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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Warning: Israel is finalizing a new 9/11 and is pushing US, EU and the ME into a huge conflagration

Day One Of World War III- September 19th



On September 20th the UN General Assembly will vote on Palestinian statehood. The following describes what could happen to prevent that vote.

September 18th. Sunday. Tel Aviv. 3 PM Tel Aviv. 1 PM London. The Israeli cabinet meets. They hear reports from the Mossad and the Foreign Secretary. The Mossad and the Foreign Service agree that the UN will vote to grant Palestinian statehood. The Foreign Service then reports on the results of the war ultimatum delivered to the United States, France and England. Threatening was in the Mideast if the vote is allowed to take place. Similar overtures though less threatening had been made to China and to Russia. The Israeli war ultimatum failed. A heated debate ensued. At 5:15 PM in Tel Aviv (3:15 PM London) the Israeli cabinet votes to proceed with Operation Dark Victory, an air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. Using 102 jets and 7 refueling planes. *The US has 16 intelligence services who combine to write a National Intelligence Estimate. The NIE for Iran says there is no Iranian nuclear weapons program.)

5:27 PM Tel Aviv (3:27 PM London) Israel notifies its diplomats of their war decision. The IDF calls up their reserves including Israeli Air Force pilots working overseas for El Al airlines.

All of the following events occur on Monday September 19th.

2:00 AM Tel Aviv. (3:30 PM Tehran) The Israeli Air Force begins launching 102 jet fighters and fighter bombers to attack Iran.

2:02 AM (Damascus and Tel Aviv.) Syrian radar picks up the Israeli Air Force mobilization. The flights are confirmed. Syria sends alerts to all military commanders. The Syrians alert Tehran and Hezbollah. They continue to monitor the situation.

3:36 AM Tehran. All Iranian military and political leaders are notified.

3:40 AM Tehran. The Iranians call the US, Russian and Chinese military and Foreign Service leaders in Washington, Moscow and Beijing. The Iranians also call US Central Command Headquarters in Florida demanding a recall of the Israeli jets.

3:47 AM Tehran. The Iranians receive no answer from their calls to the four powers. No recall has been issued for the impending Israeli attack. The Iranians knowing the distance from Tel Aviv to Tehran is 1598 km or 993 miles set a time limit of 3:57 AM Tehran time to either receive a positive reply or to launch a counter strike.

3:49 AM Tehran. Iranians activate their sleeper cells around the world. To avoid arrest all Iranian agents must go to safe houses to await instructions. All Iranian military units are put on alert. Steps are taken to alert 25,000 trained suicide volunteers in Iran to be called up to attack Americans over the borders in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iranians also activate their cyber warfare units.

3:50 AM. Tehran. The Iranians continue to monitor Israeli air activity. The Syrians are told that Iran will attack at 2:37 AM Syrian time if the Israeli jets do not return to their bases.

3:52 AM Tehran. 2:32 AM Damascus. The Syrians prepare their assault. They notify Hezbollah to begin their assault at 2.45 AM if they do not receive a recall order.

4:00 AM Tehran. The Iranians continue monitoring the Israeli jets. The Israelis are using Saudi Arabian air apace. A decision is made to seek revenge on the Saudis and all Gulf Coast Arab states. They issue a war attack order to launch the Iranian counter offensive at 4:01 AM if the Israeli jets do not return to base.

4:01 AM Tehran monitors their radar one last time. The Israeli jets are continuing on their path to Iran. The Iranians activate their 25,000 suicide volunteers. All Iranian sleeper cells worldwide are told to attack immediately. No recall orders to be given. The Iranian military is told to launch their attacks at 4:04 AM. The Syrians are notified. It is 2:34 in Damascus and Tel Aviv. The Syrians give final orders to Hezbollah. Syria launches its Air Force.

4:04 AM Tehran. Iran launches 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first 60 seconds. The Iranians us 150 and 100 KM (92 and 61 Mile) range rocket artillery against American ships in the Persian Gulf. The Iranians launch Russian made N-22 Sunburn (range up to 68 miles and speed of Mach 2.2 at sea level) and SS-N-26 Yakhonts (range up to 300 KM, speed Mach 2.5.) anti-ship missiles. They also launch slower NATO Exocet and Chinese Silkworm anti-Ship Missiles. The Iranians launch Intermediate range ballistic (IRBM) missiles with fuel air explosives Iran’s Shahab-3 missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers and a payload of 750-kilograms (1,650 pounds.) A fuel air explosive draws oxygen from the atmosphere and does not need an oxidizer to be packed inside the bomb so it delivers considerably more punch than a conventional bomb. It also has a much longer lasting blast wave over the target area and thus does a lot more damage. The Iranians fire all of their IRBM and SRBM missiles with fuel air explosives in the first minute. Their targets were all air fields and military bases in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq and Afghanistan. Particular attention was paid to the US Green Zone in Baghdad. Iran launched its Air Force and its Navy. The Iranian Navy launches its Russian made torpedoes which have a top speed of 230 mph (360 kmh) and carries a 463 lb (210 kg) payload. All American bases are hit by multiple fuel air explosives. Battle damages and casualties are high. The American military bases cease to function.

4:05 AM Tehran. An Iranian artillery battery sinks an English owned Liberian registered oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. All oil traffic out of the Persian Gulf is stopped for the foreseeable future.

405 AM Tehran Time. 3:35AM Damascus and Tel Aviv) Syria confirms the Iranian attack has begun. The Syrians and their Hezbollah allies in Lebanon launch 75,000 missiles over the next 4 hours. Over the next 4 hours Israel is hit by over 1,400 fuel air explosives. The prime targets were Israel’s 3 operational Iron Dome missile defense batteries, all Israeli air fields, all military bases, all major government buildings in Tel Aviv, Mossad headquarters in Herzliya, Israel two oil refineries, the ports in Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat. All of the major high tech companies near Mossad headquarters in Herzliya are destroyed. These companies were used by the Israelis to spy on their allies.

4:05AM Tehran. The Iranian Navy launches thousands of Zodiac boats (high speed rubber boats) with armed crews to capture American sailors who survive the sinking of all US ships in the Persian Gulf. The entire US Persian Gulf fleet is sinking.

4:05 AM Tehran, 3:35 AM Tel Aviv. Israel begins firing missiles at Syria. Israel launches its Air Force to attack Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel destroys the Syrian Air Force after taking severe damages from the Syrian and Hezbollah fuel air explosive missiles.

4:30 AM Tehran. The Israeli Air Force continues to its targets. The Iranians send their planes away from the expected target areas so they can return later to co-ordinate their attack with Iranian ground defenses firing missiles and artillery shells. The Iranians know the targets, the approach angles the Israelis have to take with their jets to drop their American made bunker buster bombs. This gives the Iranians the advantage of concentrating their artillery fire at specific points. The Iranians used their 29 Russian Tor M1 SA-15) anti-aircraft missiles. They can engage targets at low to mid altitudes at speeds up to Mach 2 The Iranians had an Iranian versions of the Chinese HQ-9 (ranges 200 Km and Mach 4.2 speed) which reaches higher altitudes than the Tor M1. The Israelis only lose 47 of their 102 planes.

5:00 Am Monday Tehran: It is Sunday afternoon 5:30 PM in California, 7:30 PM in Houston, Louisiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Chicago, 830 PM in New York and Washington DC. , Monday 1:30 AM London and 2:30 AM in Paris.

5:30 PM Sunday. San Francisco. Iranian sleeper cells blew up 4 oil refineries in the East Bay and the Clorox plant in Oakland.

5:30 PM Los Angeles. Three oil refineries in Bakersfield, 1 in Carson, 1 in Long Beach, 1 in Torrance, 2 in Santa Maria, 4 in Wilmington near the port of San Pedro and the Air Products chemical plant were blown up. 

7:30 PM Chicago. 3 of 4 Illinois refineries, both of neighboring Indiana’s refineries plus the the Pelron and Ideas Inc chemical plants were blown up.

7:30 PM. Tulsa. 4 of Oklahoma’s 7 oil refineries were blown up.

7:30 PM Houston, Texas. 14 Texas oil refineries and 2 chemical plants were blown up in the southern coastal region.

7:30 PM Louisiana. 12 of Louisiana’s 17 oil refineries and three chemical plants were blown up.

7:30PM. Tennessee’s only oil refinery and the DuPont chemical plant at Memphis were blown up. Both of the Arkansas oil refineries were blown up. 

7:30 PM St Louis. The Velsicol, Chemisphere and Praxair plants were attacked. Resulting fires cut all freeway traffic in St Louis.

Online gold and silver traders cancel all Internet sales until further notice. Rumors circulate of 200 and 300 dollar increases in the price of gold and that silver will double within weeks when the banks have to cover their short positions. Other rumors say that a telephone conference call is under way between the heads of Central banks and that the dollar’s value will be cut by at least 50 or 60% before the markets open.
8:30 PM. Washington DC and New York. 4 oil refineries in New Jersey and 4 in Pennsylvania, were blown up. Kuehne Chemical plant and the International Matex Tank Terminal in New Jersey were blown up.

1:30AM London. 5 of the 9 English oil refineries are blown up.

2:30 AM Paris. 8 of France’s 16 oil refineries are blown up.

6:00 PM. California. 8:00 PM Chicago. 9:00PM New York. Time delayed bombs blow up numerous electric power lines across America in its several electric grid regions. This causes a nationwide blackout. 75% of Americans lose their electricity. The California state Water Project and the Colorado river project which carry water to southern California are cut. 22 million people in southern California lose access to water indefinitely.

1:30 AM London and 2:30 AM in Paris. Time delayed bombs cut off electricity to the majority of Englishmen and Frenchmen.

Prior to the blackouts the Iranian cyber units infect American corporate and government computers with multiple viruses that are designed to wreak havoc when the electric power is turned on and the computers start up.

2:00 AM London. It is 5:00 AM in Tel Aviv. The IDF is given orders to expel all Palestinians from the occupied territories in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Israelis want to change the facts on the ground and make Palestinian statehood impossible. Palestinians are given one hour to pack what belongings they have and to exit their homes for destination points in Jordan and Egypt given them by the IDF. Random shootings encourage the Palestinians to hasten their departure.

5:30 AM Tel Aviv. 10:30 PM Sunday Washington. The cabinet receives battle damage and casualty reports. The Israeli ground offensive fails to stop the Hezbollah missiles in Lebanon bogs down as it did in 2006. The Israeli cabinet decides to threaten Washington with the Samson option. The Israelis tell Washington that if they do not use nuclear weapons against Iran the Israelis will launch nuclear weapons against Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome from their German supplied Dolphin class submarines. The Israelis want America to take the blame for World War III going nuclear.The American President yields and orders planes from Diego Garcia to attack Iran with nuclear weapons.

7:00 AM Tel Aviv. 8:30 AM Tehran. American planes drop nuclear weapons on Iran killing millions of people. The Iranians respond by firing IRBM missiles with Cobalt 60. Israelis are irradiated. Many die within 2 weeks. Many more get radiation induced cancers. Chicago, St Louis, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London and Paris are hit with multiple dirty bombs. The Iranians seem to select Jewish neighborhoods and businesses for their attacks. For example, Iranians targeted Monsanto in St Louis. It is a Jewish company, and the Iranians might not like GMO crops. Iranian sleeper cells had been given standing orders to retaliate with dirty bombs if Iran were attacked with nuclear weapons.

8:00 AM Tel Aviv. Sunday 7:00 PM Beijing. The Chinese government decides to offer currency swaps with all non-Persian Gulf oil producing nations guaranteeing $350 a barrel for oil. They begin calling oil producing nations outside the Persian Gulf. They plan to release a public statement in the morning.

9:00 AM Tel Aviv. 2:00 AM New York. 11:00 PM Sunday in California. America’s 46 million food stamp recipients discover their food stamp electronic benefit transfer cards require electricity and will not be active until some future unknown date. Gas pumps in most of America are not working because they require electricity. Radio stations switch over to all news formats. Radio news reports detail the dirty bombs, the destruction of oil refineries and the cutting off of oil exports from the Persian Gulf. A news bulletin cites authoritative Mexican sources saying that the Chinese are buying oil in currency swaps for $350 a barrel. Gas stations in those areas where the pumps are still working raise gas to ten dollars a gallon. Food riots break out in areas with heavy food stamp usage. Coverage of the food riots inspires thousands of more riots. The American President declares that all of the banks, the stock and commodity markets will be closed starting Monday until further notice. Similar statements are made by the President of France and the Prime Minister of Great Britain. All three leaders ask their people to remain calm.

Aftermath: America ceases to function as a world military power. The banks and the stock and commodity markets open on Monday September 26th. The dollar was devalued 50% at an international video conference. What John Maynard Keynes called monetary illusion ends. Simply put, it means that every doubling of the money supply henceforth quadruples prices. This means the end through inflation of Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. 

Two million Americans commit suicide to avoid death by starvation. More than five million Americans do die of starvation. American society disintegrates into violent enclaves separated by No Go Zones. The Chinese openly take over a few enclaves. Mexican enclaves are established but they are chaotic. Organized gangs make money kidnapping teenage girls to sell to the Chinese and Mexican gangs inside their enclaves.

An Author’s Note: I have given a less bloody version of Day One of World War III than it could really be. I have written the above not because I think it will happen but because it could happen. Mindless TV pundits and brainless politicians need to understand there are consequences for the bad behavior of the Israelis. The pundits, the politicians and TV news have cast a spell over a majority of Americans.

I am convinced that for whatever faults they have the American military will tell the Israelis they cannot launch World War III by attacking Iran.

I am fully persuaded that the bankers and the Israeli leadership do plan to kill a few billion people by releasing a series of plagues. As soon as they they have stolen our last few pennies, they will collapse the euro, the dollar and the pound. At that point, they would release the plagues.

I would hope the US military also tells the bankers they cannot release plagues to kill a few billion poor people.

I have written an article whose title tells you my opinion. I posted it below. America is running out of options other than a violent revolution.

Is An American Military Coup The World’s Last, Best And Only Hope?


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