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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jerusalem Bombing Likely To Be A Mossad False Flag

Feroze Mithiborwala Counter Currents at revoltoftheplebs.com

Terror Attack In Jerusalem, Counter To Fatah-Hamas Unity

A bomb has struck a crowded bus stop in West Jerusalem, killing at least one person and wounding 30 in what authorities said was the first major attack in the city in several years. At least eight Palestinians, including children, were killed in Israeli mortar attacks and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. - Al Jazeera

The terror attack in Jerusalem, follows a set pattern. Israeli’s attack Gaza with airstrikes tanks, kill civilians so as to provoke incite counter violence then Mossad cells engineer a false-flag terror attack. This has been recorded observed by various analysts.

Israel has also been threatening to launch another war on Gaza  they need to create a case, a valid pretext for the invasion.

More critically, this is also to counter the growing popular pressure from the Palestinian grass-roots for Palestinian unity, between the Fatah  Hamas. A unified Palestinian resistance, will surely set the momentum for the “Third Intifada”, which is due to break out as part of the larger pattern of non-violent democratic uprisings across the Arab world.

When millions of Palestinians begin to march, braving the Israeli bullets, it will decidedly turn the tide of public opinion in favour of Palestinian independence. This is a nightmare scenario that the Israelis do not have an answer to.

The Fatah – Hamas detente is a result of the larger winds of democratic change that are blowing across the region. President Mahmud Abbas has clearly stated that he will soon visit Gaza; that elections cannot be held till Gaza; the West Bank are united again. This is a far cry from the time when the Palestine Authority was complicit in the political marginalization; isolation of Hamas, as that was the core Israeli condition for the so-called “peace process”.

Also, the new dispensation in Egypt has invited the Hamas leadership for a dialogue, which itself is unprecedented; now Hamas is set to be integrated into the larger Arab fold.

The 7 million Palestinian Refugees are also all set to march back to their homeland on the 15th of May this year. They are demanding that UN Resolution be implemented; that they be leggaly allowed to return back to their homes; lands from which they were ethnically cleansed in 1948. Imagine the sight when millions of Refugees are peacefully marching back to reclaim their rightful posessions; the impact that would have on global public opinion. The Israeli’s will do all that is within their power resort to dubious means to sabotage this mass uprising.

Also the Siege of Gaza, so cruelly imposed by the Nazi Israeli junta is unsustainable, as now Cairo will allow the flow of humanitarian aid, including construction materials into Gaza. This is a total reversal of the policies of the collaborator Mubarak regime.

Soon again in May, the Second Flotilla is all set to reach the shores of Gaza; break the Israeli Siege. More than 20 ships will set sail from various European ports; after the debacle of the Mavi Marmara masscare wherein Israeli soldiers murdered 10 peace activists, it will be interesting to observe the Israeli response to the coming peace armada.

Thus as we can infer, the Israelis have a series of political challenges; a major crisis looms on the horizon. The Israelis were truly sad to see the end of the Mubarak regime the refrain was that democracy is not applicable to the Arab Muslim world.

This infact is the only card left that the Israelis have, to break their increasing isolation across the world. Today the Israeli leadership stands exposed for the failure of the peace process, the continued building of the Settlement blocks, destruction of Palestinian homes in the West bank; Jerusalem; the inhuman Siege of Gaza.

Just a few days ago on BBC, Netanyahu continued to insist that Jerusalem will remain the unified capital of Israel, the Settlements will carry on unabted  that Israel will maintain control of the Jordan Valley, even though some sort of a Palestinian entity or rather a Bantustan is created. Expectedly on the Refugee issue he refused to compromise. He insisted that Hamas will never be accomodated in any process, despite the fact that Hamas is the democratically elected government. Thus there is not much there to discuss, as there seems no hope at all on the core issues.

Israel also desperately needs to counter the growing momentum & recognition for a Palestinian state by the International community. Today more than 170 nations have recognised a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, as per UN Resolutions International Law this has too set a sense of panic amongst Israel.

The increasing; total isolation was also evident when the US wielded its veto to shamefully bail out Israel on the resolution moved by the Palestinian Authority on the Settlements. It was the US; Israel against the rest of the world.

As the democratic revolutions rage on across the region, Zionist Israel as an Apartheid state, that Occupies the Palestinian nation, supported by the US; other Western powers is now unsustainable & an anathema to global public opinion. Thus israel is increasingly seen in extremely terms across the world, this is despite the fact that they monopolise control the flow of news; information through their myriad media networks, but to no avail.

Thus, It is only a matter of time before the Zionist state collapses withers away, as all colonising projects in history have.

But Israel will wreck a lot of mayhem, terror ; wars before the Palestinians finally do win their freedom. The coming years will witness violence that will be beyond our imagination worst fears.

We now stand at a critical phase of our struggle to liberate Palestine & all of the nations from the forces of Imperialism & Zionism. The final triumph will be that of humanity thus we must persevere on walk unitedly with utmost faith; belief in our hearts.

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