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Thursday, June 23, 2011

« Murderous assault by the United States, UN and NATO on the people of Libya », Ramsay Clark

 That the UN is under the grip and manipulation of the US and its other European allies, including Israel, Australia and Canada, is not in doubt.  After Muammar al-Gadhafi’s Libya befriended the Europeans with the instigation and help of European agent Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Gadhafi signed many oil and other deals worth billions of dollars with the US and other European countries.  Overnight, Gadhafi became a ‘pop star’, but not as nearly a pop star like Nelson Mandela, rubbing shoulders with President Barack Obama of the US, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, PM Silvio Burlusconi of Italy, former British PM Tony Blair, and more.  The British Prince Andrew even secretly met Gadhafi (Daily Mail 20 March 2011).  Gadhafi even financed the elections of Nicholas Sarkozy and invested billions of dollars of the Libyan people’s money in banks such as Goldman Sachs and Société Générale of France, as reported and clearly outlined on Russia Today (RT).

French (Nato) missile destroys building in Tripoli murdering civilians
(including children) whose pictures are too gruesome to show

Even though the US branded Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi a « mad dog », the US ensured that Libya was admitted as a member of the UN Human Rights Council in May 2010, only to have the country expelled in early 2011 when things turned sour and a minority of Libyans revolted against the pro-US Gadhafi regime exacting, not the common corrupt and war-mongering democracy, but freedom, justice, fairness and an end to the interference by Zionist and pro-Zionist European regimes.  Such African Arab revolt for freedom, which started in Tunisia and Egypt, whether in North Africa or elsewhere in the Middle East, such as Yemen, Bahrain and Syria, has all the same theme.  It has been nicknamed the « Arab Spring », although many analysts consider the uprising in Libya as different because no revolution took root since only a minority of rebels were involved.

While the US open support of the Hosni Mubarak tyrannical regime during the unfinished Egyptian Revolution backfired, they made sure they sided with the rebels in Libya, rebels which Gadhafi referred to as Al Qaida (a non-existent organisation) like his US masters usually do to justify bombings, property destruction and murders of civilians, men, women and children alike, thousands of miles from the shores of the US.  While Gadhafi vowed to root out those alleged armed Al Qaida rebels zenga-zenga, that is, street by street, like her European allies normally do, to his dismay, his allies decided to interpret this as a threat to ‘civilians’.  Gadhafi was accused of threatening to kill his own people and Britain and France, with whom Gadhafi signed so many deals and invested so many billions of dollars, pushed for a UN resolution for a no-fly zone over Libya in order to ‘protect civilians’.  The UN had also appointed the Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is really a European Court in the Hague, to establish if there were grounds for investigation into alleged crackdown on civilians in Libya.  In just 48 hours, Ocampo conveniently replied in the affirmative.  But no shred of evidence was produced to show that Gadhafi was even planning to kill civilians, let alone killed any.

In his speech, the UN President Ban Ki-moon also pushed for a resolution against Libya, not based on evidence from any UN fact finding mission which never took place, but based on uncorroborated « reports » from the European Zionist-controlled media and bias organisations like the European Human Rights Watch and the ICC. This clearly demonstrates what Ban Ki-moon, who has been newly re-elected UN President, really stands for. Civilised countries should seriously consider pulling out of the UN unless it is fundamentally reformed.  As it stands, the UN has clearly lost its right to exist.

UN Resolution 1973 does not cover armed rebels
On 17th March 2011, with the abstentions of Russia and China (who probably saw Gadhafi as a US agent), and three other countries, the UN passed Resolution 1973 which authorises the implementation of a no-fly zone over Libya to protect civilians and, in the context of the said no-fly zone, to take « all necessary measures » to protect civilians under threat of attack.  The resolution excluded any ground invasion, nor did it advocate siding with or arming the rebels or regime change in Libya.  But no hostile aircraft threatening civilians ever took off.  Nevertheless, with France taking a swift lead, US-Nato forces bombed the infra-structure of Libya murdering hundreds of civilians in the process, which they grotesquely refer to as « collateral damage ».  They set out to change the regime and to assassinate Muammar Gadhafi and his family, and did succeed in murdering one of his sons and three of his grandchildren.  They even trained and armed the rebels to overthrow Gadhafi.  The people of Benghazi accused the US-armed rebels of atrocities.

The UN effectively sanctioned the killing of Libyan civilians, assassinations and regime change in Libya.  In a Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel on 15th June 2011, Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan exposed the US-Nato criminal war on Africa Libya, and blasts the « Coalition of Demons ».  At the same conference, Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General speaks of the « Murderous assault by the United States, UN and NATO on the people of Libya », while Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer refers to « the imperialist aggression in our homeland, Africa » and to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s chessboard that Africa is the « focal point for the Empire’s re-colonisation ». Speaking live to the Conference from Tripoli, Activist Cynthia McKinney, former Congress Woman from Georgia, confirms how she witnessed « NATO terror » on the people of Libya.

In blatant contravention of Resolution 1973, the relentless bombing of Libya has been going on for three months with immense property destruction and loss of civilian life, all with the complicity of the UN.  Ban Ki-moon who allowed the massacres in and wanton destruction of Libya to go on, makes no comments about sending in a fact-finding mission.  As the situation stands, the Gadhafi government is not fighting civilians, but armed rebels supported and armed by US-Nato, and they do not come under Resolution 1973.  This is how the US-Nato Alliance distorted the meaning of the resolution in order to murder and plunder oil-rich Libya, on whose resources they rely so much, not to mention the freezing (stealing) of the billions of dollars of Libyan assets in their banks and elsewhere just like they stole the assets of the Iranian people after the overthrow of the US stooge Shah Reza Pahlavi in 1979.  The US-backed Saudis better watch out for the Arabian assets when people start rising against their tyranny!  Although Russia is wrong to ask Gadhafi to step down, Russia has been denouncing US-Nato contravention of the UN Resolution 1973 for several months and been asking for a political solution by the Libyan people without outside interference.  The UN should set aside resolution 1973 for clear breach and in order to alleviate the suffering of the Libyan people, a suffering which never existed under Gadhafi.

Strides of Muammar al-Gadhafi
In a bloodless coup in 1969, Muammar Gadhafi replaced US-backed dictator King Idris who was sucking the blood of his people, nationalised oil and pushed the British and the US out of Libya.  This is how he became an enemy of the European West and was demonised by them.  When Iranian PM Mosaddegh nationalised oil, the CIA-MI6 overthrew his democratic government in 1953 in Operation Ajax.  Gadhafi did not use people’s money to build palaces as he lived in a tent.  He built thousands of homes, schools and hospitals for his people, and built an appropriate infrastructure to support his people.  No one is homeless and poverty was almost non-existent, until now under the bombings.  For his parents, who also lived in a tent, he said that they would not be housed until every Libyan has a roof over their head; he kept that promise.  Crime rate is the lowest in the world.  This does not mean that there is no dissatisfaction in Libya, but this is an internal matter.  In 1999, Gadhafi even put forward the concept of the United States of Africa and he became a model for other African states.  But, with the intervention of European agent Nelson Mandela, who once described Gadhafi as one of the « 20th century greatest freedom fighters », Gadhafi was lured into the arms of his bitter enemies, who tried to assassinate him in 1986, in attempt to get the 10-year West European economic sanctions lifted.  Today, we witness the results of Gadhafi’s faux pas.  His country is being destroyed by European Warlords and warmongers.  There is no Libyan revolution.

While US-Nato were quick to bomb Libya to ensure they benefit from its oil and to use the bombing to steal the billions of dollars belonging to the Libyan people, they drag their feet against the uprising in Bahrain and the murder of civilians by the Bahraini tyrannical regime, a Sunni pro-US minority while the population is 70% Shia.  As a counter-revolutionary measure, the US even arranged for their allies, the Saudi tyrants, to send in troops to Bahrain to quell the revolt with brute force.  In reality, behind the scenes, the US is leading counter revolution in particular Arab and North African countries to sustain pro-US regimes. On 7 June 2011, the US allowed the IMF to loan US$ 3 billion to Egypt in order to keep Mubarak’s men in the pyramid of power.  This is clearly a bribe as no elections have yet been held and the same regime is still in power.   The US also supported the Yemeni President Dictator, Abu Abdullah Saleh, against the protestors seeking freedom and justice, killing hundreds of civilians in the process.  After Saleh was hurt in an attack, the US sent in its drones from a secret base in Gulf, to kill even more civilians (Al Qaida!) who are seeking freedom from tyranny.  People would recall that the US also armed and supported Sadam Hussein of Iraq and Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran in the killings of their own people.  Throughout their bloody imperial history, European countries are well-known for the callous murder of civilians, the destruction of their way of life in order to impose their own and to plunder their riches, be it gold, diamond, uranium, oil, gas, and so on.  The US and its European allies have absolutely no lesson to give the world in the protection of human rights and the protection of civilians.  They are the ones who should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Through a complicit UN, the US disarmed Saddam Hussein of Iraq in order to make it easier for them to invade the country and install a regime of their liking.  Similarly, through their goodwill ambassador Nelson Mandela, Gadhafi was persuaded to give up his weapons so important for the defence of Libya.  The result we see today is that this has made it much easier for US-Nato to bomb the country, kill its people and destroy its infrastructure.  Nelson Mandela is nowhere to be heard.  For years, the US has been leading a similar campaign for Iran to give up her rights to nuclear energy which technology they fear could be used by Iran to better defend herself against attack, like the one mounted in the 1980’s by a pro-US Saddam Hussein.

M Rafic Soormally
23 June 2011

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