. According to the details, three consecutive blasts tore through a group of U.S invading terrorists who had been hiding for the past three days in a cover in Block Now area of Marjah as they left their hideout to join their invading terrorists in desert area, outskirt of Marjah. Following the blasts, as the survivors began fleeing back to their hiding place the Americans were confronted with an ambush from some Mujahideen ending up killing 13 U.S invading terrorists as well as seven wounded, the rest of the survivors managed to flee back to their hideout to take shelter from the Mujahideen's further attacks and bombings. The report adds the corpses of the Americans are still lying at the site. It is worth mentioning that the above soldiers are part of the joint invading terrorists having been dropped by the helicopters in Marjah three days ago, and have been surrounded by Mujahideen for the last three days, in fact they are running out ammunition and foodstuff as result of which the U.S soldiers have been calling over the loudspeaker to let them go.

Furthermore, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have laid siege to the U.S invading terrorists and its allies closing off their all escape routes in Karu Char Rahi, Abdullah Qulf and other areas of Marjah. Twenty Americans have been killed with their three tanks destroyed since Sunday morning in separate attacks and bombings, according to our report from Helmand province.
Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

Mujahideen repel joint U.S-NATO-Afghan force in Marjah The advances of the U.S and its allies backed by puppet Afghan terrorists were pushed back and the Mujahideen got upper hand in Marjah, Nad Ali district of Helmand province, on Sunday. The report says the U.S-led joint Afghan-U.S terrorists, stationed in the desert area of Marjah for the last few days, came under Mujahideen attack as they were out on operation against Mujahideen, adding the attack promoted a one-hour long battle in Abdullah Qulf area of Marjah, causing the the coalitions to run away after having suffered sizable fatalities and lasses. Likewise, a night before, a roadside bomb killed at least three U.S invading terrorists and wounded other 4 while they were on patrol in the same area of Marjah.
Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

These operations were part of new Nasrat (Victory) operations plan, which was declared by Amir-ul-Momineen (Leader of the Believers) Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah preserve him), leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

O Allah, make them and their weaponry a booty for the Mujahideen

O Allah, you are our support and you are our only Victor; by your order we attack; by your order we retreat and by your order we fight

O Allah, the sky is yours; the earth is yours; the sea is yours, so whatever forces they have in the sky, drop them. Destroy all their forces in earth and sink all their forces in sea

O Allah, deal with them for verily they can never disable you

O Allah, retaliate upon them, afflict them like you did to Pharaoh and his nation

O Allah afflict their country with floods, make them in need of money and food and persons

O Allah defeat them, destroy them O the All-Strong, the All-Mighty

Allahu Akbar

"Honor, Power and Glory belong to Allah, His Messenger and the believers, but the hypocrites know not"


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