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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cast racism in India : the best way for israeli proxy wars in the Hindustan

Indian NDTV pro-Zionist Talk Show extremist presenter Barkha Dutt’s bias, unethical conduct and propagation of anti-Islamic hate propaganda
 « Bias and unethical » Barkha Dutt of Indian NDTV

Barkha Dutt is the conductor and moderator of the Indian NDTV Talk Show « We the people », copied on the European Zionist model of bias, propaganda and deceit like we witness so regularly on CNN, BBC, RF1 and so on.  Barkha Dutt’s edition of the 7th March 2010 was dedicated to « Breaking the stereotype – Muslim identity and popular culture », in other words the « Indian Muslim Identity ».  There is a familiar ringtone to this title as it is copied directly from the West European politics of repression against Muslims under similar titles, such as « British Muslim », « French Muslim », « European Muslim ».  Her guests were mainly Bollywood comedians such as Shahrukh Khan, Kabir Khan, Soha Ali Khan and Bollywood film Director Karan Johar, Maulana Mehmood Madni, ad-man Alyque Padamsee and Peace TV world renowned orator Dr Zakir Naik, President of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), who is well versed on Islam and the world’s leading figure on comparative religion.

Propagating hate against Muslims and Islam
While Barkha Dutt gave the Bollywood comedians ample time to display their liberal western European beliefs which took them to films in which they have to play all sorts of roles, including flirting and rubbing with all sorts of men and women in bikinis or semi-nude, if not totally nude, considered haram in Islam, she hardly gave the highly qualified and competent Dr Zakir Naik adequate opportunity time to reply, let alone finish his reply due to her rude interruption Zionist-style on every occasion. Her vicious counter-attack, even though Dr Naik had his hand up several times to be allowed to reply, shows how despicable mainstream journalists have become when they pay lip service to the Western agenda of mind control and vilification strategies.  In line with her propagandist agenda, Barkha Dutt even defended the Zionist politics of lies and terror by portraying Muslims and Islam as being responsible for acts of terror instead, when it is Israel that has been calling for the extermination of Palestinians and Arabs for decades as we can read daily in the media.  Both nuclear US and Israel are calling for the bombing of Iran and US Republican politicians, such as Newt Gingrich (former speaker of the House), are also openly calling for overt terror operations in Iran and the « assassination » of their scientists.  Barkha Dutt accused Dr Naik of being a conspiracy theorist (the usual Zionist rhetoric) for highlighting the absence of conclusive evidence against Muslims and Islam in 9/11, clearly defending the Zionist conspiracies against Muslims and Islam instead.  In a subsequent broadcast, Dr Naik explained that, on top of the moderator’s interruptions, his answers were also censored by the producer even though he was promised there would be no censorship, which he felt was dishonest.  Even the promised uncensored copy of the recording was not given.  The complicity between the NDTV producer and moderator Barkha Dutt was all too obvious.

While part of the subject under discussion was the stereotyping of Muslims in Bollywood films, wrongly referred to as Hindi films (the language used is not really Hindi but English and Hindustani), Barkha Dutt was really stereotyping Muslims herself and was up to her neck in anti-Muslim and anti-Islam politics.  Barkha behaved so despicably and would not allow Dr Naik to counter the Zionist state-sponsored conspiracy theories on 9/11 (11th September 2001) after he said that, per DVDs by 75 top American analysts and professors, 9/11 was an inside job, when she very rudely cut him off and, instead, accused him of formulating conspiracy theories and asked him if he had seen Al Jazeerah without explaining what she meant.  She withheld information that, after a visit by Dick Cheney and the Emir of Qatar at the Qatari television station in Doha in December 2001, Al Jazeerah was forbidden to show the last exclusive interview given by Usama Bin Laden in which he denied the Zionist allegations that he had anything to do with 9/11 and blamed Israel directly.  (The world will remember how Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 killing over 100 US marines in a plan to blame Egypt so as to force the US to attack (nuke) Egypt).  Barkha Dutt switched to making direct unsubstantiated accusations against the Kashmiri freedom movement Lashkar-e-Taiba and against the Taliban and Usama bin Laden, the former US allies.  Overall, she only gave Dr Naik less than 3 rudely and noisily interrupted minutes (around 40 seconds at any one time) out of the 60 minute show while Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar were given ample time to talk without interruption.  She also cut short Maulana Mahmoud Madani, who spoke in Urdu, except when he alleged that ‘al-Qaida’ (a non-existent organisation fabricated by the CIA) and the Taliban (an Afghani political and freedom movement) were working against Islam.

Actor Kabir Khan had no idea what Islam was about and used nonsensical terms such as “moderate Muslims” when Dr Nakir had to correct him saying that there is no such thing as ‘liberal, moderate, or extremists Muslims’ (which are Zionist inventions) and that there are only « practising, partially practising and non-practising Muslims ».  Shahrukh Khan, who says he is a practising Muslim, found it ok for his children to refer to themselves as « Christians ».  SRK displayed no real knowledge of Islam but he was given the lion’s share of the time slot.  Soha Ali Khan did not have a clue about the Muslim identity.  Barkha Dutt allowed film maker Karen Johar, a non-Muslim, to expose the prejudices against Muslims which he witnessed in the US and decided to portray Muslims and Islam in a different light to that portrayed by the Western media while she did not allow Dr Naik to defend Muslims.  Why the double-standard?

Army uniform – symbol of terror?
Barkha Dutt allowed much time to the satirising of the Muslim skull cap, beard and Hijaab.  On top of the fact that Muslims in India are already invisible in the Civil Service, in the army and elsewhere in employment (ref. Siddharth Varadarajan’s « Coming to terms with India’s missing Muslims »), she clearly wanted Muslims to be also invisible in public like many European governments and media are propagating.  But she found nothing to say on indecent clothing, mini skirt, thong flashing and bare cleavage, women without panties baring their private parts which are now common amongst Indian women with Bollywood taking the lead (Yana Gupta, Sonali Bendre, Neetu Chandra and many more).  She encouraged the panellists to discourage Muslims from wearing their beliefs « on their sleeve », when punks, skin-heads, homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes, are perfectly allowed to wear their beliefs on theirs.  Barkha Dutt refused to entertain the fact that Sikhs wear their turbans alleging this was « different », and did not bring up the fact that Hindus wear the nada-chaddi like the one worn by the only gunman caught during the Mumbai terrorist attack on 26th November 2008 (while the other terrorists have conveniently never been identified), nor did she talk about the Hindu woman who wears the sindour, not to mention the bindhi (in its various decorative forms), the shalwar kameez, the saree, which are worn by Indians of all religious faiths as part of the Indian culture on the Indian Subcontinent,  nor does she introduce the fact that many of those of Jewish faith wear their Jewish labels too on their sleeve, such as the Jewish skull cap and the beard.  She ignores the fact that, not so long ago, newly-wed Hindu women in sarees were stopped at Heathrow Airport, London, made to strip and subjected to degrading virginity tests as if they were terrorists.  Like her European counterparts, she clearly attempted to link the Muslims’ modest and respectable clothing and appearance as recommended by their Holy Scriptures with ‘terrorism’ when the latter has absolutely nothing to do with dress code.  If anything, the army uniform of an occupying force is more of a symbol of terror.

Terror in the name of Christianity and Hinduism
Barkha Dutt does not speak of the terrorist invaders of Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of Christianity (ref. George Bush and Tony Blair), their unpunished murders of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, nor of the freedom fighters.  She ignores the killings of Muslims by Hindu extremists and terrorists in Gujarat in 2002, the killings of Kashmiris almost on a daily basis and the established links of Hindu terrorist organisations with Indian politicians, such as the Malegaon terrorist acts on 29th September 2008.  She ignores the fact that Muslim countries, including Palestine and Kashmir, are under brutal occupation and that Muslims have the right and duty to defend themselves against such terror.  While Barkha Dutt wears her label on her forehead, her insane obsession is only with the way Muslim men and women dress and she is desperately trying to stick the label of terrorism and fundamentalism (a Christian term) on the backs of Muslims, hence exonerating the real sources of terrorism in the names of the United States, Israel, amongst others, whose politics she is propagating by constantly interrupting world renowned and able persons like Dr Zakir Naik from refuting the lies and establishing the truth.  To close the show, Barkha Dutt allowed every panellist to speak, except Dr Zakir Naik.  I so wished that the Christian human rights activist Susan Arundathi Roy, a most cultured Indian lady still proudly wearing her saree and tikka on her forehead and struggling for justice for Indians of all religious faiths, were part of the panel with Dr Naik, rather than Bollywood comedians and film maker so ignorant of the injustice, the armed and media terror to which Muslims across the world are subjected on a daily basis.

M Rafic Soormally
13 November 2011

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Unknown said...

@ tw very Good analysis i had watched the whole show live and i was shell shocked to see the biased and one sided comments and opinion sharing of Bharkha Dutt and the so called reputed news channel NDTV 's producer. But i feel that honourable Dr. Zakir Naik should have not gone to debate with bollywood jokers who dont know the abc of Islam.