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Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you Helen Thomas that you ended your long and successful career by telling the truth about Palestine

Israeli pussy Barack Obama and Helen Thomas

Thank You Helen Thomas For Telling The Truth

By Dr. Salim Nazzal

Thank you Helen Thomas that you ended your long and successful career by telling the truth about Palestine. Your few words summarized the whole conflict. Your few words made the right diagnosis for all the wars that have taken place in the Middle East. The reason for all these wars is obvious now to anyone with eyes, the establishment of the state of Israel at the expense of the indigenous Palestinians. Can anyone imagine how the Middle East would have been without Israel? There would be no wars, no conflicts, no racist ideology, no atomic arms, and no arms race with all the side effects of such militarization of the region. Religious fanatics would most likely never have emerged.

Yesterday I was viewing the names of the Palestinians killed by Zionists whom I know in person. There are more than 50 of them. Some are acquaintances, some are friends, some are my students, and others are close as well as distant relatives. I thought how different our history would have been if this deadly ideology has not been imposed on our country.

I thought that the history of the Middle East could have been totally different, and the thousands murdered could be today living and the millions spent on arms could have been devoted to peaceful construction.

With the arrival of an alien ideology to the region, the Middle East was overpowered with one of the most insane arguments in its history. An ideology which says, I have the monopoly to kill, the monopoly to expel, the monopoly to develop mass destruction, and any one tries to stop me is terrorist!!!

Therefore when Helen Thomas exposed them we all knew that Zionists would attack her, and their lying machine would elevate to full strength because she exposed a history of falsification. I am sure this was not a surprise for her, since she knows very well that they declared themselves the owners of the absolute truth, and everybody else must be wrong following their measurements. And their measurement for the right and wrong is against every existing law and common sense.

If a Polish Jew from Warsaw, travelled from his country with the sole aim to murder, and to displace Palestinians in Haifa or Jaffa in Palestine, the Polish Jew is in the defense position and the “aggressors”, and the “terrorists” are the Palestinians! This has been the logic of Zionist all along. And the latest attack on the unarmed flotilla activists in the international water, and the claim that the Israeli soldiers were in self defense position is just another lie in a long chain of lies.

Unfortunately, they were able to market their stories because they have the money to buy the conscience of politicians and the media in order to mute the free voices by not allowing them to speak in main stream media. But there are strong indications that the Israeli stories are not working any longer. When Israel started imposing the last siege existing on earth on one and half millions in Gaza, we began to hear more and more voices critical to Israel.

Fortunately, the voice of Helen Thomas is not alone these days. There are more and more free and brave voices which break the Zionist taboo. For that reason the Zionists are now concerned about their place. They began to realize that after 62 years of crimes against humanity their grip on the international public opinion is getting weaker. This explains why Israel has begun to lose the balance, and the desperation and paranoia are obvious in the way it handles the conflict.

But for Palestinians, the picture was clear from the Zionists first day in Palestine. Zionists did not come to Palestine as refugees escaping from war to live in peace, if that were the aim Palestinians would have welcomed them. But rather came to Palestine with a sole goal to destroy the Palestinian society. They replaced the Palestinian society with people from several cultures, with nothing in common between them except Judaism. No one would be expected to accept this situation, and Palestinians resisted this macabre project from day one right up until today.

There is not one single Palestinian who did not suffer from the Zionist terror, and there is no Palestinian who does not have horrible memories caused by Zionists. Whether these memories are transmitted from grandparents or parents or lived personally.

There is no one who knows the murderers better than the murdered. And no one knows the occupants better than the occupied and no one knows the abuser more than the victim. Three generation of Palestinians lived the Zionist terror which sought and is still seeking to destroy the Palestinian reality by absolutely any means, but they have failed in the past, they are failing now, and they will fail in the future.

Helen Thomas said that the Palestinian voice is not strong compared with the Zionist. That is true. Palestinians are aware of the fact that Zionists did everything to market their lies: they bribe, they pressurize and manipulate politicians, or buy the media; they even threat to turn countries in the Middle East into the Stone Age. Nevertheless Palestinians have a power which Zionist can never destroy, which is the profound love towards Palestine which they ploughed and planted it from times immoral. In Palestine, Palestinians developed their culture, in Palestine they elaborated their folk songs, and in Palestine there were aware of the scared nature of a country witnessing the first encounter between the sky and the earth. And it is Palestine which makes them Palestinians. Looking towards a time where Palestinians can live in Palestine without Zionist check points, without Zionist torture, and without Zionism at all.

Dr. Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region. – snazzal@ymail.com


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