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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: In Conversation with Dr Kevin Barrett

In Conversation with Dr Kevin Barrett from pentos films on Vimeo.

Dr Kevin Barrett is a former university lecturer and Muslim convert.He is a member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11 (SPINE) and a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance (MUJCA), established 2004 with the stated aim of improving "interfaith dialogue, coexistence, and understanding" in light of the events of 9/11.

Barrett first received national attention when he introduced Dr. David Ray Griffin at Griffin's lecture in April 2005.

Barrett first drew attention to his views by publishing guest op-eds in the Madison Capital Times, in which he alleged that Muslims had nothing to do with the attacks: "As a Ph.D. Islamologist and Arabist I really hate to say this, but I'll say it anyway: 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam. The war on terror is as phony as the latest Osama bin Laden tape." Barrett has also alleged the 2005 London bombings and the 2004 Madrid bombing appear to have been committed by U.S. or western military intelligence and not Islamic terrorists.

Here he is in conversation with filmmaker, writer and independent researcher, Jonathan Adams​airwaves.htm

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