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Friday, October 30, 2009

Israel again threatening to blow up goyims in Europe if they arrest their war criminals leader

Israel: Our democracies, You are on high-alert!

As most of us are already aware, Israel has been accused of committing war crimes, AGAIN, but this time there has been a little bit more traction and visibility to the accusations. The recent Goldstone Report, provided to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), is a current example. It was put together by the Goldstone Commission last month and has created an abnormal level of controversy for our Gallant Little Ally.

The Israeli’s are not too happy about the Goldstone Report and in the below article from The Jerusalem Post, we can see why. The assertion is that the Goldstone Report is being used, “to ‘prove’ that Israel’s aim in the fighting was to punish the Palestinian civilian population for Hamas’s military actions.” So they are assuming proof is not proof enough.

For sure, any assertion claiming that Israel is still employing its historic modus operandi of ‘collective punishment’, cluster bombing, and targeting civilians, just aint cool man! You know, the atrocities and human rights violations that actually create the Osama bin Ladens of the world, that guarantee the bin Ladens of the world will always be around. And thanks to US Foreign policy, this is exactly what puts the United States of America at odds with that entire region. It is the reason why we have to take our shoes off at the airport. The beacon of democracy in the Middle East needs to always be perceived as being the model of playing nice and Israel is finding that harder and harder to pull off, despite a stranglehold on mass media.

So in the Jerusalem Post article the thing I find most fascinating is reading the different Israeli officials bickering. It is kind of funny really. But you really must know how to interpret and understand Israeli Political Babble. I am proficient so I am going to attempt to translate, though admittedly my Israeli Political Babble is a little rusty.

Let’s look at what Gabriela Shalev (the cutie pictured above) had to say. She is the Israeli ambassador to the UN, so she was speaking from New York of course. Shalev thinks that the real challenge “facing Israel over the Goldstone Report is political and not legal. So that roughly translates into Israel does not need to worry about war crime tribunals or anything that a regular country that commits atrocities would have to worry about. But they better start figuring out how to silence this outrage using the normal Israeli deception, blackmail, lies, and trickery.

Shalev is also attributed with expressing “some countries are challenging Israel’s right to exist as a result of the report.” Translation, hey this one is going to be trickier than we thought. Ask Hymie to set up a conference call before Chanukah and make sure Abe reserves the big conference room for this one.

To solidify the urgency and priority on the latest Israeli atrocity cover-up, Shalev concludes, Israel must “rely on our friends, the US and other enlightened countries.” Now I do not have to tell you, this one is secret code and translates into, hey Washington and the rest of our democracies, you are on high-alert! We will take care of your national media, you get the funds rolling in so we can start the bribes and pronto.

While I am poking fun at this, it is really intended in a more allegorical manner representing the level of concern anyone within the Israeli government feels about any published report. They are not worried. Sure, they may put up a good show of concern and alarm, but they are not worried about any repercussions. They have been committing atrocities against the Palestinians for over fifty years. But I am not joking when I say the unwavering support that the US gives to Israel, economically, militarily, financially and in every other way, is EXACTLY why the United States will be in a perpetual state of war with Israel’s enemies. Not to mention, the exact reason why American citizens and cities will be targets for Israel’s enemies.

To read more about what is included in the Goldstone Report, see the below link. To read more about what Amnesty International is saying, see the below report called “Israel/Gaza: Operation ‘Cast Lead’ – 22 Days of Death and Destruction”. Here is just one sample of what you will find there.

“Some 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including some 300 children, and hundreds of other unarmed civilians, including more than 115 women and some 85 men aged over 50 during the 22-day Operation “Cast Lead”.

Click here Amnesty International report

Click here for original Jerusalem Post article

From The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Click here to download Goldstone Report (OHCHR)


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