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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mossadnik Sarkosy, Israel, France and the 'Somalian' pirates...

Israeli mossadniks, Bernard Kouchner, FM, Sarkosy and MoD minister Herve Morin behind pirates in Somalia for the sake of israel's interest

French-Israeli mossadnik Sarkosy at work in Somalia

“I just got this down from upstairs”—meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office—“today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.”

'It doesn't take many grey cells to see that the US and Israel are up to some of their usual mischief in creating this pseudo-crisis about Somali pirates.'

When the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) held sway over Somalia, piracy had been virtually eradicated.

Fear of Islamic law scares off pirates

Colin Freeman in Mogadishu and Justin Stares in Brussels October 17, 2006SOMALIA'S new Islamic rulers have rid the country of the pirates who terrorised cruise ships and freighters off its shores.Ever since the east African nation's collapse into lawlessness 15 years ago, its 4000-kilometre coast has provided a haven for armed buccaneers who use high-speed launches to rob passing craft.But since Somalia's new Islamic Courts Union seized control of Mogadishu and much of the south of the country in June, piracy has been virtually wiped out under threat of tough sharia punishments.

The crackdown was highlighted in a recent report by the Merchant International Group, which specialises in advising companies on trading in hot spots around the world.But that kind of peace doesn't go well with the "Wars for Empire and Israel" crowd, so they supplied Ethiopia with money, weapons and advisors so they could invade Somalia and overthrow the ICU.Which the US backed Ethiopian troops did in January of 2007.

Not long after that, "pirates" began appearing off the coast of Somalia, taking tankers as prizes and demanding ransom.Add in the fact that Israel's ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is one of the world's largest maritime operators..... What's that? You don't know who ZIM is?ZIM is one of the Israeli owned companies that hot footed it out of the WTC one week before the attacks, even agreeing to give up their $50,000 dollar deposit on their lease.

They had to get out out since they knew damn well they didn't want to be there when the MOSSAD/CIA 9/11 attacks took place.So who's giving those Somalia "pirates" the inside info they need to snag the correct ships? And why in the hell is HRM Hillary acting this is like a repeat of the Barbary Coast War of 1805?Are we being setup for another war, to be pimped AGAIN by those DC bozos who are in service to the only ones benefitting from these endless wars, Wall Street and Israel?The big story about the recent "pirate" grab is on the Maersk Alabama, which ships out of Norfolk, VA, which just happens to be the city where ZIM has its North American HDQ's located only minutes away from one another.And that Maersk is mobbed up with the U.S. Department of War.

Maersk Line, Limited is based in Norfolk, Virginia, and is one of the Department of Defense's primary shipping contractors. It has been a reliable partner for the government in peacetime and war for almost 30 years. It manages a fleet of nearly 50 ships in commercial and government service, including vessels requiring Top Secret security clearances.Besides Africa's oil and natural gas, does Israel also have an interest in that continent's water?

Israel is suffering its greatest drought of the past decade and will have to stop pumping from one of its main drinking water sources by the end of the summer, according to a top official . "The situation is very, very bad," Water Authority spokesman Uri Schor said in March of 2008.By the year 2020, Israel's population is expected to grow by about a third, to 8.5 million. This will cause huge increases in demand for agricultural produce and products, but urban use of land and water will also increase enormously. Part of the higher demand - notably for field crops (such as cereals, oilseeds and sugar) and for milk products, fish and beef - will have to be met by increased imports.

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