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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 : The 'new age' for Israel according to the Talmudists in Israel. The year of 'the destruction and the renewal'. Is the new age of Pax Talmudica era is starting in London?

Now listen carefully, the British Talmudists are planning major drills during the pre-Olympic games in London as 'it was the 8th and the 9th August 2012'... Sounds familiar with 7/7! Why these dates, you fool Jonathan Evans ! Second question to the Talmudists running the government and the London area, why not checking the boats coming from the Portugal or South West of Spain for example where the mossad had increased his activity during the last 5 years, or boats coming from Netherlands, Belgium, North of France were the 'israeli company' ICTS is in charge of the security of the main EU port in Rotterdam?  Why only checking the 'nuclear trains' from the North East of the UK during the games or a few weeks before but not since 2005 ? What happened to the nuke suitcases of the Litvinenko affair in 2006? Were these already pre-planted on sites by the 'international building contractor' you allowed to work in the Olympic park with full knowledge that they were an israeli front? 

It seems that killing people in the middle of this Summer 2012 is the Israeli plan to start the 'emancipating world war' exposed in the Talmud! Now do you  know what the Talmudists are celebrating from the 19th July 2012 to the 9th August 2012, the '3 weeks of the destruction and the renewal' (the new age), called the  Tish'a B'Av. 

With the Purim, celebrating the slaughter of 750 000 persians (iranians today) coming the 8th March 2012, you have the big picture linking the economical engineered crisis, geo-politics of the Middle East, and the geo-strategy implemented by the zionists ruling the West to achieve their goals. Watch the videos of these kabbalists and make up your mind, here are the videos, to understand that for the Talmudists, 2012 is the 'new era' to begin their rule over humanity!

Now remember what happened the 22nd July 2011 in Norway and the zionist slaughter, and have a look at this information published the 21st July 2011 in London 'Olympics halts nuclear trains through Hackney', full details here. Are you now starting to connect the dots with what has been published as terror warnings, here  last year?

Pre-Olympic anti-terror drill held

A mocked-up terror attack on the London Underground is being staged as part of a massive exercise to test security for the 2012 Games.

The exercise is to test the response to a terrorist incident on the London Underground network during the Olympics.

Some 2,500 people - spanning everyone from police constables to Cobra, the top level Government committee which sits during national emergencies and crisis, are being put through their paces by the two-day test.

The disused Aldwych station, a stone's throw from central London's Royal Courts of Justice, will be the scene of the live test, with much of the action taking place behind closed doors.

The test is being staged as if it is August 8 and 9 - two busy days during the Olympics.
National Olympic Security Coordinator, Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison said: "Testing and exercising is vital to getting our safety and security operations for the Games right. We need to be confident that we have the right people in the right places, that we understand how others operate and that we are talking to each other at the right levels and in the right way.

"This is part of series of exercises which we have run in the lead up to the Games, but this is the first with such a significant response from the emergency services on the ground. The initial incident will test the tactical response including evacuation the station, rescuing injured people and managing the crime scene.
"The exercise will go on to test how senior decision makers manage the impact of the incident, the investigation to catch those responsible and a range of issues such as travel disruption, protest and organised crime which may impact on the smooth running of the Olympic Games."

Crime and Security minister James Brokenshire said: "We want to deliver a Games where the sporting achievement and the Olympic spirit is what people will remember - not the security. To ensure that happens we need to test our plans and this exercise gives us the opportunity to inform, reassure and build confidence in the UK's safety and security operation.

"We are determined to leave nothing to chance to deliver a safe and secure Games that London, the UK and the World can enjoy."



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What if they planted a huge false flag and nobody came?