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Thursday, October 14, 2010

7/7: Londonistan Fake Inquiry : Why Israel and the MI5 are never investigated when every single evidence show their direct involvement in the terrorist operation ?

London’s 7/7 Bombings – MI5 Implicated

More than 5 years after 4 bombs were detonated in London one sunny morning, relatives of the 56 murdered that day have a platform to ask questions such as: Could MI5 have done anything to prevent the bombings as they had full knowledge of Tanweer and Khans visit to a terror training camp in Pakistan.

1. Tanweer and Khan were intercepted by British Intelligence after a trip to Pakistan in Nov 2004.
Member of Parliament – The Right Honourable Michael Meacher raised this same point.

Photo of Tanweer taken on their departure from Karachi Airport, Pakistan
Photo of Tanweer taken on their departure from Karachi Airport, Pakistan

2. Shown here Shehzad Tanweer and Siddique Khan wait for dupe teenager Jermaine Lyndsey outside Luton station on their dummy run the week before 7/7. The more eagle-eyed among you will spot leader Tanweer’s phone call to the ‘handler/5th Man’ as soon as Lyndsey shows up (approx Frame 10-11).

3. Who was Tanweer’s mystery call made to? It was either to his MI5 handler or the shadowy figure often referred to as the 5th Man. Indeed, a number of online sources report the 5th Man to actually be an MI5 asset that British Intelligence have consistantly protected, refusing to hand him over to the CIA to answer terror charges in the U.S.

Proof MI5 Blackmails British Muslims Into Working For Them

Persuaded or coerced?
Persuaded or coerced?

An article in The Independant Newspaper recently exposed the campaign of blackmail and intimidation MI5 use to force British Muslims into working for them.

In a case brought against the government 5 young Muslims tell how they were offered a stark choice by undercover agents working for the Secret Services. Either they comply or face detention and the harassment of their families in the UK and abroad.

Hearing reports like this makes you wonder what the 4 British Muslims Khan, Tanweer, Lyndsey and Hussain, blamed for the London attacks on 7/7 had been coerced into doing.

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