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Friday, September 23, 2011

BREAKING: Texas City Terror Scare

Update 24 September 2011, 15H54 GMT : Yesterday, we have confirmed reports of 3 israelis arrested in Berlin in relation with  an operation possibly linked to israelis threat over the 'German pope'.  German head of BND is a dual citizen german-israeli, he bowed under pressure. Netanyahu will have to attack Iran now to avoid full recognition of the Palestinian state, which means that his machiah (antichrist-dajjal) won't be able to come, he will stay in his clouds over Jerusalem at the moment. We can confirm that israelis military apparatus is under heavy panic, so we won't be surprised if they launch a surprise attack on Hezbollah and provoke Egypt which army is the weakest of the Middle East cause under corrupt puppets command... to expand the israeli borders, like shown in this map.


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By Captain Eric H. May

HOUSTON, 9/23/11 – Late last night I received this report from a reliable source inside the mammoth BP refinery in Texas City, Texas:

“This morning at 0930, the fire alarms went off at BP, causing an evacuation. Normally BP announces in advance when it is going to have an emergency drill, but in this case employees said that they were surprised. Many said that they were reminded of the unannounced nuclear exercise of 2006, and believe that something is up.”

Nine hours after the emergency drill there was an emergency: the BP, Marathon and Valero refineries experienced power outages. Strange flashes, officially dismissed as flares, lit up the sky throughout Galveston County. It was certainly strange, and the strangest thing of all is that it mirrored identical events involving the same three refineries on April 26 — and again on May 27. Big Oil representatives say it’s merely coincidental, but concerned residents see a highly suspicious pattern, perhaps a set of rehearsals for a staged event.

Other coincidences could suggest that something afoul may be afoot:
  • Israel faces a United Nations General Assembly vote on Palestinian statehood sure to highlight it as an apartheid nation – unless an act of Muslim terror should occur. According to a former Marathon security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet veterans set up the Texas City counterterror program in the wake of 9/11.
  • Both stocks and precious metals markets plummeted yesterday, making outsiders wonder if insiders know that something is up. That’s what happened on 9/11, after all, an event that both allayed world criticism of Israel and enriched Wall Street bears.
  • NASA, ten miles north of Texas City, has mobilized for the freak freefall of a huge satellite today, the first such occurrence in over three decades. Abu Salem sofyan of Islamic Intelligence and I posted an August article in Veterans Today on the coincidences of NASA activity with both political and ecological catastrophes. The same article warned of September 22 as a danger date.
My involvement in the Texas City terror scenario has been documented by mainstream media, from a story published in The Galveston County Daily News to a broadcast carried on Portland’s Pacifica affiliate, KBOO-FM. My live broadcast with Canadian Internet radio program Cloak and Dagger is the only account of the BP explosion of July 28, 2005, an event coincidental with a NASA shuttle mission, and which involved a terrifying flashing suggestive of what was reported over Texas City last night.

All soldiers develop intuition for their area of operations, and mine is my home ground in the Houston region, which includes Galveston County. My most recent article referring to the Texas City scenario was posted in Veterans Today on Tuesday. Now a quadriplegic depending on a ventilator to breathe, I am a patient at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, which makes my situation tenuous. In this event that I become incapacitated, incarcerated or incommunicado, my friend Abu Salem will continue my work. His courage, commitment and candor make him uniquely qualified.

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