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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Israeli Pirates attack and hijack aid ships for occupied Palestine, murder some passengers and ‘deport’ the hostages

Israeli pirates seize aid ship

When the British army occupied Palestine, Palestinians were almost 100% Arabs of whom around 95% were Muslims. The British allowed in Jewish Europeans into the country and, with the complicity of the United Nations, they forcefully allowed Jewish Europeans to take over the country. Palestinians called this NAKBA (the CATASTROPHE). Palestinians were murdered in the hundreds of thousands, removed from their homes and made refugees in nearby Arab countries. The remaining pieces of Palestine found in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza are continuously being encroached upon through land theft and squatting. Those thieves and squatters are armed to the teeth to kill Palestinians men, women and children under the complicit gaze of the Zionist-controlled United Nations.

Since Israel was created in Palestine in 1948, the Palestinian holocaust and genocide have lasted for over half a century. Murders (even of babies), rapes, torture and the abduction of children are daily occurrences. Palestinians are a terrorised people, and this has been going on with the complicity of European regimes, including the United States. The occupiers of Palestine have consistently been trying to subjugate the remaining Palestinians through terror and by keeping them hostages in reserves by building Walls of Apartheid, and enforcing air and sea blockades against them to prevent help from reaching them in Gaza and elsewhere. All those methods are designed to break the will of Palestinians to free themselves from the clutches of terror.

Palestinians do not accept the stealing of their country and it is well within their rights to defend themselves against occupation. However, they are also a desperate and terrorised people in dire need of humanitarian aid. The aid flotilla led by Turkey set out from Cyprus in the Mediterranean on 31 May 2010 but it was attacked by Israeli pirates with grenades and sub-machine guns in international waters. The armed terrorists landed on the ships through well-armed combat helicopters, murdered several of the passengers, hijacked the ships and took all the remaining passengers hostages. They also jammed all communications with the outside world so that the passengers could not SOS for any help and inform the world of the attack. The Israeli pirates alleged that the passengers resisted with ‘sticks’, ‘iron rods’ and ‘knives’. The fuzzy and indiscernible Israeli footage was shown by pro-Israeli BBC which later changed its version alleging that this was taken by Turkish television. In fact, the British media has boycotted all footages showing how the aid ships were attacked. Mihalis Grigoropoulos, a Greek passenger who was on board of a vessel behind the Mavi Marmara, which bore the brunt of the attack, said : « We did not resist at all, we couldn't even if we had wanted to. » On the other hand, pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian news network ITN uses propagandist headlines, such as : « Israel begins deporting pro-Palestinian activists ». The world is bound to condemn such bias reporting in the same way it condemns the Israelis acts of terror and piracy. History shows that White European governments have always been the greatest and most ruthless violators of Human Rights. However, the passengers on the aid flotilla included many European doctors, nurses, retired ambassadors, politicians, journalists, including Israelis and Americans who sympathise with the Palestinian cause. Israelis have been rejoicing the cold-blooded killings on those aid vessels.

Israeli terrorists and pirates have the right to steal Palestinian lands, to illegally blockade a country under illegal occupation, to attack and hijack aid ships in international waters, murder its passengers and take the rest hostage by force and later ‘deport’ them from a country which the passengers never went to and which does not truly belong to the Israeli occupiers either. This is exactly what the Zionist-controlled news networks are effectively telling people in Britain and elsewhere in Europe and the United States. Those networks are from the same countries which supported Apartheid in South Africa, a close ally of Apartheid in Palestine. Israel is armed to the teeth with all sorts of deadly weapons, including a nuclear arsenal provided by its European allies. The United States alone pump billions of dollars every year to support the racist and apartheid regime. To really free Palestine and prevent further atrocities and murders perpetrated by the occupiers of Palestine, the Arab regimes must necessarily wake up. It is believed that Israel had the approval of the US to attack the aid flotilla when the Zionist Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, visited Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel-Aviv on 26 May 2010. The United Nations is powerless as it is a phoney organisation controlled by Zionists and an accomplice in the stealing of Palestine and the exodus of her people.

M Rafic Soormally


2 June 2010 (updated)

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