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Monday, February 28, 2011

BP Nuke Spook Involved in Space Shuttle False Flag!

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

HOUSTON, 2/28/11 -- Friday Veterans Today first published my chilling article, The False Flag Space Shuttle, http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/02/25/eric-may-the-false-flag-space-shuttle/. While the article dealt primarily with the false flag attempts of 7/28/05 and 1/31/06, it has apparently touched some very raw nerves among those involved in the BP explosion.

Early this morning an anonymous writer posted a combative set of comments slamming me, my article and my publisher. I include both his and my remarks, and urge readers to refer to (and send around) the original article.

Our antagonist claims to have been within 300 yards of BP when the explosion occurred, to have had radiological equipment on hand, and to have been among the first to reach BP. Further, he claims to be with J.E. Merit, one of BP's main contractors, and to have been one of the investigators who smoothed the incident over. I find his narrative and claims highly suspicious, and accordingly offer them to my informed readers.

"Travis" wrote:

So we jump from Nuclear bombs hidden in a refinery to the Space Shuttle coordinating the attacks then jumping the shark completely by tying this into the Muslim cartoon in the Netherlands. HAHA!! ANYONE who believes these insane links needs to be checked into the nearest mental facility immediately.

Almost everything written by Capt May is absolutely WRONG. I live in League City, TX and work in Texas City. I am the Quality Assurance Manager for J.E. Merit, the main contractor for BP in the Texas City refinery.

I am not sure what Capt May’s agenda is, but for Gordon Duff to endorse this insanity is damaging his own credibility. BADLY. I enjoy reading Gordon’s articles and I agree with him on his opinions about 98% of the time. Capt May is an “expert” on intelligence matters but his apparent lack of research on how a refinery operates is appalling.

You cannot simply “sneak” a nuclear device into a refinery. It goes through 4 levels of security and tracking to begin with. Not to mention, this was during a scheduled maintenance shutdown or “Turn-Around”.

In these maintenance shutdowns, there are MANY people working to get the refinery back online as quickly as possible. This is what I do for a living and have done for 20 years in the business. My job is to make sure all proper materials have been installed correctly and the refinery is ready to “Return to Operations” for start-up.

Trust me, there were no Nukes exploded in the area, I was working next door in Dow Chemical at the time of the explosion about 300 yards away. One of the first things I did after the explosion was to get my industrial X-Ray crew there and use their Survey Meters (industrial geiger counter) to make sure the BP onsite x-ray crew’s equipment was not damaged. This is vital to the emergency rescue teams because if the x-ray camera is damaged, another retrieval team has to be called out to secure the gamma source before ANYONE can go into the area.

This day, there were NO radiation leaks from industrial x-ray cameras or from any other source. Not to mention but the BP onsite x-ray crew had a Cobalt x-ray source that day. Cobalt is a much stronger source than the usual Iridium sources used for this application

I was also involved in the J.E. Merit Root Cause Analysis investigation and the official details about the explosion are correct. You cannot fake or cover these things up, the operating unit’s Control Room have a “black box” type of recording device to record exactly what happens 24-7 so they can be reviewed in order to maximize operating efficiency and profits. It is a real-time hard copy print out and also saved to a computer file in downtown Houston at the Corporate office. When the hard copy print-out is compared to the saved computer file, they always match up. It is IMPOSSIBLE to fake these, everyone on the investigation teams gets to examine and compare the two recordings. Even the attorneys from both sides MUST examine the recordings as well

My advice to Capt Eric May is to stick with what you know, don’t try jumping to insane conclusions based on the Space Shuttle, lightning storms, BP Refining, Muslim Cartoons in the Netherlands and Nuclear bombs hidden in a crowded refinery. It makes you look ridiculously foolish while having no clue what you are talking about.

Reply to "Travis"

I am gratified that someone so involved in the BP false flag project would write this forum. It must rattle you folks pretty bad to have the facts coming into plain view. Your prose is excellent, and your rhetoric argues that: (1) you are a trustworthy expert; (2) I don't know what I'm talking about; and (3) Veterans Today shouldn't publish me.

I call BS on all three claims, and reply to them in order:

1. You don't write like an oil refinery contractor, you write like an information operator. You do not give your name. If you are a business man, why not get some free PR? Your knowledge that the cartoon slamming Islam originated in the Netherlands is most unusual for an oil industry contractor. You imply that what we saw on the night of 7/28/05 was a lightning storm. The curious reader can find both my live report and its transcript in The False Flag Space Shuttle.

2. I DO know what I'm talking about, and I was in contact with cops, feds and media weeks before the 7/28/05 explosion and the 2/1/06 nuke team appearance. That is documented by the links in my article. I also predicted the 3/30/04 BP explosion, as I documented in another article last week.

'I was the unidentified source of the intelligence that resulted a Gulf Coast terror alert:  BP Amoco Plant Explosion Investigation Under Way, http://www.click2houston.com/news/2962367/detail.html.  For the real story behind the cover story: Thwarting Nuclear Terror in Texas: Investigation, http://tinyurl.com/3rugb.'  -- From Mossad Mayor: Chicago's Rahm Emanuel, http://www.educationnews.org/political/108383.html.

As far as your Dow Chemical connection goes, I wouldn't brag about it. On 10/18/07 I issued a national alert several hours in advance of a Dow pipeline explosion quite near you. Were you involved in that, too? My alert coming ahead of your explosion was confirmed on mainstream radio:

"The warning of a sudden terror exercise in the refinery "national sacrifice area" in Texas came last night; the suspicious blast came early this morning.  It would appear that monitoring exercises like Vigilant Shield and TOPOFF is essential to our survival." -- It pays to monitor terror exercises, http://kboo.fm/node/4236.

3. You're going to have a hard time persuading Veterans Today (or any of the hundreds who publish my articles) to turn away from a story that you are making so much more interesting. I believe that your attempt to undermine it will only increase its publication and readership on the internet, and for that I thank you.

+ + +

Captain May is a former Army intelligence officer and NBC editorial writer. The article attacked and defended above is: The False Flag Space Shuttle, http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/02/25/eric-may-the-false-flag-space-shuttle/.

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