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Friday, February 04, 2011

More than one million Egyptians in Tahrir Square, several millions in Egypt demanding that Mubarak and Suleiman leave immediately. Evidence shows, Obama's envoy, zionist jew Wisner behind the riots and civil war.

Government Document Captured from Egyptian Thugs 

By Kawther Salam,


Hosni Mubarak's thugs and death squad invading a peaceful protest.

Below is a scanned copy of an official document, Circular No. 60 / b / M, issued by the Office of the Egyptian Interior Minister Habib al-Adli. The document bears the emblem of the Egyptian Interior Ministry; a handwritten note is written on the top-left of page 1, it reads “send by fax to the centers – highly secret”. The document could have been captured from a ransacked government office, or from a hooligan captured on the streets. It has in the meantime been widely spread in Arabic media.

Egyptian Interior Minister Habib al-Adli who was dismissed on Jan. 31 2011

The document landed today morning in my inbox. It was sent to me by an Egyptian source, it reveals that the Egyptian Interior Ministry has implemented a plan to create chaos and looting, violence and terror in response to the angry demonstrations since last Friday, and the days after, which seek the end of the Mubarak regime, (and now also seek the execution of Mubarak after he refused to leave his position in peace and his regime perpetrated bloody crimes and massacres against the opposition demos).

The document shows part of a plan which targets the nation, attempts to instill fear in the demonstrators and force them to end their demos.

The document was issued by the Office of the Egyptian Interior Minister and states that the plan detailed is based on the deployment of criminal elements in the middle of demonstrators, to foment chaos in conjunction with the deliberate withdrawal of the police and security forces from the streets of all cities.

The document reveals that among the activities of the plan is the intensive spreading of rumors through the Egyptian media (official TV, radio, news), like the use of screaming and wailing of female elements of the security forces, showing them asking for help because of looting and the decline of security.

The document also shows as part of the plan the cutting off of Internet connections and communications, the insinuation in the official media that the Police and the security forces are incapable of protecting the people during the protests, the insinuation that the people should protect themselves through the formation of popular committees to maintain security in the absence of bodies in charge of security.
What this document contains, if it is true, shows the shocking depravity of a regime determined to keep their hold on power by any means. It shows in full the disdain of the Mubarak regime for the Egyptian people, not unlike the attitude of the PA towards the Palestinian people, it shows the inner workings of a regime kept afloat by the western regimes for over 30 years who knew full well and approved of the thuggery of Mubarak against his people.

As a side note, according to sources, solidarity demonstrations in the West Bank were ended violently and the organizers arrested by the Palestinian Authority.
This document could be a hint to cooperation of the Mubarak regime with israeli and/or American elements such as Frank Wisner. The presence of Wisner in Egypt is a very bad sign in any case, as he hails from a family of zionist jews with a long history of involvement in terrorism and other atrocities around the world. He is certainly no friend of the Egyptian people. The tactics detailed in the document resemble some of the dirty tricks used by the occupation against Palestinians.

I have added below a summary translation of the document from Arabic. If you have a better translation, please send it.

Text of the document:
Ministry of the Interior:
Minister’s Office
Circular No. 60 / B / M
Secret and very important (written by hand)
Topic: Plan to address the mass demonstrations


1 – Allowing the demonstrations to pass in the streets of cities and villages of the country since today, without objection, and to exercise extreme caution while shooting the live, rubber bullets and the tear gas. This must be done according to the competent jurisdiction mentioned in the table sent to you.

2- To employ a number of (thugs, criminals, bullies) and to pay them well after meeting them at their homes in private and at gathering places by authorized elements, without official mission status and to explain to them the deployment plans according to the attached table of the sites entitled to -1- and tell them about the times of their movement and the plan to create scalable chaos mentioned in the statement.

3 – Controlling individuals, parties, organizations through coordination with printing and publishing houses and communication facilities; keeping a complete record of incoming and outgoing messages and calls and analyzing its content by writing reports about the each case since the information is received.

4 – We will cut the communications (Mobile – Internet) services from 6 AM on Friday, 28 1 2011; we will keep the landlines in service. All our officers and elements must be ready to use wireless communications devices, and to be sure that they are able to use encryption devices.

5 – The plan of the deployment of police, detectives and secret service personnel will be in civilian clothes, according to the annex entitled B-2.

6 – The demonstrations of Friday 28 01 2011 must be held in public squares and other central locations. The events must be stopped from access to the areas on alert, according to the attached map entitled 3.

7 – To make sure to arm the elements in civilian clothes with wooden sticks, small iron pieces for use during arrests of the main elements and the leaders of the demonstrations, without showing any violence.

8 – Firing rubber bullets and tear gas but without using live bullets, which are only allowed by alarm and only if absolutely necessary.

9 – Show partial disability from 4 PM on Friday, which shows that the police force is unable to  guarantee security, and show the superiority of the demonstrators, while allowing the infiltration of elements of item 2 (thugs and criminals) to cause limited chaos during the demonstrations and according to the plan agreed with them before that.

10 – A full withdrawal of police, the central security forces, the traffic police and reassigning them to guard and protect government sites and institutions … wearing civilian clothes; and to be present on side roads and “around trees” and to engagement between the lines of the organizers of the demonstrations and in the parking lots without interfering in any negative phenomena and without revealing their identities or interfering in the street movements until they receive orders to do so …

11 – Emptying the police stations of weapons, ammunition and prisoners and transferring all to the central prison and place them under heavy guard; sending specials forces, private security elements, collaborators and secret service elements to jail instead of them. (Comment: so that they will be freed instead of the original prisoners).

12 – Broadcasting rumors through all media about acts of looting and theft; this will be accomplished by placing by our female elements at different locations, near the foreign media, who will cry and tell about strong panic. The rumors spread will be according to the plan of spreading rumors attached to you.

13 – Broadcast direct messages through individuals or indirect messages distributed through leaflets to the foreign media located near the events about of acts of looting and breaking into banks, shops and police stations to coincide with the deployment of the bully plan mentioned in item 2, in order to spread the impression a state of general panic and terror in the streets and to show that there is civil and popular demand for the presence of police, military, public security organs in these locations.

14 – Issuing direct and indirect hints through national and foreign media about the formation of committees to protect the popular neighborhoods in order to cause members of the demonstrations to go away or to their sites without the need of imposition of any force by the army on them.

15 – Spreading false rumors and false information through all means, through foreign media stations only, and then correcting that information through local media stations, in order to gain the confidence of the public and divert the attention from these stations and so discredit them in all incoming calls to the local media stations.

16 – Broadcasting strong rumors through the national and foreign media about the existence of chaos and the escape of prisoners and stating a fake big number of the prisoners who escaped, specially of dangerous prisoners, and claiming that those dangerous prisoners have been seen within residential areas.

17 – Calling upon all people across the media to format popular committees to watch day and night to protect the living. The calls must be send through the voices of women, members of the security as was agreed in the meeting with you earlier.

18 – Following the situation on the ground by the security forces who will find out the approximate number of opposition elements and demonstrators, according to item 2.
19 – Extensive contacts and personal calls to all media which show that the presence of people’s committees for the protection of neighborhoods, residential and commercial areas make things better.

20 – Start gradually showing solidarity with the regime and the leadership by raising signs of support for them at the right time, according to the plan.


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