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9-11 and the Elders of Zion

By Christopher bollyn,

I am currently working on the next chapter of Solving 9-11, "9-11 and the Elders of Zion."

This chapter will focus on the secret Jewish network which is behind the crimes of 9-11 -- and the cover-up -- and the illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East.

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The fact that all of the key players in the sordid 9-11 saga are Zionist Jews has already been established and proven. What needs to be proven and clarified is how the conspirators are connected in a secret criminal cabal. This will identify the true architects – and culprits - of the crime of the century.

This chapter will do that by identifying the secret network which connects all the key players of 9-11. By exposing the connections between the main actors it can be proven that there is a secret Zionist brotherhood to which the terror architects of 9-11 all belong.

Apart from the very obvious culprits, like the World Trade Center lease holders Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, and former Asst. Attorney General Michael Chertoff, the key players include media moguls, high officials at the U.S. Departments of Defense and Justice, directors of the "investigation" agencies of the FBI and the NTSB, and the power brokers in both political parties.

The Zionist brotherhood is very well entrenched in the USA.

The Zionist secret brotherhood of B'nai B'rith, for example, has been controlling the United States government and deceiving the American people for generations. This is the Jewish secret society that we are up against. This is the parent organization of the Anti-Defamation League and Hillel, which has influence on every college campus in America.

See: "The 9-11 Fairy Tale and the Elders of Zion," April 5, 2008
(about half-way down the page)


The false flag terrorism of 9-11, the subsequent cover-up, and the fraudulent "War on Terror" are all products of the Zionist crimocracy that is running (and ruining) the USA. 9-11 is the most conspicuous "tip of the iceberg" and provides an excellent case study of how this deeply entrenched secret Jewish brotherhood works. In the same way, Israel is the tip of the international Zionist network. It functions as their ghetto, their fortress, and their ultimate refuge when they are caught doing their crimes.

The 9-11 conspirators do not simply hold warm and fuzzy common beliefs about Israel, their "Jewish homeland" in Palestine, and meet at Jewish and Zionist functions. These criminals belong to a secret organization to which they have sworn their allegiance and life-long dedication. Many of them are American or British Jews who have no obvious connection with Israel while others are Israelis by birth. Sometimes they are both.

Rabbi Dov Solomon Zakheim and Michael Chertoff, for example, belong to that group of 9-11 conspirators who appear to be senior American officials but are actually Israeli agents working against the American republic and people.

Dov Zakheim has served more than two decades at the highest level of the Dept. of Defense, since the Reagan administration came to power in 1981. Before that he was at the Congressional Budget Office in the department overseeing National Security and International Affairs from 1975 until 1981. More recently, as the deputy CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton, Zakheim has been promoting the same Israeli-controlled information technology, read "spyware", in the Arab world that he pushed on the U.S. government and military. These Israeli enterprise software products, like Ptech and Mitre, were key to the execution of 9-11.

Zakheim played the role of "the fox in the henhouse" when he served as Under Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. He was instrumental to laying the groundwork for the giant false flag terror attacks of 9-11. He also facilitated the appointment of the Israeli Amit Yoran to control cyber-security for the Dept. of Defense. (The people in the U.S. military obviously can't tell friend from a deadly foe.)

Michael Chertoff ran the Criminal Division at the Dept. of Justice prior to and after 9-11. Chertoff is also the person who provided the list of the 19 suspected hijackers and the primary author of the fraudulently named USA PATRIOT Act, the legislation which greatly advanced the police state in America.

Chertoff and Zakheim are clearly not acting on their own. They belong to a secret Zionist organization that has advanced them and which they, in turn, are sworn to protect and advance. This secret Jewish brotherhood committed the crimes of 9-11, controlled the investigation, and "interpreted" the events for the world through their controlled media outlets.

This secret brotherhood controls virtually all of the media in the United States, including most of the alternative media. This is the most important aspect of Zionist control because through the media they are able to control what Americans think and believe.


There is a good article about Dov Zakheim by Ryan Rumpole in the Free American of November 2007 (see page 22).


Rumpole wrote that Zakheim is a citizen of the State of Israel (without documenting his claim) and says, "How a citizen of Israel can serve as Comptroller of America’s central defense establishment is a question I shall leave to others for comment."

Because Zakheim is indeed a key suspect in the 9-11 crime, I have tried to find out exactly who this rabbi who controlled the budget at the Dept. of Defense is.

Let's start from what we know about Zakheim.

Zakheim is mentioned in about 30 different series of Who's Who (Marquis). This is what his Who's Who entry, which is information provided by Zakheim, says:

Dov Solomon Zakheim

Occupation: economist, former federal agency administrator

Born: December 18, 1948


Student, London School Econs., 1968—1969

BA summa cum laude, Columbia University, New York City, 1970

DPhil, Oxford University, England, 1974


Research fellow St. Antony's College Oxford University, 1974; assistant to managing director U.K. branch International Credit Bank Geneva, 1974-75; associate analyst National Security and International Affairs Congl. Budget Office, Washington, 1975-78, principal analyst, 1978-81; special assistant to assistant secretary for international security policy US Department Defense, 1981-82, special assistant to under secretary, 1982-83, assistant under secretary for policy & resources), 1983-85, deputy under secretary for planning & resources, 1985-87; executive vice president Systems Planning Corp., Arlington, Virginia, 1987-90, corp. vice president, 1990-2001; CEO SPC Int Inc, 1998—2001; under-sec. (comptroller) & CFO US Department Defense, Washington, 2001—2004; vice president Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, Virginia, 2004—

Career Related

Consultant to secretary defense and undersec. defense, 1987—2000, 2004—; adjunct professor National Defense University, 1992, Columbia University, 1995—1996, Yeshiva University, 1995—1996; adj professor, presidential fellow Trinity College, Connecticut, 1998; guest lecturer War College

Creative Works

Author: (book) Flight of the Lavi; contributor articles to profl jours


Fellow, National Science Foundation, 1970—73, Kellet, Columbia Col, 1974


Mem US Comn Preservation Am's Heritage Abroad, 1991—1995; member board visitors Department Defense Overseas Regulatory Ctrs., 1998—2001; member Department Defense Business Board, 2004—, Chief Naval Operations Executive Panel, 2004—; mem Secy Def Task Force Def Reform; mem bd deps Brit Jews, 1971—1972; mem Chief Rabbi's Chaplaincy Bd, England, 1971—1972; bd dirs Friends of Jewish Chapel, US Naval Acad, 1997—


Mem.: Royal Inst Int Affairs (UK), Int Inst Strategic Studies, Coun Foreign Relations, Cosmos Club, Columbia Club, United Oxford and Cambridge Univ Club, Phi Beta Kappa


Son of Zvi Hirsh and Bella (Rabinowitz) Zakheim; Married Barbara Jane Portnoi, August 20, 1972 (div. 1990); children: Keith Samuel, Roger Israel, Scott Elisha; Married Deborah Bing Lowy, May 26, 1991.


Home: 817 Lamberton Dr Silver Spring MD 20902-3038 Office: Booz Allen Hamilton 8283 Greensboro Dr Mc Lean VA 22102

Contact Information

Office Phone: (703) 902-7000

What is most conspicuous in Zakheim's biographical sketch is that he has omitted mentioning where he was born. It's not that this is just an oversight on his part. He did not want to say where he was born. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the person who has had immense influence on the U.S. military since the mid-1970s, simply does not want the public to know where he was born.

Why? If he was born in Brooklyn, why does he not say so? (Hint: He was not born in the USA.)


The first clue is his first name, Dov. This is not an American name, even among Jews. Dov is an Israeli name that means bear. (He is certainly no bear but is probably quite hairy.)

The second clue is his father's name, Zvi. Zvi (Tsvi) is a typical Israeli name and means gazelle in Hebrew. Nobody in America or Britain names their child Zvi. For that matter, even his father was not named "Zvi."

Zvi Hirsh Zakheim was apparently born something like Harry Giraz Zakheim (probably also not correct) and later changed his name. This is evident from his U.S. Immigration document from August 22, 1950. Where did he immigrate from? This information is not provided, but we have good clues.

Immigrants to America did not change their names to Zvi; immigrants to Israel did. It seems that Harry Zakheim liked animal names. Maybe he visited the zoo in Tel Aviv.

In any case we know that Harry (Zvi) Zakheim and his Bella died after 9-11:

These are the Social Security Notices of Deaths of Zvi and Bella Zakheim:

Name: Zvi H. Zakheim

SSN: 090-24-9112

Last Residence: 11230 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America

Born: 1 Mar 1910

Died: 19 May 2002

State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951 )

Name: Bella Zakheim

SSN: 080-34-6579

Last Residence: 11230 Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Born: 14 Jul 1915

Died: 31 Oct 2006

State (Year) SSN issued: New York

Again, what is very peculiar about these Zakheims is that there are no obituaries for these "New Yorkers" whose son held very high positions in the U.S. government at the time they died. How odd.

There is no obituary in the New York Times or any newspaper in the United States. How can that be?

My guess is that Zvi and Bella Zakheim lived and died in Israel. Their Brooklyn address is not where they lived. Why would they? They were not Americans. There is not a single record of them having lived in America. Not a single mention in any newspaper or even one listing in a census from 1930 or prior.

The Israeli press tells us that Dov Zakheim's son studied at a yeshiva in Israel:

"...former undersecretary of defense Dov Zakheim 's son Reuven spent two years studying at the hesder yeshiva Sha'alvim."

A nice place, I'm sure. Teaching and studying the rabidly anti-Christian Talmud in great detail.

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