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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pakistan-US Relations: Aljazeera TV

The US Blame Game, the trust deficit has been created by the US that only the US can improve.

It’s not that Pakistan needs the US, need is mutual but within the ambit of respect and dignity. If Pakistan withdraws her support to American efforts in Afghanistan, the US would crumble within a couple of weeks.

The video clipping of the author on Al-Jazeera TV is attached.

By Raja G Mujtaba,

Al-Jazeerah TV talk

When the US has suffered a a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, its extremely difficult to say who call the shots, Generals or the State Office?  Without going into that debate, what’s visibly obvious that America is in search of a scapegoat. When the US was facing its crushing defeat at the hands of the ragtag Vietcong America dragged Cambodia into war and carried out massive aerial bombings used agent orange and other chemical weapons but it could not avert her defeat instead thousands of more innocent lives were either roasted or shredded all in the name of American supremacy.

Likewise in Afghanistan, after 10 years of grueling battles the US has suffered defeat in almost every battle. The surge in the US troops could not come to her rescue. Now after suffering a defeat, the US is shifting all blame on Pakistan.

The US is playing double; her basic objective is to weaken Pakistan in every possible manner and denuclearize it, same time delink it from China and split Pakistan in to 
smaller states. This is not the American need as such, Pakistan has always been an American ally but this is Indian and Israeli agenda that the US is trying to implement.

Below are some spelt out objectives of a joint Indo-US study group carried out by Council on Foreign Relations at Aspen Institute India. This is a Joint Study, United States and India – Sept 2011, A Shared Strategic Future.

I have simply quoted its three basic objectives that spell out the entire game plan going on in the region. The US has declared India to be a regional power and given her the role that extends from Persian Gulf right up to Pacific Ocean. Therefore they want all to be submissive and weak before India. Basically it’s being done to contain China but India is a very shrewd country that would acquire all that it can from the US but never pitch herself against China. Yes but it certainly desires breakup of Pakistan that suits both India and Israel, both being expansionist powers.
  • An ever more powerful and influential India in the international
           arena is deeply in the United States’ national interest.
  • A United States that maintains its power and influence in the international
           arena, especially in Asia, is deeply in India’s national interest.
  • The closest possible policy collaboration between India and the
           United States in all the dimensions of their relationship is increasingly
           important to both nations, helps sustain a favorable balance of
           power in Asia and beyond, and promotes international peace and stability
           beginning in Asia writ large.

If these three objectives are analyzed it would spell out the entire agenda of US-India and a close collaboration of Zionist Israel in the region.
There was no terrorism to the level its being experienced today. Indiscriminate US killings of the innocent and peace loving people has produced more resentment, hatred and vengeance amongst the people. The anti-American feeling not only in Pakistan but in the Muslim world as a whole is on the rise.
It’s the American arrogance, its close cooperation with the anti-Muslim forces and unjust pastures towards the Muslim world that needs to be addressed before it gets too late.

Pakistan has been let down by the US more than it could be digested. The present dip in the Pakistan-US relations is the result of American arrogance and threatening pastures of ‘Do More.’ Pakistan has already done more than it should have in this unjust war that has been created and expanded against the Muslim lands to capture their resources and deprive them of their independence, freedom and sovereignty.

It’s a new era of colonialism or neocolonialism.  Now the people of Pakistan have risen and taken a stand that none can ignore within the country. Result of this Pakistan Army was the first to call an extra-ordinary Corps Commanders conference on 24th September in GHQ, Rawalpind where they took some far reaching and bold decisions in conformity with national interests and people’s sentiments.

Here are some statements of US Senators that need no emphasis as to how venomous and humiliating these are. This fire was lit by none other than Joe Biden, the US Vice President when he said, ‘Pakistan is an untrustworthy ally.’

“The Republican Senator Lindsey Graham a member of the Armed Services Committee is making statements that aim at destroying Pakistan and cutting total funds to Pakistan.

Another Texas’ Republican Senator, Ted Poe a member of the houses Foreign Affairs committee, has moved a bill in the house of representative for freezing all the aid to Pakistan for the latter’s seditious conduct towards the United States.

Senator Graham said that “The sovereign nation of Pakistan is engaging in hostile acts against the United States and our ally Afghanistan that must cease.” He further threatened that   US bombers could blitz areas in Pakistan, which could mean carpet bombing of North Waziristan and even the sites in Pakistan with nuclear assets.”

Pakistani People are very resilient and fighters. In all times of distress and turmoil they have shown remarkable unity and determination to fight back. Starting from the Independence Movement to Liberation of Kashmir in 1948, 65 war with India, numerous earthquakes, more so of 2005, subsequent floods etc.
Now the American threats have brought in a visible and determined unity within all walks of life.

Almost all the political parties gathered in an ‘All Parties Conference’ and sent out a joint communiqué that is a rare unity shown. In this APC, even the Chairman Joint Chief, General Kayani and DG ISI Lt Gen Pasha were also present, a rare phenomenon to be seen.

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