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"They plot and plan but ALLAH also plans and ALLAH is the best of Planners." Qur’an VIII – 30

‘’ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين ‘’: قال الله عزَّ وجل

سورة الأنفال

رضيت بالله ربا و بالإسلام دينا و بمحمد صلى الله عليه و سلم نبيا رسولا لا إلـه إلا اللـه ... محمد رسـول اللـه

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Why Greece, Cyprus, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Egypt became major powers after huge sources of gas and oil were discovered on their lands and seas. Now you understand why Israel through Goldman Sachs and Germany is destroying Greece and why Israel wants to destabilise Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq to take full control of all the reserves and the pipelines networks

Update Monday 10 December 2012: Netanyahu is in Syria according to zionist outlets in the West, probably to start chemical false flags in the Damascus region and blame it on the Syrians people, to invade and seize the Golan.  If the operation fails, Netanyahu will be eliminated like Rabin or Sharon by his Londonistan bankster masters. Read here!


The AGP pipeline on this map, connected to the other Muslim pipeline networks from the MENA area would means the end of the anglo-american-zionist jewish domination through the Gulf Council Cooperation zionist artificial states and a new architecture of anti-zionist Muslim peoples coalition (which will get rid of the former puppets, Al Assad, Hussein from Jordan, all the fakes arab sefardim from the Gulf Saudis, Al Nahyane, Al Sabbah, Al Khalifah etc..., all included as the russians are seen as occupants like the americans and no Muslim will accept or tolerate any coloniser), not depending anymore on the Gulf states money. The Gulf states are now useless, that's why we saw the Qatar strategy unfolding in North Africa. The Gulf states are to disappear, but Israel will let them disappear the exact way Libya and Syria as disappearing as states, through enginered civil wars, 'fake revolutions'. Israel is working hard to put in power Bandar Bush in Ryadh so that her strategy of 'sunni-shia' war (developped in Lebanon, Bahrein, Iraq, Kuweit, Yemen, and Eastern Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (Baluchistan), Afghanistan), can be played in 2013, but it is unlikely to succeed after what happened in Gaza last November. That means the end of the Sykes-Picot agreement between, Russia, France, England, USA, Israel and naturally on the ground the end of Europe as we know it and Israel, without any war waged on the Muslim side! As we can now see all these former colonizer countries, fighting hard each other with China strategy in Africa (Sudan, Somalia, North Africa, Sahel) unfolding at a huge pace, destabilising furthermore European colonizer such France, Germany and England, undermining european-israelis networks and real influence on the global economic grounds and then in the worldwide political area as well, that's what we started to see in Gaza-Egypt. Israel has to attack and there is only one way, the butchers of Tel Aviv will attack, by a staggering nuclear 911 in Europe to launch the NATO-West against the re-united Muslim peoples in the MENA area, the Russian in Central Asia, and China in Eastern Asia! (Wa Allah swt 'alam, Abu-Suleyman)

37 billion tons of shale oil stone estimated in the region of Aleppo Khanasser


Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced that the evidence indicates the presence of large quantities of , shale oil stone in the region of Aleppo Khanasser estimated by 37 billion tons with thickness of up to 240 meters and contains a good oily materials with low sulfur content.

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and mineral resources Said during his tour on the site of the exploration project located south east of Aleppo today that the raw stone shale oil, which extends over an area of 150 square kilometers as a first stage could be expanded, pointing out that the stone contains the organic materials of different proportions could be used in power generation, oil and building materials industry, cement and paving roads to achieve significant economic feasibility it.

Allaw explained that excavate the site, encouraging the continuation and expansion to the fact that non-agricultural land in the area, broad, and not inhabited and the work at the site does not cause any environmental problems can be dragged to the project water from the Euphrates River.

The Minister added that currently are completing the excavation work for the first phase of the project, which includes 48 wells were completed of which 23 wells spacing longitudinally 2 km far as the 25 wells of other work will begin its completion next year, pointing out that this site will give the best indicators in terms of thickness and stone content the oil and the economic feasibility of investment.

He called to intensify efforts in drilling operations and increase the number of rigs in the coming period to achieve ratios greater volumes of business and move to other areas decided to drill until the completion of the project emphasizing the study placed water Active indicating that this site is the best site in Syria to extract the raw stone Shale oil.

And then he briefed on the operations of drilling and sampling of raw stone.

In his turn, geological Munir Rayhan Project Manager gave a presentation on progress of work-site during the two excavators efforts and national experiences for all workers from the work of the technical survey and geological studies, drilling, chemical analysis and membership of the stone indicating the importance of the project in access to energy and mining, investment and contribute to the achievement of comprehensive development.

Sources of the General Establishment for Geology and Mineral Resources said that The importance of raw shale oil shale is part of the growing demand for energy and direction of government to search for alternative sources of oil in order to secure the requirements of development projects in the long run of power in Syria.

Given the importance of the existence of large reserves of rock shale oil n Syrian territory could be used in the energy strategy to meet the necessities of development projects of electric power by the General Establishment of Geology and Mineral Resources, the work of the initial deposition shale oil in an area Khanasser south-east of Aleppo where indicated by data mining the presence of good content of the oil in the samples ranged from 9.6 -9.7 percent and the value of thermal and reached more than 6452 J / g, according to results of the analysis carried out in the laboratories of Estonia and the reserve can be expected to reach billions of tons.

Based on these results ,the Foundation has developed a strategic plan to reach the evaluation of these materials and the preparation of a cost-effective to put to invest in mid-2012 from a number of facts is that electricity production from shale oil shale economic process and the results are clear extensively as well as the power plants of the Shale oil shale works closed water circuit does not need additional amounts of water compared with the crude distillation plants.

On the environmental side, the containment of shale oil oxide, calcium reacts with sulfur forming a plaster to ease the pollution dramatically while the industrial side could benefit from a large part of ash resulting from burning cement industry in particular the existence of raw materials necessary for this industry in the location and quality the best of shale oil shale containing a high percentage of oil and geothermal energy has brought the importance of research to exploit the serious raw shale oil in Syria, by comparing the results arrived at the results of studies of raw shale oil shale in Jordan, Palestine, Morocco and China.

The reconnaissance operations to start this project started in the last quarter of 2008

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