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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The engineered collapse of the West : Wall Street and the City are falling, and 'spontaneous riots' started exactly as the fake 'muslim riots' that took place in France in October-November 2005. Agent provocateurs infiltatred and controlling gangs, drug networks, backed logisticaly by former cops, secret services working for the NATO clandestine terror networks. We are seeing the exact same frame, scenarios, scenes unfolding here in London and now going viral all over the UK

Except local looters, in the actual atmosphere who really benefits?

Update: 10 August 2011, 10H43: Yesterday evening, according to the Murdoch Sky news, 'local residents' patrolled their streets 'to help the police' against the 'rioters, looters'. Now if you have a much deeper look at it, you'll find that these 'patrols' were set up by the NATO-MI5 crusaders of the EDL and former cops, military, SAS, all recruited in the stay behind NATO networks. Now, you have NATO behind the drug-rings networks, hard core of the 'rioters, looters', not all of them, and NATO behind the crusaders of the zionist EDL, this civil war is a huge manipulation to protect the real criminals in power in the UK.

Here is what I've been told and receive as information from different sources during the last 72 hours. I recommend that you read the false flag series for the UK, wrote with Captain Eric May to get the bigger picture. One of my EU top source explained that David Cameron sent messages to Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barak Obama explaining that he will probably have to resign from his position because of the coming explosives revelations involving the British secret services, Ruppert Murdoch, New of The World and the make up of the Iraq War, and consequently the false flag operation 7/7/2005. 

NOWT scandal is just at the very beginning and it is like we said, a huge spying network that has been uncovered since 2009, covered up by the metropolitan police, MOD and the foreign affairs. Our sources explain that basically what is going one is that 'the combination of the austerity, the long economical crisis mainly due to the death of the dollar and the race to control the new transatlantic market between Germany, UK, Washington, and the NOTW scandal tool as a weapon in this open fight between clans' is used by different clans in Washington, London, Brussels to impose more drastic cuts, more austerity measures, emergency-martial law preserve the UK financial role in the 'shaping of the euramerica transatlantic market' in building for 2015, and David Cameron's chance to be re-elected after the government collapse at the fall of the year 2011 because of the Murdoch-Israel spying networks affair. The non intervention of the police and the very slow response, combined with a huge mobility of the 'gangs' is also very suspicious. Obviously 'emergency law' or 'martial law' will see Cameron staying at his place avoiding polls for at least another one year or more.  There was a huge amount of pressure on Nick Clegg to pull out from the government in October, and these riots have the opposite effects. So who really benefits ? 
Remember mossadnik Sarkozy in 2005. Riots were deliberately provoked to build a 'mister Sarkozy security image to the public' and help him to be elected in 2007. Sarkozy was facing the National Front, headed by Jean Marie Le Pen, who said publicly on the TV, that he will win the election in 2007 'if there are massive riots in the French ghettos'.... NATO clandestine terror networks deeply infiltrated in the youth gangs in most of the french cities, mossad made the rest and helped Sarkozy to grab power in 2007. We have similar configuration here in London, where NATO is recruiting and controlling most of the former policemen forces sacked since the 2008 crisis, NATO and mossad are running some of the most important drug gang-rings from local youth to ex-yougoslavia, eastern europe, Nigerian, caribbeans, asian networks. We are talking about 9000  NATO stay behind force in total all over the UK/Ireland, combine this with the fake EDL, another NATO-MI5 front, some fake 'Muslim groups' as well managed by NATO-MI5-RAW-ISI connexions and you have an explosive cocktail the British banksters 'elite' can use at any time 'to impose a full dictatorship'.  These riots have all the trademarks of a stay behind 'strategy of tension' used by NATO, a private terrorist organization working for the highly financial criminals, who created Israel. Now destroying the dollar, creating chaos and pushing for a new transatlantic union, they call NWO for the sake of their new reign over the masses.

Read as well the excellent analogy made by Aangirfan : 



Anon said...

Many thanks for the link. The drugs gangs connection is worth looking at further.

- Aangirfan

Abu-Suleyman said...

have a look here the mossad nato-drug rings begins to appear ... these riots are full manipulation and inncoent followers who riot with the professional criminals are going to pay for it with the people



“Micky English” claims “most of the rioters and looters attacking white people are Asians and blacks”

What I have read, heard and seen on the terrain and during my confrontation with one White Police officer and an Asian Police Constable at the Walthamstow train and tube station on my way to visit my mother, was that the Government, media and Police were behind the riots, burning and looting using Black thugs (and White thugs, I am told), which they persistently refer to the “community”.

While I was having an argument with the White Police Officer, a Black man said something like: Send him back to his country!

Some Blacks were also threatening to target mosques! Those Blacks are controlled by Jewish and Zionist organisations and I have met TERRORISED Muslim youths on the High Street and have even been invited to address them as they said Police refused to help! Turks and Sikhs have formed vigilantes to protect themselves, their families and businesses (and temples), and Black and Asian locals welcomed their initiative.

The plan was meant to lash out at the Muslim community in Britain because of Britrish involvment in wars and terror campaigns against all Muslim countries around the globe. So, this clash is still to be expected. Nicolas Sarkozy attempted a similar coup with the Muslims in France.

I was told that Youtube had posted comments where there were calls to burn down mosques.