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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Revelations explosives Israel et les logiciels de vol du 11 Septembre 2001

Peter Goelz Former NTSB Managing director

NDLR: Christopher Bollyn vient d'ecrire un article ou il decrit comment les israeliens ont le controle des logiciels utilises par l'OTAN, la FAA et le NORAD. Cet article et les pieces qui y sont rajoutees en format pdf sont a sauvegarder, car les israeliens les ont deja retire du net. Cet article vient confirmer nos dires sur le 11 Septembre 2001 et Israel...

Understanding How a "Two-Way Data Pipe" Hijacked the 9-11 Aircraft and is used to Steal Our Elections

When I discovered the Israeli company documents showing that Peter Goelz, the former managing director of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and Monte Belger, the Acting Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), were connected to a suspicious Israeli company headed by a certain Ehud "Udi" Mendelson, I knew I had found a crucial piece of the 9-11 puzzle.

See: "How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA Computers?" by Christopher Bollyn, January 28, 2008 http://www.bollyn.com/index/?id=10797

This was a very significant discovery and I made sure to save backup copies of the incriminating documents. I knew that as soon as I brought any attention to them, there was a very good chance they would quickly disappear. This is exactly what happened.

What do these hasty deletions say about Messrs Belger and Goelz? They were the only people I had contacted prior to the deletions. They are clearly in a panic and trying to hide the evidence of their involvement with this Israeli and his company that specializes in remotely controlling aircraft. But, why are they trying to hide this relationship? Is there something that needs to be hidden?

Like the evidence from 9-11, the incriminating pages have been deleted from the online documents. Here, however, are the complete documents, which I saved. If you fly airplanes or simply fly on them, you should have a look at this material:

The first document is Ehud ("Udi") Mendelson's U.S. Aviation Technology LLC document entitled "Integrated Aircraft Early Warning System."

This document lists the former deputy administrator of the FAA, Monte Belger, and the former managing director of the NTSB, Peter Goelz, as Vice Presidents of the Israeli-run firm specializing in accessing the computer system of an aircraft and remotely controlling the plane through a "robust two-way data pipe":

The pages numbered 44-53 (in the document) from the "Key Personal" [sic] section clearly show Belger and Goelz as Vice Presidents of the company.

The second document is Mendelson's presentation entitled "Technology Innovations – Aircraft Security & Safety Enhancement."

This document explains the Israeli's concept and design of his "robust two-way data pipe" between an aircraft and a ground "pilot."

These documents are documentary proof of a very suspicious long-term relationship between former high-level officials in the federal aviation agencies and an extremely dodgy Israeli company specializing in accessing aircraft computer systems -- while in flight.

One needs to remember that the Vigilant Guardian drill that was being run on 9-11 involved computer simulations and false "injects" on the radar monitors of the air traffic controllers at NEADS, NORAD, and the FAA. When 9-11 happened, the air traffic monitors were thoroughly confused if the attacks were real – or part of the game.

See: "They Scrambled Jets, But It Was a Race They Could Not Win", by Hart Seely, The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) - January 20, 2002 http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=117242

All of these organizations, like NATO, the FBI, the White House, and the rest of the U.S. government and military computer systems run Ptech enterprise software, an Israeli-made enterprise software with surveillance and intervention functions, which gives the Israeli military intelligence COMPLETE access in real-time to all the data on these systems – across the whole U.S. government and military.

Think about that for a minute.

And you wondered how the "bad guys" know where our troops were going next in Iraq? Who needs spies when you have Ptech? (This is the subject of my current research.)

The comment praising the Israeli "robust two-way data pipe" to American aircraft came from Peter Goelz, of all people:

Your system of real time downloading of aircraft data meets a very real and pressing problem. Not only is it important from a safety and security standpoint it also has applicability for navigation and flight management. A robust two way data pipe from the aircraft to the ground and back could revolutionize the industry.

The key to your system is it initial simplicity, relying on tested almost off the shelf components. That your concept is well on the way to securing a patent further strengthens your proposal.
I look forward to working with you on this project and believe that with the appropriate backing it will be successful.

Peter Goelz Former NTSB Managing director

Peter Goelz

(Peter Goelz oversaw the NTSB investigation of the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. I attended the 2000 presentation of the NTSB final report, which lasted two days in Crystal City [Arlington], Virginia.

At the very end, a young Jewish fellow, whose name I have forgotten, a member of the NTSB panel, incredibly dismissed the eyewitness reports of more than 100 people who said they saw a missile trail streak upwards from the surface of the ocean and hit the aircraft as the collective hallucinations of drunk New Yorkers – solely based on the time of day and season of the year!
I could not believe the audacity of this position. [Now, I do. They did the same to me.] At that point, I realized that the NTSB – under Peter Goelz – was an extremely corrupt organization that was involved in covering-up the truth – not finding it.)

As Mendelson often says in his documents, "We put the ground pilot in the cockpit."

I thought it was appropriate to post this on Super Tuesday, when Americans in 24 states go to the polls to choose their preferred candidates. The very same kind of "robust two-way data pipe" is used to manipulate the data in the electronic voting systems used across the United States. The Associated Press, for example, also has its own data pipe with the election mainframe computer in Chicago. (What a joke! They have much better elections in Serbia. I have monitored them.)

Mendelson's remote control system to put the ground pilot into the cockpit is very similar to the private and secretive companies that control our elections. Our voting systems are as lousy as the foreign software that they run on. Last time I was at Election Central in Chicago, a company alleged to be from Venezuela (Sequoia) ran the voting machines. The mainframe computer tallying the votes was literally being run by a bunch of 30-year olds from Venezuela who couldn't even speak English!

My fellow Americans, our system of voting and electing our representatives will not fix itself. It is completely fixed already. We must take action or our republic will be lost.

There is only one way to regain our democratic franchise and restore our American republic. The solution is obvious. A federal law must be passed requiring that all votes in the United States be cast on paper and counted by hand in the presence of the public.

Some things simply cannot be improved with technology. Transparent and open voting is one of them.
Ballot Box, ca. 1900. Historical Society of Carroll County, Maryland

Electronic voting systems are simply a sophisticated way to steal elections as Mendelson's system is a sophisticated way to hijack planes – from a safe distance. These computer crimes are related and connected.

The Egyptian pilots on Egypt Air Flight 990 were certainly not pleased with the Israeli ground "pilot" putting their plane into a steep dive over the Atlantic Ocean. When they were able to regain control of the aircraft, the ground pilot cut off the engines. The plane was then doomed. Some 40 highly trained officers in the Egyptian military died on this flight, which was clearly sabotaged from outside the cockpit. The NTSB nonsense about a suicidal co-pilot is pure Israeli rubbish.

The NTSB Version of the Flight Profile of Egypt Air 990

Peter Goelz oversaw the NTSB "investigation" of Egypt Air 990. He also oversaw the pack of lies that were told to the American public about what happened to TWA Flight 800.

The same computer and wireless technology was used to remotely "hijack" the airplanes that struck the World Trade Center on 9-11. Rupert Murdoch, the Zionist head of News Corp., even made a movie about this technology in 2000, the pilot episode of The Lone Gunman series, in which aviation software exactly like Mendelson's was used to hijack a passenger aircraft and fly it into the World Trade Center. How did Murdoch's writers know about this technology?

Who is Udi Mendelson? This is how he describes himself in his company's documents:
Ehud Mendelson served as a captain in the prestigious Army Intelligence Unit of the Israel Defense Force. Ehud received his BS Degree in Business and Economics from the Bar-Elan University in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He holds a computer Network Engineer certification from Microsoft and Novel.

It appears that Goelz and Belger were associated with Captain Udi of the Israeli Army Intelligence Unit already in 2001. The following note to Udi Mendelson was written by Israeli Brig. General Joel Feldshuh, the former Chief of Intelligence for the Israeli Air Force. It was dated November 5, 2001:

Dear Udi It looks very Interesting and it seems that you have the right people Offer our President will contact you . Meantime see our site http://www.gs-3.com/

Joel Feldschuh CEO&Chairman GS-3 EL-AL former Chairman And Israel Air force General
Since the company only had about 5 people from 2001 until 2003, it seems very likely that in his email of November 2001, the Israeli Chief of Air Force Intelligence is referring to Monte Belger and Peter Goelz as being "the right people."

Peter Goelz did not deny being affiliated with Mendelson and his company, U.S. Aviation Technology of Parkland, Florida. Goelz said that he did not remember when his relationship began. Belger denied, twice, knowing anything about Mendelson or his company. I suspect that Belger is not being honest about his relationship with Mendelson.

Monte Belger - "Udi Mendelson? I never heard of no Udi Mendelson. You say I am a vice president of his company?"

It's interesting that as soon as I contacted Belger and Goelz, the documents showing their connection the Mendelson's company were quickly deleted from the on-line documents. It appears that they have not lost the phone number to Captain Udi from Israel's military intelligence unit. Would that be Unit 8200, perhaps?

There is another note in the "Industry Comments" section from a person named Avi Eisner, from El Al Flight Safety:

udi shalom i talked with the flight safety manager of el al about your idea. he told me that the idea is great he thinks that it has to come from the manufecturer (yatzranim). if you want me to do any thing else just let me know.

Avi Eisner (in Hebrew letters) EL-AL Flight Safety

It should be noted that the people who run El Al and its security branch are very closely connected with International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) the Israeli airport security company that provided "security" and passenger screening at all of the airports involved in 9-11 flights. ICTS was actually founded by former El Al chiefs and security personnel.

It's a small world.

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