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Thursday, May 31, 2012

British terrorist government hijacking phones and emails of all the Muslims during the Olympics. These nazi style methods won't go unpunished

 Jonathan Evans, head of the MI5, in charge o the security of the Olympics. He has some of his family members living in Israel.

I was surprised to receive a call from an organization yesterday claiming that I was using the British authorized encrypted computer networks, which I denied, but I have Jonathan Evans in mind, the head of the MI5, he did it in the past with my bank accounts, stealing my credited cheque, he is not happy about what happened to his brother the mossadnik Sarkozy and the head of the french DCRI, Bernard Squarcini, a zionist Jew like him, involved in the Merah affair and the cover up of the London bombings in 2005.  

Well, I have a free sat dish to watch channels from the Middle East and I lost the signal many months ago, I bought a signal booster, made in China, and my signal was partially back. But after the call of this mysterious organization, the signal went back fully. I opened the satellite receiver and oh surprise a little tiny device. Jonathan Evans was probably using the device to send and receive some encrypted data, in preparation of the London Olympic False Flag this summer, see the video here. He was trying to find a new Merah, cause this blog really annoys him and his Talmudist masters and if he does not have any evidence he might creates some. You'll finish like Sarkozy and Squarcini, Jonathan Evans, you israeli fool! Now I received an email from a friend which I re-publish here, just to remind you that the British government is using nazi-style methods to silence the Muslims during the London Olympics. 




I have sent you many emails and none would have reached you because of the London mafia being involved and hacking into my phone and my computer to carry out the dirty deeds of their counterparts in Algeria who keep subjugating our people and stopping them from going on a march, protesting against our dictators who keep ransacking the coffers of the treasury and sharing it between themselves and their clans as well as laundering billions of dollars. According to an article in le quotidien d'Algerie, 650 billion dollars have disappeared the last 10 years and this is outrageous.

These huge sums are being laundering by many top ranking generals in the army which is waging a war against the Algerian population in order to remain in power forever. These cruel and evil people have no qualms about torturing totally innocent people to death in order to keep stealing money and building countless homes, buying castles abroad, buying off mercenaries and agents to carry out their dirty jobs of eliminating us one by one and getting richer and richer. The huge revenues have produced an army of insatiable rogues ready to attack, maim and destroy annyone in their passage so that they and their filthy clans and famiies, their accomplices can stay in power. The idea is to rub shoulders with terrible tyrants and dictators like themselves as well as grease the paws of their mercenaries and they have found countless takers. These rubbish idiots have caused a lot of suffering among good families and decent human beings. They have used anything at all to disrupt the smooth 

running of the country and have done their best to disperse, terrorise, push into exil many good citizens by using scare tactics, disappearances and tortures daily in order to frighten anyone at all as well as planned and put into action many false flag operations attributed to some invented entities or some innocent being. As you know this is also happening in many places and doesn't seem to end.

Our people and the entire world population of decent people are fed up with this terrorism and unending corruption and of letting off all the major criminals got off without even a ticking off while the real culprit sit in the dark like cowards and order assassinations, thefts, lootings, rapes and killings of the masses on their behalf. It is no need trying to stop my emails because there are other ways of passing on my knowledge to people and keep them in touch with the truth and with what is really happening in their ife. Some people even believe this nightmare is their fate but it is not so. We all deserve to breath, to have our own space, to have the right to enjoy our own homes without the interference of machiavellique and sordid entities, to walk freely in the street of any country without being harassed and deafened by their mob.


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