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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Israel, Cameron, Coulson, the strange death of Christopher Shale, the next nuclear 9/11 and Murdoch's spying network, behind the News of the World

Major Spy Scandal Suppressed: Murdoch’s “Hackers” National Security Threat

 David Cameron UK prime minister, former PM's top aid Andy Coulson, Ruppert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks, former chief editor of the News of the World. (Israeli stooges very well represented in this photoshopped picture)

Wiretapped:  Police, Security Agencies, Political Leaders, Military…and Some Other Folks

By Gordon Duff, 


A week or so ago, I was at a meeting with the intelligence chief of a major American ally.  With me were good friends, experts in counter-terrorism, surveillance and political intelligence, former top level members of American “alphabet soup” agencies.

Nothing sinister was going on.  There was a problem to be addressed, very real terrorism and a very real threat against a democratic government.  The solutions involved training, technical support and the use of highly classified equipment.

This same equipment, these same capabilities are being used in Britain, we were told, against celebrities.  Then we found the parents of a poor dead girl were victimized, the families of dead servicemen and, finally, police, government and security officials.  What was uncovered was a massive espionage operation using the world’s largest news organization as cover, an organization operating against every free government in the world.

What we found was a story that will never be told anywhere but here.

Let’s take a second and talk about “hacking.”  You don’t “hack” a mobile telephone.  You wiretap.  This is a huge legal difference.  Both are illegal but wiretapping is far more serious.  When done in the name of “national security,” it is subject to abuse and a huge threat to any democratic system.  When used by others, it is called spying.

The case in Britain, reported by the criminals themselves, yes, that’s right, the newspapers that were caught also own the news agencies that report the news.  It goes further, the newspapers and news agencies responsible for the “not so innocent” and “not so limited” spying activities aren’t simply independent companies.  They are owned by Rupert Murdoch and operated as part of the intelligence agencies of the State of Israel.  Murdoch, an Israeli, a fact not known to many, is the most powerful media mogul in the world.  His corporations own, not just Fox News, but networks, magazines, websites and newspapers around the world, the biggest, the most scandalous, the most biased and the most politically extreme.

They are also mechanisms for an Israeli intelligence operation using their vast resources to control governments, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Greece, so many governments.  Spying operations such as the one uncovered in Britain are part of that capability.

Is this a danger?  Should we allow it because, as we hear every few minutes,
“(Nuclear) Israel is in danger of being pushed into the sea by armies of Muslim fanatics.”
Let’s take a second and talk about an Israeli spy doing life in prison.  His name is Jonathan Pollard.  He worked for the US Navy but spied for Israel.  Israel and American politicians ‘friendly’ to Israel demand his release every year. 

This is what his crimes are claimed to be:
Pollard stole information on Palestinian terror camps and passed it on to Israel
Why then, with the tremendous pressure the powerful Israeli lobby puts on the US, does the US military and the various intelligence and law enforcement agencies insist Pollard die in prison?  The answer is simple.  What Israel and Barney Frank and friends say about Pollard’s crimes is a lie.  This is what Pollard did:
At the height of the Cold War, Pollard accessed and passed on this information:
  • NATO defense plans against a Soviet/Eastern Bloc attack
  • Exact locations of all American strategic nuclear forces
  • Names of all American intelligence agents and assets operating in nations “unfriendly” to the United States
  • Technical plans for advanced nuclear weapons and missile guidance systems
  • Everything else…
This information was given to Israel and directly transferred to the Soviet Union.  It is believed that tens of thousands of Russian Jews and selected “others” were allowed to emigrate to Israel in exchange.  Other considerations, financial in nature, were part of the deal.
What did Pollard cost the United States?
  • Estimates indicate that 1,100 people died because of Pollard, tortured and executed or died in Soviet gulags.  These people were America’s “eyes and ears,” the heart of our intelligence community during the most dangerous period, thus far, in the history of the world.

  • Billions of dollars of technology was transferred to the Soviet Union, pushing some of their defense sectors forward more than a decade.
  • Pollard nearly caused World War III.
This is why he is still in jail.

The “spin,” from Israel, from the Murdoch “press machine” and from Israel’s friends in congress, demands Pollard’s release.  Much of the “leverage” behind this push, the push toward an attack on Iran, manipulation of American public opinion on Libya, on the Palestinian issues and the other areas is likely from “information” gained by illegal electronic eavesdropping, “wiretapping” done under the guise of “journalism.”

The “front” or “durable cover” for these spy activities is “news.”  The ‘news,” of course, is “dirt” for scandal rags, not really news at all.
The issue from a national security standpoint is that the news agencies themselves are directly affiliated with the same intelligence agencies tied to Pollard and now being tied to 9/11.

These “shadow” Israeli owned news agencies that we know as Fox News or the Wall Street Journal are part of a robust operational capability, intelligence gathering, propaganda and broad political infiltration.

The entire concept of “neocon” is another expression of a partnership between the Israel lobby, Israeli run news organizations in the US and right wing extremists responsible for looking the other way on 9/11, for looking the other way when the economy was looted, for looking the other way when constitutional rights were suspended or elections rigged or phony wars planned and executed or when the United States took over Afghanistan in order to set up an opium farm to control 92% of the world’s heroin business.

Let’s talk eavesdropping.  Let’s talk about the equipment that Rupert Murdoch gets for his reporters.

Back in that meeting with a national intelligence chief, accessing such equipment was on the table.  There were a couple of sources, one in Israel and one elsewhere.  The equipment has legitimate counter-intelligence uses and is available to police and intelligence agencies.  These are systems that can wiretap mobile phones and text messages over large areas.  One such piece of equipment manages “slave” units, receiver and transmitter units that can be used to intercept calls and messages over many miles and many hundreds of phones.

This is how the equipment at this level, the things “reporters” keep in their car in London, has to be demonstrated and purchased:
The country purchasing this equipment sends technical experts to a third country.  These experts enter the embassy of the producer nation and the equipment is demonstrated.  It is then paid for in cash, some units cost up to $2.5 million each, and transferred to the embassy of the purchasing nation.

The units are then transferred to the end users by diplomatic courier.
These things aren’t made in Britain.  They can’t be imported.  They can only be smuggled into the country, the act of doing so is espionage. The US has dozens of these units.  They are with the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and other such organizations.  The use of these units under FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) was found to be illegal, a violation of constitutional rights.

This is when used by the NSA, not by “reporters” or “anti-defamation” groups.
When James O’Keefe of “Acorn” fame was picked up for breaking into a congresswoman’s office, one of these units was seized.  O’Keefe was trained in Israel.

One of the services offered “Israel friendly” members of congress, other than a deluge of laundered drug money for their campaigns is the services of clandestine intelligence agents using highly classified and illegal surveillance equipment smuggled into the United States to spy on their opponents.

These units are also used to spy on law enforcement organizations, as in Britain, tasked with investigating political corruption.  This is called “counter-intelligence” by some.  Others call it “perversion of the course of justice.”

Remember, the spying on celeb’s is the “cover.”  As long as you are intercepting Tiger Wood’s text messages, you can spy on the FBI or Special Branch all day long.

In Britain it went further, investigators at Scotland Yard received bribes to suppress the initial investigations.  If it went on there, it is going on here.

When the story was still being successfully managed as “celeb phone hacking” and not national security level espionage,  the genie was ‘still in the bottle.’

Now we have another story but nobody we can trust to report it, nobody we can trust to investigate it, not in Britain and not in the United States.

What we have is simple.  Embassies are bringing in highly classified and restricted equipment that can only legally be used by security agencies under strict supervision (ouch) and giving it to “reporters.”  The fun and innocent side is celeb gossip.  The darkside, no longer speculation involves spying and bribing police.

The real issues aren’t about news or celebs or even torturing the families of murder victims of dead soldiers.
The real story is spying, managing false flag terror cells and outwitting police and security agencies.
Here in the US, we call such actions a “clear and present danger.”

These are acts of war.

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