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Monday, December 19, 2011

« If you are a man [Tantawi], show your power to Israel », shouted Egyptian freedom protestors

Egyptian Junta murder more Egyptians crying for their freedom.  There is no difference between the tyrant Hosni Mubarak and the Junta he put in place.  The Egyptian pro-Israeli military ruler Field Marshal Tantawi’s appointment in November 2011 of Israeli agent Kamal el-Ganzouri, who previously both served under Dictator Mubarak, as Prime Minister, is rejected by Egyptians. The Egyptian junta must retire to barracks as demanded by the people and the corrupt leaders of the Egyptian military must also be replaced and brought to justice for their crimes.

US/Israeli-backed Egyptian Junta spills more blood of Egyptians with UN complicity
as Tantawi’s appointment of Kamal el-Ganzouri as PM is rejected by the people

Inspired by the Tunisian revolution, the Egyptian revolution started in January 2011 demanding the resignation of the then pro-Israel/US President Mubarak who led the country through assassinations and terror and through the manipulations of elections in which he won over 90% of the votes, found to be ‘free and fair’ by a complicit United Nations.  While the tyrant Mubarak finally stepped down and went to his getaway city of Sharm el-Sheik on the Israeli border, he was finally brought to justice by none other than the military which leaders he put in place himself.  While the Saudi family, equally tyrannical rulers of Arabia, gave another tyrant, Tunisian President Ben Ali, asylum, they did not take in Hosni Mubarak, probably realising they would need to give asylum to all the tyrannical rulers in the Arab world which is being swept by revolutions demanding freedom and justice, and certainly not the corrupt, warmongering and equally tyrannical western democratic system bent upon invasions and occupations, murdering hundreds of millions of men, women, children and babies in the process.  To date, nothing much is coming through Mubarak’s farcical trial for his crimes perpetrated against the Egyptian people.

Procrastination and counter-revolution

The strategy of the Egyptian junta, supported by Israel and the US, is to try and wear down the revolution with procrastination in the hope of keeping a Mubarak-style regime in power and safeguarding their positions and spoils.  Like in Bahrain, ruled by the tyrannical Al Khalifa family since 1832 per agreement with the British occupiers at the time, the revolution engine is not running out of steam as they had hoped, and the Egyptian people are demanding for the military junta to be confined to the barracks and be concerned with the defence of Egypt and for a civilian government to be put in place.  The US-controlled IMF offered the junta billions of dollars to prop up the regime, while the UK and other West European countries are providing the junta with so-called crowd-control weapons and ammunitions.  Gas canisters are being injected with nerve gas as we have recently seen in Yemen where a baby was killed by the US/Saudi-backed tyrant Abu Abdullah Saleh.  The Gulf States worked out a dirty plan to give Saleh immunity from prosecution for crimes against humanity, while the people of Yemen reject it.  US, British and Israeli weapons are pouring in to suppress the people.  Saudi troops are in Bahrain killing Bahrainis while MI6 and CIA agents have been invited in the country by Saleh to advise on how to control the minds of the people and how to oppress and torture them in counter-revolutionary measures.  A revolution is already taking place in various parts of Arabia, and the Saudi dictators have ordered the killing of many peaceful demonstrators while the alleged demonstrators in Syria, similar to those in Libya under Ghadafi before Libya was bombed by NATO, killing thousands of civilians, with the blessings of the US-controlled Arab League, and Ghadafi and many members of his family murdered, are armed rebels with weapons flowing in from Western Europe, including the US and Israel.  The US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton even called on the Syrian rebels not to lay down their arms.

What is Egypt’s response to the Zionist Sinai mass murders of Egyptians in 1967?

They murderous Egyptian junta want to cling to power as long as they can as they take their orders from Israel and the US, who are more concerned with the Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel, which is more of a War Treaty Against Palestinians, which Egyptians want to set aside and see the Israeli Embassy in Cairo closed, especially after the murder of four Egyptian soldiers by the European-Israelis (cf. The murder of 24 Pakistani soldiers by European-Americans, occupiers of Afghanistan).  The Egyptian military rulers led by Field Marshal Tantawi (another US-Israeli agent) is not concerned with justice either for the people of Egypt or for the thousands of Egyptians captured by the Zionist State in its aggression of 1967 and murdered in captivity in cold blood.  The 1967 mass murder of unarmed Egyptians by European Israelis has never been investigated by the UN or by the European so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Zionists have not been charged with crimes against humanity.  The junta’s killing of Egyptians should be seen in that light as the Mubarak’s handpicked corrupt military rulers are not concerned with the wishes of the Egyptian people.

A couple of days ago, the junta burned the tents of freedom activists in Tahrir Square, attacked them with tear/nerve gas and killed at least 10, while the UN turned a blind eye.  Russian television broadcasted the bloodletting while other stations like CIA’s Al Jazeera in Qatar, while showing the beatings of unarmed protestors by the military police, suppressed the junta’s bloody violence in its attempt at counter-revolution.  But the Israeli agent Kamal el-Ganzouri, who, in November 2011, was appointed Prime Minister by the Egyptian junta, stated otherwise in a televised press conference arguing that it were the protesters who were the ‘counter-revolutionaries’.  Surely, the freedom protesters’ demand for an immediate handover to civilian rule and rejection of the appointment of Ganzouri (who previously served under Mubarak) as PM cannot be regarded as ‘counter-revolution’!  Since the revolution started, it has become fashionable to sack the Cabinet and appoint new Prime Ministers, albeit by Mubarak or the present military junta, in a calculated ploy to play for time and keep the same tyrants in power.  Moreover, the Dictators and Tyrants of Egypt, Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, are in no position to tell Syria how to run its affairs in fighting armed rebels.

No-fly zone over nuclear-armed Israel?

The United Nations are not talking about a no-fly zone over Egypt, Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen like they did in the case of Libya based on a pack of lies emanating from the West European Zionist-controlled media.  In the case of Yemen, the UN have decided not to act on the clear evidence of civilian-killing by the Saleh regime, but to send in a ‘fact-finding’ mission which the Yemeni people reject because they do not trust the UN and its President, the US stooge Ban Ki Moon who takes his orders from AIPAC.  The Yemeni people know well in advance that this is simply a UN procrastination ploy to keep Dictator Saleh and his regime in power against the wish of the people.  Why do the UN not send a fact-finding mission in Palestine?  On the contrary, Ban Ki Moon finds legal the Israeli siege of Gaza and the oppression and killings of Palestinians from land, air and sea.  Why isn’t there a no-fly zone enforced over nuclear-armed Israel?  Where is Ban Ki Moon?  Why is the UN allowing European-Israelis to steal Palestinian lands day by day?  The UN do not seem to know that « Palestine belongs to Palestinians » and not to Europeans.


The Egyptian people are right to claim freedom and justice and choose their own social, justice and political system without interference from a Judeo-Christian Western Europe which thinks it rules the world and can impose its corrupt, decadent and insanely capitalist system through brutal force and terror in other countries.  The Egyptian freedom protesters shouted down Field Marshal Tantawi by taunting him to turn his power on Israel rather than on the Egyptian people.  The Egyptian junta must retire to barracks as demanded by the people and the corrupt leaders of the Egyptian military must also be replaced and judged for their crimes.  The Arab Middle-Eastern and African countries, as well as Turkey, Iran and Pakistan should withdraw from the double-standard and Zionist-controlled UN and create their own.  They should demand the withdrawal of all West European military personnel from the region and let the people decide on their rulers and their way of life.  They have their own economic, political and justice system which West Europeans have been trying to destroy since the times of the Crusaders, the invasions and stealing of Arab lands, their divisions along sectarian lines in their perennial divide-and-rule strategies and the placing of Dictators, including Kings, Princes and the like, faithful to them to rule over the Arabs.  The Arab people are still under occupation and they are still fighting for their freedom.

M Rafic Soormally
18 December 2011


khalid said...

salam a3likoum y'avais sourate as-saf c qui le réciteur svp car je l'aimait bien ?

Abu-Suleyman said...

Wa3aleykum salaam,

Je ne connais pas le nom du recitateur mais il avait un excellent tajweed...

en cherchant sur youtube surah saf 61 en anglais tu peux retrouver la video mais y a rien sur le recitateur a proprement dit.