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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Putin accuses Yisrael, Olmert and ICTS to have targeted Brown in Heathrow last Thursday 17 January 2008

British Prime Minister Targeted (by Yisrael ?!) In London Air Crash, Says Russia

Now guess who is in charge of the security at Heathrow Airport : ICTS, the israeli company involved in 9/11 and London bombings !

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown [pictured top left], and numerous leaders of the United Kingdom’s business community were ‘targeted’ in a failed assassination attempt which instead of downing the aircraft due to take the British Leader on his first state visit to China instead brought down a British Airways 777 upon its landing approach to London’s Heathrow Airport.

According to these reports, Prime Minister Brown’s flight to China was delayed due to British billionaire Sir Richard Branson’s late arrival at Heathrow, as he was one of the many business leaders accompanying Brown to China, and which allowed the British Airways 777 flight from China to land first.

But, upon the British Airway 777’s attempt to land, and as examined by Russian Military Scientists, a ‘non-nuclear micro-burst’ electromagnetic pulse (EMP) was ‘fired’ which then caused a catastrophic engine failure due to loss of power causing that flight to plunge to the ground prior to reaching the runway.[crash pictured left, 2nd photo]

These reports state the mistiming of the EMP device [see pictured example 3rd photo down on left] was likely due to its trigger mechanism being set to Heathrow Airports radio frequencies, and with the takeoff of the Prime Minister Brown’s plane delayed, and by the coincidence that the British Airway 777 flight landing was coming from China, the aircraft identifier codes transmitted to the device targeted the wrong aircraft causing it to crash instead of Brown’s.
Kremlin sources further speculate that the assassination of the British Prime Minister, and should it have been successful, would have been blamed on dissident factions in Russia supporting President Putin as tensions between the two nations have risen to crisis levels over the past few months over many issues, including Russia’s forced closing of two British Counsel Offices which led the British foreign secretary, David Miliband, to state to his Parliament, “We saw similar actions during the cold war, but thought they had been put behind us.”

To the overriding concern of Kremlin, however, is that this plot against the British Prime Minister would further aggravate World tensions as Russian is standing against the West in their plan to recognize Kosovo outside of the United Nations structure for doing so, and which Moscow has warned their will be ‘grave consequences’ to be paid should Kosovo be successful in their breaking away from Serbia.

Equally important, and should this plot had been successful, it would have killed the gas pipeline deal just concluded yesterday between President Putin and Bulgaria, and which now leaves Russia holding the ‘keys’ to Western Europe’s natural gas supply.

General Baluyevsky was, undoubtedly, and as these reports say, issuing his warning to Israel, and who many in the Kremlin believe stands the most to gain by aggravating the tensions between Russia and Britain, especially in light of this past weeks failed attempt by Israel’s Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, to make Moscow stop shipping nuclear fuel to Iran.

Most frightening of these reports, though, are the statements of the FSB Intelligence Analysts that there is a ‘100 percent certainty’ that new such moves against President Putin and Russia will be forthcoming in the weeks, if not days, ahead.

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