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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pakistan suffering the same fate as Iraq for trusting the Western Hegemonists

While the Mughals unified the Subcontinent and called it Hindustan, the British occupiers savagely partitioned the country in its divide and rule strategy, applied to this day through violence and terror.  While Europeans claim Pakistan is allegedly an indispensable ally in their war against the former Taliban rulers of Afghanistan, the US and other European countries are also arming India to the teeth to take on Pakistan and China.  While India has become the biggest importer of arms, so much so for its alleged belief in non-violence, Pakistan has become the prime target of foreign Death Squads, mercenaries and terrorists allowed in by a treacherous Pakistani regime, and they are trying to dismantle the country from within and then put the blame on a fictitious Al Qaeda organisation and its alleged leader Usama bin Laden whose killing was faked on 1st May 2011 when he died on 14th December 2001.

Pakistan has always been in the camp of the United States and other European countries which supported various Pakistani dictators ranging from Zia ul-Haq to Pervez Musharraf, while India was always been armed mainly by the Soviets until recently.  But with the Kashmiris and other peoples in surplus Hindustan, namely India (a British invention), wanting their freedom, the Indian army has been learning the gruesome techniques of occupation from the West Europeans, mainly from the US and Israel, especially sharing the Israeli techniques how to hold a population hostage.  India has over 800,000 troops in Kashmir and mass killings, mass graves and other human rights violations abound, to which the UN always turn a blind eye, while foreign so-called military advisers are allowed to roam freely in India, many of whom are reported to be behind the 26th of November 2008 Mumbai attack, but the blame was quickly put on Pakistan and the Kashmiri freedom fighters. Apart from one terrorist (a patsy) who wore the sacred Hindu wrist band (nana chhadi) and who was allegedly caught and identified as a Pakistani who originally denied all charges but was later tortured to confess to every single allegation, none of the other 11 Mumbai terrorists, many of whom were gorah (white), has been identified to this day.

The ordeal of Pakistanis
Pakistan is also suffering the same fate but in reverse.  While the West European mercenaries in India are working for the Indian government and staging false flag operations to provoke wars and to oppress minorities in India, those in Pakistan are working against the Pakistani government and its people.  The 11 ‘Muslim preachers’ arrested in January 2000 by Indian Intelligence for hijacking conspiracy turned out to be Israeli nationals sent with false passports to infiltrate Muslim organisations in India and were released.  Similarly, around 200 Israeli operatives arrested in the US before and after 9/11 were also released.

The Pakistani government allowed the US and other NATO countries to use its country to arm and finance the Taliban and Usama bin Laden and his teams, to fight the Russian occupiers of Afghanistan.  The frequent meetings of Zbigniew Brzezinski, US Security Advisor (1977-1981), and the CIA with the Taliban and Usama bin laden are well documented. Many were on the CIA database called Al Qaeda.  When the Afghans and Bin Laden turned against the US because of its double standards, duality and deceit, they used the attacks of 9/11 caused by what several European-Americans described as military planes without windows which sliced into the WTC, and a missile attack against the Pentagon, as an excuse to immediately blame bin Laden and to invade Afghanistan to murder him even though no evidence was ever produced.  Pakistan under US-backed dictator Musharraf opened its doors to the US to turn against the Taliban they once supported with the US.

Like Iraq, Pakistan turned its guns on its own people and allowed US drones to bomb the country.  Since 2001, over 35,000 Pakistani men, women and children have been murdered with no justice in sight.  CIA agents and BlackwaterXe (a Mosanto holding) mercenaries flooded Pakistan and killed Pakistanis with impunity.  One mercenary in the name of Raymond Davis who murdered Pakistanis was caught and brought to justice, but a corrupt Pakistani justice system made a deal with the CIA and allowed him to walk free.  The Pakistani ISI secret service has for years been spying on Pakistanis on behalf of the CIA with whom they shared intelligence.  It was this ‘intelligence’ which allowed the US to attack Pakistan on 1st May 2011 on the Geronimo operation in Abbottabad allegedly to execute Usama bin Laden allegedly without the knowledge of the Pakistani government.  Again, no proof of the alleged killing or the dead body of bin Laden, allegedly dumped in the sea a few hours after his ‘execution’, was ever produced, except some fake dead pictures (May 2011) and videos already released in 2004 and 2007 by the CIA.

Instead of asking for proof, the Pakistani government “welcomes” the alleged killing on its soil when the US confessed to having violated the sovereignty of Pakistan.  Pakistan never lodged a complaint to the UN (What good is this organisation, anyway?) seeking the condemnation of the US for what is clearly an act of war against Pakistan nor did she recall her Ambassadors from the US and expel the US diplomatic staff stationed in Pakistan.  The Pakistani government is clearly guilty of treachery and treason for condoning such foreign action in Pakistan.  But instead of thanking their Pakistani allies in their war on terror, which was really a war of terror, the US decided to blame Pakistan for harbouring Usama bin Laden, an alleged terrorist wanted by the US (owners of the world).  Instead of denying that bin Laden was ever found in Pakistan because he was already dead, the Pakistani regime went on the defensive without asking any proof and played their game, perhaps in exchange for more US dollars.  This is another living proof how the US thrusts the dagger in the chest of Pakistan at every opportunity, even when the Pakistani successive governments have been licking their boots.  The corrupt Pakistani leadership has reduced the Pakistani people to worms to be trampled upon.

The resolution on 13th May 2011 by Pakistani lawmakers demanding an end to US drone attacks in Pakistan and an independent investigation into the Abbottabad US unilateral Geronimo operation may well have come too late and may well be a delaying device frequently used by West Europeans.  The Pakistani people want firm immediate action against the US.

People should be made aware  that on 18th January 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said : « I think now, frankly, he is dead ». In October 2002, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN that « I would come to believe that (Bin Laden) probably is dead ». Benazir Bhutto also confirmed bin Laden’s death on Al Jazeerah on 2nd November 2007, and she was assassinated in December the same year, that is, a few weeks later.  President Obama’s announcement of the death of bin Laden would be his ninth death.

But propaganda wants the ‘world’ to believe that bin Laden was indeed killed on 1st May 2011, that the non-existent Al-Qaeda also confirmed the same, that the recent attacks (13th May 2010) against a paramilitary academy in Pakistan by alleged ‘suicide-bombers’ killing over 80 was in retaliation to the ‘killing’ of bin Laden when President Barrack H Obama told the world he thinks he owns that the world is a « safer place » now that bin Laden has been killed (on 1st May 2011).  If the attacks on the Pakistani academy were revenge attacks over the alleged killing of bin Laden, what about the thousands of attacks carried out in Pakistan over the last 10 years?  What revenge were they for?  It is not difficult to see how the West European media propaganda works.  Although there may well be a few who fell victim to such propaganda, all those reports alleging they are revenge attacks by the ‘Pakistani Taliban’ are unsubstantiated.  Why are they not the usual attacks by US terror forces, given that they hold Pakistan responsible for ‘harbouring’ Usama bin Laden?

Successive Pakistani governments have soiled their land by allowing those who are bent on the destruction of Pakistan to infiltrate their country.  The Pakistani regime is one of the most corrupt in the world and their hands are chained to the US dollars as they are bought one by one just like in the regime of the Shah of Iran or that of Mubarak’s Egypt.  They are prepared to sell their souls to the enemy, something even India, in spite of her endemic problems, is not prepared to do.  Sooner or later, Pakistan is bound to explode to serve the interests of their European masters.  Only the Pakistani people can save their country from such an apocalypse.

M Rafic Soormally
14 May 2011

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