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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Divided Belgium uses war on Islaam to divert attention of the world from a coming inter-ethnic civil war between Flemish and Wallons

Did Belgian police jail Muslims on instructions from bloody Russian Czars KGB terrorists? ( Khazar Medvedev is a Birobidjan jew 'converted' to orthodox christianism, similar story for Sarkozy... )

Publication time: 26 November 2010, 12:11
According to a Moroccan newspaper, Le Soir, 9 European citizens of Moroccan origin, 6 Belgians and 3 Dutch, were arrested during a night raid by Belgium police on Tuesday.

Police Christianists accuse them of "suspicion" that they have allegedly "recruited" some "candidates jihadists" for the Caucasus Emirate, collected money for the Jihad in the Caucasus, and allegedly "wanted" to blow up something in Belgium, but the police didn't still invent what it should be.

As reported by the Moroccan newspaper, a certain Andre Vandoren, director of the Belgian government's punitive structure, "the Coordination Agency for the Analysis of the Threat (Organe de coordination pour l'analyse de la menace)", speaking on a second channel of the Belgian TV VRT (Canvas) in a programme Terzake in connection with the War unleashed by Belgium against Islam, was actually forced to admit that Muslims were not guilty of the crimes they are charged with, that police have not a slightest evidence in support of their fantasies, but nevertheless Muslims will remain in jail, because they are Muslims.
The punisher asked his viewers "not to criticize the police" for this anti-Islamic "knockoff". He literally said:

"We'll wait for the results of the investigation, before saying that the police acted prematurely. I do not want that you have a feeling that the police acted hastily".

Meanwhile, the Muslims remain in prison nobody knows for what, awaiting the outcome of the police "investigation".
Many Europeans are outraged by persecution of Muslims.

A reader of an influential French political magazine Le Point (he is not a Chechen, and not a Muslim) indicates that the Caucasian Mujahideen are brave antiterrorist warriors who eliminate Russian terrorist gangs. He writes under the nickname Voltaire:

"Russia should first seek the reasons for terrorism. Ethnic cleansing in Chechnya by the Russian army is the cause. And these "terrorists" are in fact Chechen warriors who fight by their own means against Russian aggression!"
It is to be noted that independent observers have an impression that Belgian police acted in this case under the instructions by the international terrorist network KGB-FSB Russia, which is behind many terrorist attacks in the world, such as nuclear terrorism against Brits when Putin's villains poisoned Litvinenko with polonium-210 in London, as a result of which more than 1,000 British civilians were contaminated with radiation, or a recent terrorist attack on plane of Polish President Kaczynski and NATO top generals at Smolensk.

Despite the fact that Belgian secret police thoroughly conceals that they acted under direct instructions from bloody KGB-FSB terrorists, a Moscow trace is distinctly visible in persecution of Muslims in Belgium.

Let us give an example. Nowhere in the world, except Russia, the Caucasus Emirate is considered a "terrorist organization". However, Belgian prosecutors strangely call in the media this Islamic state exactly the Russian way.
Anyone who is familiar with the situation in the Caucasus can make an unambiguous conclusion: hairy ears of bloody of Russian state terrorists are clearly seen behind the persecution by Belgian police of the supporters of the Caucasus Emirate.

The Caucasus Emirate was not "designated" by the U.S. State Department. Hence, as Belgium is a Democracy's country, Belgian police should proceed according to data from major world antiterrorists, and that is the U.S.

Another example of a Moscow trace in the arrests of Muslims in Belgium is that Belgian police and their terrorist instructors from the KGB-FSB cannot not invent any target for the supporters of the Caucasus Emirate in Belgium.
They tried to name first NATO headquarters, but immediately dropped this stupid idea. Russia considers NATO as its major enemy. For the Caucasus Emirate Russia is nothing but a bloody terrorist enemy. No sane person would ever think, wish, desire or suggest attacking headquarters of the enemies of his own enemy.

The Muslims of the Caucasus have been waging their justified war against Russian invaders on their own Muslim territory for over 400 years, and now they also wage this war on the territory of bloody Russian terrorist enemy. But Russian targets in Belgium do not simply exist. That is why Belgian police and their instructors from the international terrorist network KGB-FSB are unable to invent any plausible lies about these targets.
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