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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Revolution in Egypt : At least 62 deaths yesterday only in Suez, Cairo, Aleksandria. Hundreds of Martyrs this morning in all the country. The Police station in Rafah, border of Gaza was deserted by the police, same in the port of Al Arish. Gaza border reopened nearly fully !!! Allahu akbar

Update : Saturday 29 January 2011: 21H04 GMT. Israeli is preparing to invade the Sinai with the help of Omar Suleiman, an israeli puppet like Shafik. We have reports of Egyptian people arming themselves in the Sinai to try to protect their country, knowing that the Egyptian army under Suleiman is helping Israel to take the full control of the Sinai till the Canal of Suez.  Mujaheedins are rushing to the region to take positions.

More information as soons as possible insha Allah

Abu Suleyman


URGENT: Massive and general upraising in all Egypt according to reliable Muslims intelligence sources: USS carier in the Red Sea to help Mubarak flee. American war boats pre-positioned in the Mediteranean sea with NATO, Israel is in full 'war alert' in the North and South and the West bank, israelis complaining about the top egyptian army not executing correctly orders as planned, possible failure of the coup led by Souleiman. 

Former intelligence general Souleiman with army chief of staff are now in full charge of the army and dealing with the Obama administration. Total confusion in the ground as there is a massive unexpected rebellion of young egyptian policemen and army soliders in the Sinai, Suez and many other city in the South of Egypt. Rafah border nearly fully reopened. Egyptian people took the police station, same in Al Arish.  British, French, Canadian, German, Israeli embassies are beginning to evacuate in emergency their staff. According to our source Mubarak will leave towards the Red Sea first, if not possible CIA will collect him in the Mediteranean Sea, near the Lybian border. Angela Merkel offered asylum to Mubarak in Germany.   

More information when possible insha Allah 

Live coverage of the Egyptian historic revolution against israelis puppets at the following links, Arabic and English: 

Israeli embassy staff evacuate Egypt

The Israeli embassy on the top floor of a tower block in Cairo
Israel has pulled its embassy staff out of Egypt as the outpouring of public protest against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government shows no sign of remission.

Helicopters evacuated the embassy staff to an Egyptian airbase on Friday, where they were flown back to Tel Aviv. The evacuation came after a group of Egyptian demonstrators passed by the embassy building, according to the daily al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper.

Reports also said the Israeli ambassador, himself, has fled Egypt after the discovery by Egyptian security of a Mossad spy network in the capital Cairo.

On Thursday, an Israeli minister, whose name was withheld, said Egyptian government forces will have to exercise force to rein in public protests as the country teeters on the brink of a Tunisia-style revolution.

Egypt, which is widely regarded as the first Arab nation to seal a peace agreement with Israel three decades ago, remains one of Tel Aviv's most important allies.

Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom told reporters on Thursday that Tel Aviv is closely monitoring the still-unfolding crisis in Egypt, and does not see a threat in its ties with the African state.

The two sides have cooperated in imposing restrictions on Palestinians living in the impoverished occupied territories.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have flocked the streets of Cairo and other parts of Egypt since Tuesday as part of the biggest anti-government protests in years, demanding the ouster of Mubarak after three daces in power.

Despite a night-time curfew in major cities across Egypt, protesters spilled out into the streets of several cities and were seen in significant numbers even in the early hours of Saturday morning.

On Friday, Mubarak sacked his cabinet and called for national dialogue in an attempt to staunch the flow of public outcry over poverty, high unemployment rates and rampant corruption.

Medical sources say at least 27 people have so far been killed and over a thousand injured in clashes in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria.



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