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Saturday, May 31, 2008

US/UK/Israel 'fake war on terror', rendition flights and drug smuggling

It appears now clearly that the former head of Manchester police Michael Todd knew that a great scandale, involving MI5 and MI6, drug smuggling through the use of torture flights was occuring in the US/UK. Most of the special operations are covered and financed by drugs coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan, and all the key staff in the US and UK involved in the fake 'war on terror' are paid or are financed by drugs.

Michale Todd was also the guy who sent most of the english born, pakistanis descent to be tortured in Pakistan, he was the one who signs all the previous orders to raid schools, shops, and innocent Muslims houses in the UK for the sake of his masters, and the fake 'war on terror'.

He was the one who sent me the MI5 and canadian services at my office, the day of the first visit of israeli puppet PM Brown went to see mossad operative Sarkosy in Paris, claiming that my company in Quebec was financing 'islamic radicals' in the Middle East, without any evidence, just repeating the story that israelis 'who managed him closely', trying to make connection between North America and the UK, where most of the groups in the 'Londonistan' are british government operatives. British government tried to build a case against me with fake informations, lies and forward it to french zionist section headed by Sarkosy/ Squarcini, one of his slave at the home office, from little story we can build big scandale, that's what it is now.... From rendition flights to israelis terrorist operations in Madrid, London to worldwild US/UK drug networks smuggling...

For those inside scotland yards and the 'intelligence' how do you explain that we have one month before the informations linking you and MI5 to fake 'Al Qaeda' operations of London and Glasgow if we don't know who are the key US/UK/Israel police and intel' staff manipulating terrorism and financing it by drug smuggling....
Todd knew about these flights and the networks, did he want his part of the cake ? Was he preventing any international legal action against Blair/Brown/Olmert government ? He was killed because he wanted to make his coming out!

Why should we lie in this blog... ? What would we gain ? Apparently this blog drives you nuts !

Cops & Customs Agents Caught Drug SmugglingNew cases follow September 2007 crash of CIA plane containing 4 tonnes of cocaine


Following last September's crash of a Gulfstream jet used by the CIA for torture flights that contained 4 tonnes of cocaine, more customs officials and cops have been caught in drug smuggling and drug dealing rackets.

Customs supervisor Walter Golembiowski and officer John Ajello face narcotics, bribery and conspiracy charges after they were arrested for helping smuggle drugs and contraband through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

"The investigation has led to the indictment and prosecution of more than 20 people — “from distributors to overseas sources of supply” — and the seizure of more than 600 pounds of imported hashish and other drugs from the United States and France," according to a CNN report.

Meanwhile in Texas, Cameron County Constable Saul Ochoa was arrested by the FBI yesterday morning for possession and distribution of marijuana.

Ochoa's brother is Justice of the Peace Benny Ochoa III of Port Isabel and his cousin is Port Isabel Police Chief Joel Ochoa.

"The grand jury charged Ochoa with possessing five to 10 pounds of marijuana on four different days in May with the intent to distribute. Each of the four counts carries a maximum five years in prison and $250,000 fine," according to a Brownsville Herald report.

While reports of customs agents and cops dealing drugs are almost routine, the real head of the hydra has always been CIA involvement in smuggling drugs that end up on America's streets, a symbiotic process that also helps finance wars and terrorist groups to do the bidding of the U.S. government around the world.

The corporate media will report on lesser drug smuggling scandals involving cops and customs agents, but when it comes to the gargantuan sprawling CIA drug smuggling racket, the silence is deafening.

In September 2007, a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA was forced to crash land in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula after it ran out of fuel.

After accident investigators arrived on the scene they discovered a cargo of nearly 4 tonnes of cocaine.

Journalists discovered that the same Gulstream jet had been used in at least three CIA "rendition" trips to Guantanamo Bay between 2003 and 2005.

Kevin Booth's underground hit documentary American Drug War features footage of former DEA head Robert Bonner admitting that the CIA was involved in cocaine smuggling operations.

Former DEA agent Cele Castillo, who has appeared on The Alex Jones Show many times, personally witnessed CIA drug smuggling operations funneled through terrorists that were also involved in kidnappings and the training of death squads on behalf of the U.S. government.

Investigative reporter Gary Webb was instrumental in exposing CIA cocaine trafficking operations before his alleged suicide in 2004. In the You Tube clip below, Webb traces the history of Agency involvement in drug smuggling and its links to financing wars in central America.

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