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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mossad the bigger loser in the coming real Revolution in France in 2011? France-israel defeated in North Africa

Mossad, The Biggest Loser In Tunisia 

By Kawther Salam


“Leave Tunis, leave, to the israeli gang!”, the Tunisian demonstrators chant angrily, demanding the departure of the Tunisian ruling party from the transitional government.

The Israeli media reported after the fall of the Tunisian regime about the fears that Israel could be cut off from its “confidential relationships” with the Tunisian rulers in the wake of the fall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was associated in close and friendly “undeclared” cooperation with Israel and its intelligence system, the Mossad. It is now clear that Israel is interested in preserving Arab dictators and collaborator regimes with which they keep declared and undeclared relations.

According to media reports, the zionist jewish population in Tunis stands at around 1500 people. 500 of older generation are residents in the Halq Al-Wad quarter in the Tunisian capital, and about 1000 from the younger generations of orthodox jews live on the island of Djerba.

The Israeli radio revealed information according to which a group of jews was flown out of Tunisia even before the escape of Ben Ali. According to this information, the group included “a number of Israeli security experts who were in the south of Tunisia working under a program of cooperation with the Tunisian ruling against Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb”. The zionists also stated in the days following the fall of Ben Ali that Israeli intelligence in Tunisia has evacuated 20 more Israelis from Tunisia, saying that they were “tourists”, but the truth was that these 20 Israelis were also “security experts” and Mossad agent.

The French government has supported to the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali and his regime as a kind of support to the Israeli zionist “security” and the jewish lobby in Tunis. There are estimates from Paris which confirm that Israel and the Tunisian jewish lobby was the one which put pressure on the French government to support Ben Ali until the last minute so as to preserve the interests of jews in Tunisia. The Tunisian jewish lobby has a strong presence in commerce, and it also has a large influence at the economic level on the French government.
El Ghriba synagogue in Tunisia, a cell of Mossad

Mossad was Active in Tunisia

According to a source from the Tunisian opposition, Tel Aviv was the axis of Djerba in Tunisia. He added that Tel Aviv and its security and Mossad agents maintain a great deal of activity in Djerba and that the El Ghriba synagogue in Tunisia was a cell of spies working for Israel which is directly managed by the Israeli government and that this happened with a full knowledge of the Ben Ali clan and the Tunisian government.

It also should be noted that the several Palestinian leaders were assassinated by the Mossad in Tunisia, what happened under the protection of the Tunisian government. 

During the 2006 war of the Israel war against Lebanon, Israeli soldiers were going to Djerba in Tunis to spend short vacations (“breaks”) and then to return to the fighting in the south of Lebanon. Worse, the bodyguards of Israeli officers and soldiers vacationing in Tunisia were troops from the Lebanese Army because the Israelis did not trust the security offered by the Tunisian government after the so called of “al-Qaeda bombing” against the El Ghriba synagogue in Djerbe in September 11 2002.
That bombing was carried out by Niser bin Muhammad Nasar Nawar, a barfly and drunkard, a non-religious person who is suspected of keeping associations with the Israeli Mossad since before he travelled to Canada. This person was employed in order to put dirt on the name of Islam and Arabs, and in order to help Tel Aviv find an excuse to implement its big project in the Tunisian island Djerbe and all the world.

Nawar moved to Montreal in Canada with the help of a travel agency also suspected of association with Mossad. What stands as fact is that Nawar received his training as a terrorist in Canada, a country under the thumb of zionists. The plan to murder the tourists in Tunisia was also prepared by Mossad in Canada. A year before Nawar committed the terrorist attack, his father, who lived in Lyon in France since 1971 moved his remaining family members from Tunisia to France. This happened while Anwar was still in Canada.

In 2002 Anwar return to Tunisia, where he found work as a gas truck driver. On April 11, 2002 he exploded the gas truck he drove, fitted with explosives, in the middle of tourists near the entrance of the Ghriba Synagogue. No jews were present at the location at that time. The people who were killed were 14 German tourists, five Tunisians, and two French nationals. More than 30 other tourists from various countries were wounded. ONLY the Alquds newspaper in the UK claimed that they had received a statement (they didn’t say how they received it) in which Nawar stated that he had committed the operation “in association with Al-Qaeda” and as a revenge against the Israeli crimes in Palestine. Since then, Israel has a long hand in Tunisia and every place where there are jews there is a synagogue.
As a Palestinian I deny the Alquds allegations and any relationship of that crime to the Palestinian cause. Instead I accuse the israeli Mossad of planning and perpetrating that horror with help of their operative Nawar and the cooperation and knowledge of the Tunisian, Canadian and French governments.



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