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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I did not really participate in the anti-war protest of September 2005 in the Dajjalic City of London, although I accompanied my mentor who could be seen waving his grand daughter’s photograph (still a baby) in the midst of the crowd.. Criminal Jews, Christians, Zionists, Atheists and others were murdering our babies, their mothers and entire families around the world! He even asked a very complacent English Policeman to take a picture of him! So, we did not travel over there to protest against the war, because were those protests to produce any positive results against the war, the Zionist controlled government would have banned it. But, the warmongers do not mind Police controlled picnics! I see Muslims around the world reporting “the news” and getting excited and very concerned at every piece of misinformation the Zionist controlled media throw at them! But, “the news” is no news at all and too few of us are aware of this!

The latest I read was on Al-Quds (The Holy City of Jerusalem made Unholy by European Jews, Communists and Zionists) dated 7th of October by one Jonathan Cook, a writer and journalist (a Zionist propagandist) based in Nazareth , and posted on Islamic Intelligence (as above). It was all about Masjid Al Aqsa which many confuse with the Dome of the Rock. I was deadly against the First and Second Intifada. As a matter of fact, I am against all Intifadas because it illustrates very well the hypocrisy and cowardice of World Muslims who would rather see their infants, boys and girls, throw stones at tanks, bulldozers, machine guns and Apache helicopters than carry out a total economic and cultural boycott that will IMMEDIATELY result in a total halt of Jewish and Zionist crimes in all occupied Muslim and non Muslim lands, and in occupied Palestine in particular, by weakening their financial power. With little money, how can they pay their armies of assassins (prostitutes, drugs, etc.) and buy Parliaments, Congresses and Senates?

Muslims living comfortably in Paris, London, New-York and other non Muslim Cities and working for or collaborating with the Satanic warmongers are not qualified to tell the world about Jewish Zionist crimes committed anywhere in the world when all they are doing is just talking or begging. What have Muslims accomplished for the past 288 days since the illegal Jewish State started another Holocaust in Ghazza? I have personally been inundated with beautifully printed letters begging for money, more money and always money! Having seen how Western and westernised doctors thrive on illness, Muslim Zionist controlled “charities” prosper thanks to the oppression of the Muslim Ummah and the never-ending slaughter of millions of Muslims.

The solution is staring us in the eye, but, WE, people of “Western” and westernised Cities and Capitals, are too afraid (scared and terrorised)

If we lose our well-paid jobs;

If we are not able to be indoctrinated in the Dajjalic System of controlled education;

If we are not able to consume (including drugs and poisons) and waste like the non Muslims;

If we are not able to vote for the Kufr regimes;

If we have to condemn western “values” and pillars of western society like abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, drugs, gambling, lotteries, usury, pornography, and scores more.

But, IF we really want to help Palestine and other oppressed lands and prevent further holocausts, the only solution is TOTAL ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT in order to weaken the power of the Satanic forces that rule this world! Let Muslims throw stones at an imaginary Shaytaan during pilgrimage, but not at criminal Jews and Zionists! If I may say so, Shaytaan is an angel compared to them!

Any other strategy would be a sheer waste of time, energy and resources, and the result will be global slavery and the Holocaust of 90% + of the world’s population as planned by the criminal Jews, Zionists and Globalists, and Masjid Al-Aqsa will be destroyed as it is already under way! No criminal Jew and Zionist (Atheist or fanatical Jew) will ever “wail” forever at the foot of the Temple of Jupiter with an existing Muslim Temple at the top of it! Now is the time to destroy Al-Aqsa while the Muslims are still fast asleep!

Ghyslaine ROC

Saturday 10th of October 6009

288th Day of the last Holocaust in Ghazza (occupied Palestine)

P.S. Read about the “Wailing Wall” Fraud in the Encyclopaedia of the Palestine Problem by Issa Nakhleh before Jewish Google removes or censors it!


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