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Monday, February 21, 2011

David Cameron is preparing Great Britain to enter in a major israeli war in the Middle East, an intelligence source explained to Islamic Intelligence. A major crackdown against the current coalition government is ongoing, and general elections might be called in 2011 to stop the israeli plans

 7/7 bombings is an israeli MI5 job !

Islamic intelligence is the only source on the internet to have confirmed that the bombing of the coptic church in Egypt during the last Christmas holidays was an israeli- NATO-MI6 led operation, as a pre-staged operation for a full scale invasion of the Middle East oil strategic choke points by the axis of evil led by Israel, and her stooges in the US, Great Britain and France. 
Islamic Intelligence is now told by military intelligence sources that the british government is preparing the bankrupted Great Britain to side with Israel in a major Middle East war, and that plan is partialy foiled because of these ongoing so called 'Revolutions'. Our source explained in details that member of the liberal party were fully exposed to the plans and were told to leave the government coalition as soon as 'a pre-planned scandal' will surface, provoking general elections. Our experienced source confirmed that most of the british intelligence and operatives as well as police in the UK are fully aware of the role of the israelis in the 7/7 bombings in London, and plan to use 'revelations' to blow up the 'project' of riots and civil unrest, chaos, in the making in some zionists officines in London, Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow. 

Our source described the situation as 'very tense' and 'the likely lost of strategic assets' such as Libya would cause major damages to the zionist gang ruling Britain  and the Rotshield BP oil company and there are concerns that NATO-MI6 led operatives start a new wave of terrorism 'to justify' the pre-planned move of zionist prime minister Cameron to support Israel in the next war.  

New Footage: Proof Richard Jones Lied To 7-7 Inquest


Posted by Daniel7:7 on 2/09/11

Richard Jones - NEVER was aboard the bus 30 but was present at the Piccadilly tube evacuation miles away
Richard Jones - NEVER was aboard the bus 30 but was present at the Piccadilly tube evacuation miles away

Richard Jones, the man the British media claimed was on the bombed bus on 7/7 and saw a man matching Hasib Hussain’s description shortly before the explosion has been exposed as a false witness. Jones was identified on footage previously unseen by the British public. It proves he was not in Tavistock Sq or aboard the bus, but at Russell Square following the tube explosion on the Piccadilly line at the time.

View The Proof

(Jones walks past this underground bomb survivor at the exact same time he claimed he was aboard the bus 30)
It proves Richard Jones could never have been on the bus in and means he never saw what he claimed.


Al Jazeera Screen Daniel Obachike At G20 Protest Worldwide

Some MOD lads mingling among protesters at a protest march I attended recently glared at my ‘MI5 DID IT‘ placard. One of them whined ‘Mossad did it’. Hardly you idiots, I replied smiling, is that supposed to be some kind of psy-ops?? Duh!, MI5 DID IT… 100% Read it and weep! Haven’t you heard? Sarkosy cracks jokes about it!

MI5 Did IT
The back of the placard: On CNN news
Understandably the ‘terrified’ British media edit me out of any footage taken at protests but I didn’t expect CNN to be under the thumb of British Intelligence.

Here I am pictured April 1st outside the Bank of England. The front of my placard says ‘MI5 DID IT’ so they publish a picture taken from the rear.

Overall this was a very effective day as I received a lot of coverage in Brazil and was included on some excellent footage on Al Jazeera!

Obachike at:April 1st Protest/ Tomlinson 47 secs
Obachike at:G20 Protest on Al Jazeera 120 secs

The front of the placard: On Al Jazeera primetime news
The front of the placard: On Al Jazeera primetime news

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