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Monday, July 16, 2012

Are Israel and their French and British zionist puppets plan attacks during the games and will try to blame an Arab and Muslim delegation?

Pax Talmudica 2012: Londoners you are doomed :  Mossad helps UK secure Olympics

This picture was taken in Madison, Georgia, in 2005, in an area used by the american CDC. These are the 200 000 coffins or 'lining caskets' ordered by G4S for the London Olympics 2012. 

Now if you want to understand how and why Israel plans a nuclear false flag operation during the London Olympics in 2012, you have to understand how the threats and blackmailing from State to State work. The olympic committee, Locog, warned the Algerian delegation about possible sanctions if Algerian athletes refuse or boycott some events where Israelis athletes are taking part during the London 2012 Olympics game, in support for the Palestinians. In the same time, we've learned that the mossad was in London to 'participates in drills that simulates 1972 terrorist attack on Jewish athletes in Munich'. In subliminal words, Israel is planning something and will blame some Arabs and Muslims delegation and here the threats were directed against the Algerians. Why the Algerians? The regime is 100% under Zionist control?

So the Algerian delegation took it seriously and warned that they will boycott the games and have insisted that the arrangements for the multi-faith worship centre are not satisfactory, since the centre does not face Mecca. If they don’t get what they want, they’re threatening to boycott the games! So Locog decided to square up to controversy and make it about Islam.The French came in and counter-threat to boycott the Olympics themselves if any special considerations are given to the Algerians. Do you get the message?

Since 2005, most of the leaks warning the world about an Israeli nuclear 911 in Europe, to start a world war, (Israel calls this war the 'emancipating war'), came from the infiltration-destruction of the French-Israelis-Algerian terrorist networks. Jonathan Evans, do you agree? You Israeli fool! G4S was linked to the mossad you knew it, how many goyims are allowed to work in high security in the occupied lands? Are all these threats directed to me and my contacts here in the UK and Europe? You and the 'little Hitler' are no match, but come if you have something in the pants! 'Sheykh mate' Israel-Evans!   

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الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر العزة لله ولرسوله وللمؤمنين
Now read this:

Mossad helps UK secure Olympics


Israeli secret service participates in drill that simulates 1972 terrorist attack on Jewish athletes in Munich
Yaniv Halili
Published: 05.12.11, 10:27 / Israel News
Mossad officials participated in a security drill at London's Olympic Park last weekend.

A source at the British Cabinet told Yedioth Ahronoth that the drill simulated a terrorist attack on athletes, similar to the one that occurred in the Munich Olympics in 1972, when Palestinian terrorists took over the building where the Israeli delegation was staying, and killed 11 of them.

The UK's entire defense establishment, including the emergency services, participated in the massive drill, which was held secretly by the British Defense Ministry.

But British intelligence officials were not satisfied, and invited their Mossad counterparts to share their experience.

The drill simulated a scenario where athletes are held hostage by terrorists. A large part of the exercise took place inside the park's residential buildings, under live fire. The village was surrounded by guards who kept out onlookers.

A source at the British Olympic Association said that "certain Israeli elements are advising us on securing the Olympic games." Israel is considered an authority on urban warfare.

The UK has allocated nearly a billion dollars for the security of the athletic event – more than 10% of the event's budget.

Last weekend's drill is the first in a series exercises that are expected to take place in the coming month. The British defense establishment is also preparing to deal with attacks on other Olympic facilities and on the streets of London, which will be flooded with tourists come next July.


London 2012 false flag -- Do They Dare? 



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