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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bollyn strikes again ! Who Sold the 9/11 Steel for Scrap?

By Chris Bollyn 

I have received many comments from readers about the final chapters of Solving 9/11, which I published on May 20.
Chapter XV - The Destruction of the Evidence

Chapter XVI - Making Sense of the 9/11 Cover Up

The first comment begins with the last paragraph of the last chapter, “Making Sense of the 9/11 Cover Up”:
"As my patriotic duty to my nation and as a service to mankind, I am sharing my insights and the fruits of my research about the 9/11 deception in the hope that by understanding how this evil deception was planned and executed we can liberate ourselves from it and secure a more just and peaceful world for our children."
This statement above describes very well how your work is being received by more and more people, who think and ask relevant questions. All Your efforts and writings are so clear and result in easy to understand reading. Please continue!! Your work is indeed very important!!!!

- a reader in Sweden
- I appreciate your attention to detail and documentation of your research. Your search for truth and justice is very much appreciated.
- Thank you for a work of wonder that generations will talk about in due time. You deserve a purple heart for bravery, and a Pulitzer prize for work that is so distinguished!
- Sincere thanks for all your hard work. The 9/11 truth movement was hijacked from the get-go and you are one of the only people who sought the facts of the matter without limitations.
- Bravo and my most deeply felt admiration for your efforts in rooting out and exposing the facts regarding this treacherous attack on America and our Constitution. In particular I am awed by and profoundly grateful for your persistence and determination in the face of the persecution you have endured in the process. Will this e-book be published in classic hard copy form? I would be most interested to purchase a copy.
- Many, many thanks. Your work on 9-11 (and a whole lot more) has truly been magnificent. You have been the premier investigative journalist on 9-11, the who has perseveringly hammered away at the hard core Israeli/Zionist (and biggest and most important) connection come what may. It should be a real lasting credit to you as well as to your family who no doubt were instrumental in giving you a tremendous amount of loving support through it all.

- You are a hero, and I wish you great success with your monumental achievement. May it be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Otherwise, how much longer must we endure this monstrous deception by a degenerate bunch of crooks who are destroying the world?  Good luck and heartfelt thanks to you. 

Who Sold the 9/11 Steel for Scrap?

May 26, 2011

Andrew J. Naporano, the former president of Metal Management Northeast (formerly Naporano Iron and Metal Co. of Newark, New Jersey), was a consultant involved in selling the structural steel and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap from the World Trade Center after 9/11.  This effort was actually the criminal destruction of crucial evidence from the crime scene disguised as a recovery and clean-up operation.  It is an intrinsic part of the false-flag terror atrocity of 9/11, a crime of historic proportions.
I contacted Mr. Naporano while researching my chapter on the destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center.  Although he did not provide any information at the time, when I finished the two final chapters I sent him a note with links to the material.  He wrote back to me and included a MS Word document, which is his "World Trade Center Job Summary Report" dated August 6, 2002.  I will post Mr. Naporano's report as a link in the endnotes of the chapter. 

This is a very interesting and important document which provides information about how the steel evidence was handled and who was behind the destruction of this crucial evidence.  It explains and clarifies a few key points and also raises a few questions.


Nearly 300,000 tons of structural steel were expected to be recovered from the remains of the World Trade Center but fewer than 200,000 tons were actually found in this form.

The estimates of the amount of structural steel from the World Trade Center in Naporano's report are between 276,800 net tons (LERA) and 309,000 net tons (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers).  As I mention in my chapter, the estimate considered most accurate was that about 280,000 tons of structural steel should have been found in the pile of rubble.

When all was said and done Naporano's report indicates that a total of 198,416 tons of structural steel was recovered and sold as scrap.  This is a discrepancy of at least 80,000 tons of structural steel.  This is a difference of about 30 percent.  That is to say that almost one third of the structural steel from the World Trade Center was not accounted for in the recovery effort.  What happened to the missing 80,000 tons of structural steel? 

These hot dust clouds contained a large amount of the steel that had been vaporized and converted by super-thermite into tiny balls of molten iron.

Naporano says that the New York City Department of Sanitation (DOS) received 1,457,703 net tons of debris, which he estimated may have contained between 2-5 percent scrap steel.  Steel scrap found in this debris would have then been shipped to the Jersey City junkyard of Hugo Neu, which has the scrap contract with the DOS.  We don't know how much structural steel was recovered from the DOS debris, but even if it was 5 percent that would not account for all the missing steel.

What we do know, however, is that a very large amount of structural steel was melted when the thermitic explosive coating was detonated.  This can be seen in the very large amount of iron spheroids found in the dust.  This molten iron was structural steel, such as the 220 steel floor pans, before the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers with the super-thermite found in the dust.

A large amount of structural steel was converted into tiny spheres of molten iron when the thermitic coating was detonated, destroying the steel floor pans and pulverizing the 220 concrete floors of the Twin Towers.

Tons of molten iron poured from the South Tower minutes before it collapsed.  Government-funded researchers were unable to explain how tons of molten iron could have been produced by burning jet fuel.  Molten iron and white smoke (aluminum oxide), like we see here, are the products of a thermitic reaction, which releases a great deal of heat.


Naporano was the consultant for the sales of the steel but he was not in charge.  He explains that the Port Authority (the owner of the World Trade Center) "was overseeing my work."  The Port Authority was then headed by Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg.  Chairman Eisenberg was the key person who had to approve the bids from the seven junkyards bidding on the steel.  Eisenberg was the person who chose the three junkyards that received the evidence from the crime:  Metal Management Northeast, Hugo Neu Schnitzer East, and the smaller Blandford.  All three companies are controlled by Zionists.  

Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the Port Authority in 2001

Eisenberg remained in the key position as chairman of the Port Authority until the end of the 2001.  Eisenberg played a key role in the setting up of the 9/11 terror attacks and in the "clean up" after the explosive demolitions in which nearly 3,000 people were murdered.  Eisenberg had chosen who would get the lease for the towers (the Zionist agents Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy) and to whom the steel would be sold when they were destroyed six weeks later. 

Naporano's report says, "Finally, approval was given to sell to a limited number of buyers (2). (The list was expanded on subsequent bids)."  The three bidders who were chosen by Eisenberg were Metals Management, Inc., Hugo Neu Schnitzer, and Blandford Land Development.  These three companies received a total of 198,416 tons of structural steel from the World Trade Center.  Blandford received the smallest amount, 23,289 tons, while MTLM received 77,832 tons.  Hugo Neu got 97,305 tons of structural steel plus whatever steel was recovered from the debris taken away by the Department of Sanitation plus 150,748 tons of "other ferrous."  All told, Hugo Neu received more than 250,000 tons of ferrous scrap from the World Trade Center.


At the end of Naporano's report he says that the ferrous scrap (steel and iron) brought in $4,269,437.  While scrap prices were low in 2001 (about $70-80 per ton) we can see that the steel scrap from the World Trade Center was sold to the selected junkyards very cheaply.  The total amount of structural steel and ferrous scrap from Ground Zero was 356,984 tons, which was sold for less than $4.3 million.  This means the steel was sold (on average) for less than $12 per ton.  The junkyards then reportedly sold the steel to mills in Asia for $120 per ton - about 10 times more than they paid for it.  What a deal.   

Lastly, Naporano's report raises the issue of discrepancies between the displacement surveys of the barges carrying the steel to the junkyards.  He found that there was a discrepancy of about 5 percent with the displacement tables used to estimate the weight of steel loaded into the DOS barges.  This discrepancy "resulted in the city receiving 95 percent of the value" of the steel sold.  The displacement tables that resulted in the city being cheated out of 5 percent of every load had been provided by Peter Kelman, the marine surveyor for Hugo Neu.

The weight of the steel being sold was determined by displacement tables that Naporano found to be flawed.  The tables came from Peter Kelman, the marine surveyor of Hugo Neu, the largest recipient of WTC steel.
Naporano raised the issue of investigating the displacement tables provided by Kelman.  "Although initially approved, the idea of investigating the DOS displacement tables was then revoked, so I was not able to get to the bottom of the issue", Naporano concluded. 

Naporano's report, which I assume to be correct and true, indicates that Peter Kelman of Hugo Neu had provided flawed displacement tables that short-changed the seller of the steel by 5 percent.  It also indicates that about one third of the structural steel from the World Trade Center is not accounted for under that heading.  A very large amount of structural steel seems to have gone up in smoke and was later found in the dust in the form of tiny droplets of molten iron.  Finally, Naporano's report indicates who was behind choosing the junkyards that would receive the huge amount of steel from the World Trade Center - and how cheaply they got it.

Andrew Naporano seems to be an honest man who wound up working with a gang of criminals involved in destroying the steel from the World Trade Center.  His son served as a U.S. Navy pilot and flew more than 100 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is most ironic that Mr. Naporano was involved in the destruction of evidence, which would have revealed the truth of what happened to the Twin Towers if it had not been destroyed without being examined.  If the steel had been sorted and stored (Naporano's Option No. 2), it would have been scrutinized by steel experts who would have discovered the real cause of the explosive demolitions that killed 3,000 people.  Had this been done and had the crucial steel evidence been treated properly by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI, the younger Naporano would have never been sent on bombing missions in Afghanistan and Iraq and we would be living in a more just and secure world today.


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